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Mini-MeOSc Apr 27 2011, 6:38am replied:

Ok, thanks for the response :).

About the back-into-menu code: I've seen it working in other maps like [p2] Iterator Beta or damagepy's first Portal 2 custom map . Maybe you want to ask the mappers or take a look at their maps?

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Mini-MeOSc Apr 26 2011, 9:11pm says:

I don't know if it's only me or my laptop's hardware (Acer Aspire TimelineX
3820TG), but the room seems a tidbit too big:
Oh and in the end it does nothing after fading out, it doesn't even return you into the menu.

But otherwise: Good work getting that workaround SDK set up for that neat chamber ;).

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Mini-MeOSc Sep 8 2010, 6:36am says:

That sounds like a good concept, giving mod authors the possibility to make it easier for gamers to play a mod is something I always wanted. I'd be interested in testing it :).

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Mini-MeOSc Aug 8 2010, 11:55am says:

I can only agree with spuuunit, this mod is great and comes in my hitlist directly after Portal: Prelude.

Other topic:
Is this (see a bug of this mod or a general Portal bug? I wanted to take the 2nd turret in the level 28 (Fall BTS) through the door to get into the maintenance tunnel, but it obviously doesn't work.

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Mini-MeOSc Aug 8 2010, 9:03am replied:

Patience young padawan. I'm sure he'll upload it once he comes around to. Or maybe it's already uploaded but only needs to be validated...

+1 vote   mod: Gamma Energy
Mini-MeOSc Mar 23 2010, 8:06am replied:

"do you have permissions of KITT and MIKE_WARD from KIM , because i hope you are modding this one"
They took stuff from our mod, but never asked us for permission.

+1 vote   mod: Knight Industries Shadow Rider Mod
Mini-MeOSc Mar 22 2010, 9:10am replied:

That's most likely due to game hacks that are required for special effects ;). No worries, you can ignore that message (or turn your anti virus software off if it doesn't let you).

+1 vote   mod: You Are Here
Mini-MeOSc Sep 17 2009, 3:49pm says:

Haven't played a lot horror games yet, but this mod is quite good.
I didn't give it all of my attention yet, so this is why I only got into the swimming pool up to now, and the fact that I can't set the window/game in the background is a disadvantage to me, it always crashes when trying that.
So I simply need to take some time to play this in one procedure ;).
By the way: Is the player able to die? Those zombies already slapped me quite much but since the heads up display are disabled, I really don't know if my health decreased.

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Mini-MeOSc Sep 5 2009, 2:59pm replied:

It got that unstable due to people requesting its instant release before all bugs could be fixed, but now they rant about it being unstable...
For the next version it is planned that these features are removed to save up coding space for building replacements:
- Nth dimension
- Beeper
- Location circuits
- DMC-13
- Ride Mission
- Tutorial Mission
We hope this also will improve stability; We took these things, because we needed something to remove and we decided that they aren't movie accurate enough.
LG, Mini-Me

+2 votes   mod: Back to the Future: Hill Valley
Mini-MeOSc Aug 4 2009, 7:16pm replied:

Actually, both mods came from the same coder...
He's initially made that Speedometer for the VC BTTFHV mod and ported that over to several others, such as 007, Knight Rider or SA BTTFHV Mini-Mod.
What these guys are doing, is simply trying to build a setup that is similar to the VC mod using the existing SA Mini-Mod as basement, of course with permission.

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Mini-MeOSc May 14 2009, 1:56pm says:

Nope, I assume he'd never post any updates since he intended to use codes of an other mod for this, ignoring the fact that its modteam didn't want him to. So I do not expect any updates on this.

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Mini-MeOSc Mar 5 2009, 3:08pm replied:

Not if you refer it to GTA:VC. Its number of paths is limited and the limits can't be raised by LimitAdjuster. So you might never be able to see cars driving everywhere in GTA:SOL for GTA:VC.

+1 vote   mod: GTA: StateofLiberty
Mini-MeOSc Dec 29 2008, 5:28pm replied:

of course they do ;)

+1 vote   mod: Back to the Future: Hill Valley
Mini-MeOSc Dec 28 2008, 2:02pm says:

I think this mod was inofficially dropped.
See here for an alterntive:

+1 vote   mod: GTA Liberty City 2
Mini-MeOSc Dec 27 2008, 12:27pm says:

nerdman, so here you are... Tired of BTTF:HV?
But to come to the point:
I hope you won't replace GTA 3 Liberty City with GTA 4 Liberty City, becuase it is completely different!
Please keep GTA 3 LC!

+1 vote   news: Liberty City Map from GTA III to GTA IV
Mini-MeOSc Dec 24 2008, 7:24pm says:

Some notes for new people:
#1: It is NOT necessary to install the sound fix, if its installation worked during the auto-installer.
#2: After having installed and tested, if things like the sounds are working, install the *.col-files updates:
The updated gta-vc.exe:
And the update "0.2e 20081208 Update":
Then your game should crash a lot less than before installing the updates.
LG, Mini-Me

+1 vote   mod: Back to the Future: Hill Valley
Mini-MeOSc Dec 24 2008, 7:19pm replied:

"when i now fill the plutonium in the tank and sit in the car i can't make anything (i can't Drive, can't go out of the car and nothing happen...) NEED HELP!!!<-------------"
If you are playing the game using one of the available language patches (English, Spanish, German, Italian, French) the game should tell you through a text box in the upper left corner that you should turn on the Timecircuits by pressing <shoot>+<submission> and set them to year 2015 by using <submission> to jump to the next marker and <shoot> to change the value. If you correctly set the Timecircuits, the car gets "unfrozen" and you can go on.

"PS: It would be very kind if someone the heck tells me how to open the backdoor of docs truck"
This future isn't included in this version, because it was too buggy to let the BTTF1 DeLorean drive out of the truck.
Nevertheless, I did some small coding that only opens the truck (using no animation; putting cars in it isn't working).
See here:
LG, Mini-Me

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Mini-MeOSc Oct 28 2008, 9:46am says:

for Download information see here:
If this link isn't working use this one (they're working on the forum system)

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Mini-MeOSc Oct 1 2008, 12:21pm replied:

no, you can't
it'll be the normal delorean as delorean88us said on
"no it won't. The delorean that will be in 0.2e is the first one you see before the rewind."
note: i didn't post the full URL, because i cannot do this as a new member.

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