Hi, I'm Mana. Your not-so-normal, spazzy, random, gamer, Otaku extreme. In short I'm just a silly, random girly. XD I can be quite entertaining and I love to laugh! :D I spend a good portion of my days laughing and making others laugh. XD I have a quick wit. o.o Others would say I am a smart-ass, eh, either way it's all good. XP I am a bit of a dork. I LOVE playing video games, and I love anime, manga, and comics. I am an avid horror movie buff. Love the blood and gore lawl! XD I spend a lot of my online time either chatting or gaming. I love playing horror games. o.o Despite getting scared. XD I also dig adventure, RPG, strategy, action, puzzle and the like. I sorta suck at FPS. But I'm trying to get better! :D I just have terrible aim is all. XD - {♥} Mana

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I've downloaded some mods for Half-Life, Half-Life 2, and Half-Life EP2. I have Amnesia as well... <.< But my GFX card doesn't support it. D: So can't play it yet. I'm trying to get better at FPS... But I'm still not like MLG at it XD. I love playing horror games. o.o Even if my screams scares people. XP

I like a few genres and if a story has a good story and controls I'm willing to try it. I usually set up the games to run with my controller. I hate the spacing of the controls on a kb @.@ too many to remember. I haven't really looked at many multiplayer games yet. XD

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