I'm a gamer, musician, translator, texture artist, movie maker, level- and graphic designer. Feel free to contact me if you need help on anything.

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I made the Megaman as a playable character to 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PS3.
Here is a preview image:
Megaman in 3D Dot Game Heroes
And here is the download link:
Megaman to 3D Dot Game Heroes!

I made a music mod for the allies Berserker mode that plays Team America World Police America F-Yeah! theme!

Video here:

Download link:

Extract to \Steam\steamapps\common\dino d-day\dinodday\sound\music

Have fun killing those dinosaurs with your fists

I thought about remixing some anime music for a change.

You can download the HQ-version of this track from here!
Simply push the "Buy Now" button and insert ANY amount in the box (even 0€ :P)

I remixed the Saw theme (Hello Zepp) and this is how it sounds :3

Here is my newest track! Comments are more that welcome ;)

My newest track:

And happy 14th birthday my little brother ^_^

I made this track for xmas/new year present for all of you :)
Download the HQ version of this song for free from:


Teaser of my upcoming album:

I sent an e-mail to the "Ace Team"
Hi! My name is Mischa Sildén and I would like to translate Zeno Clash to finnish language.

I've translated these mods so far:
- Get a Life (Source Engine)
- Portal: Prelude (Source Engine)
- Coda (Unreal Engine 3) (Will be released in the next patch)

As you can see, I've got previous experience with making localizations to games, and I'm willing to translate Zeno Clash to finnish language for the price of..
just kidding, I'm happy if I get my name on the credits

If you are interested, then contact me via email at,

Yours truly,
- Mischa Sildén

PS: Here is a link to my ModDB profile.
And here is their reply :)))))
Hello Mischa,

My brother Andres read your message and forwarded it to me becuse I am the one who has been working with people who localize and translate the game. You are very generous to volunteer! But I always tell translators just how much work it is before starting : The localization documents have about 1000 captions, and the localization requires a lot of writing and proofreading in-game.

Of course that if you translate the game your name will be in the credits! (In our latest patch you can see we have Paolo Rostagno Giaiero who made a great work on the Italian translation).

In case you are still interested I am sending you all the necessary files so you can evaluate/ see all the caption files:
-“Important information - read first.doc” (Since you have worked on other Source Games you might already know some of it)
-localization_information.xls (not really necessary, but some translators wanted a list of WHO speaks every line and WHERE, this file is only extra information)
-all the text files needed for the finnish version

Best Regards,

Edmundo Bordeu
Q: "Does this mean that you get to translate Zeno Clash to Finnish language?"
A: "F*** YEEEAAAA!!"

YAY! I just got into the Hypergames2K8!
My position there is a music composer for the Crayville Asylum: Horror Stories!
I´ll try to help as many categories as I can, and I will do my best to make this fresh mod amazing!