Miner Wars 2081 is a 6DOF action-survival space-shooter simulation-game set in the year 2081, 10 years after the destruction of all planetary objects in the Solar System. The gameplay is driven by an epic story and offers a choice of single player, co-op, and death-match multi-player. The story will introduce you to many types of missions: rescue, exploration, revenge, base defense, theft, transportation, stealth, search and destroy, pure harvesting, racing, or just flying around and destroying everything you see. Miner Wars runs on the VRAGE engine, built and tailored specifically for the title.

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0 comments by MinerWars on Jun 5th, 2012

We are proud to present you with some cool new sights and sounds from our eagerly anticipated 6DoF space shooter, Miner Wars 2081!

Exclusive E3 Trailer
Today, in conjunction with our presentation at E3 in Los Angeles, we've released a brand new trailer for Miner Wars 2081. Enjoy music from our award-winning composer, Karel Antonin, and glimpses into several storyline missions created by our inspired team of level designers. There's plenty of other stuff to feast your eyes on as well!

- Official E3 Trailer on Youtube: Youtu.be
- Video Gallery at MinerWars.com: Minerwars.com

Screenshots Featuring Unique Space Structures
Ever wonder what a Russian trade station, a Euro-American survey site, or an Outlaw base would look like in the year of 2081, ten years after the solar apocalypse? Enjoy a hot selection of screenshots from our main storyline and give us your comments! Keep in mind that the game is still months from being final and polished-but this should whet your appetite a bit! More stuff is currently in progress-expect killer exteriors, creepy tunnels and mine shafts, fortresses, heavy industrial equipment, and much more in the coming months!

- Screenshot Gallery at MinerWars.com: Minerwars.com

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Communication Silence
You may have noticed that in the last few weeks we have not communicated as often as in the previous months. That's because we are now focused, hardcore, on development. During the last two months, our team has grown by over a third. We've added several new programmers and level designers, as well as two external musicians! Production of the storyline campaign is in full progress-we promise you won't regret the wait! More stuff coming soon!

Report abuse Terrific New Website Design + New Graphic Content!

0 comments by MinerWars on Apr 19th, 2012

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website for www.minerwars.com featuring graphics by Michael Heald, one of the world's most acclaimed web designers! We believe this visual style better suits our website and more faithfullly captures the qualities of Miner Wars! Besides the new design for minerwars.com, we have redesigned our studio website www.keenswh.com - with graphics by our in-house artist Jan Cistin. We have also updated the content of the website.

Preview of new graphic features for Miner Wars 2081
Our senior graphic artist, Filip Novy, along with our render-engine programmers, has come up with some terrific new graphics for space sector backgrounds and spaceship cockpits. The look of our universe has vastly improved, and we are happy to share some new screenshots with you! By the way, there are 22 playable spaceships in the game and each has a unique cockpit design. Enjoy the screenshots - soon you will be able to experience it yourself in a new downloadable game demo!

Peek into our project plan: Empowering level designers
Just to let you know what we are focusing on right now, here is a short summary of our most important (and visible) features to be implemented in April and May. In this development stage, we are focusing on empowering our level designers with tools and features they can use, especially for interior level design.

  • Drones - camera drones equippable with hacking tools or explosives to perform risky and stealthy operations inside enemy stations.
  • Security devices for space stations - cameras, scanners, alarms, doors, turrets. These will be connectable to control panels and will be destructible as well as "hackable," in order to allow for straightforward action gameplay as well as stealth and tactical gameplay.
  • Electricity and functionality for space station parts - objects within a space station will require power generators in order to work. Many of the objects will have specific functionality and will form a logical and organic complex - turrets, generators, docking bays, cargo containers, ore storage, armories, radars and jammers, repair depots, security devices...

We are really excited about the gameplay options our new level-design tools will enable!

New space backgrounds & cockpitsNew space backgrounds & cockpitsNew space backgrounds & cockpitsNew space backgrounds & cockpits
New space backgrounds & cockpitsNew space backgrounds & cockpits

Report abuse Miner Wars 2081 Release Date Updated

0 comments by MinerWars on Mar 28th, 2012

Dear players, fans and customers,
we would like to inform everyone interested in Miner Wars 2081 that we have updated the official release to Q3-Q4 2012. The game will be released during the second half of this year. We will announce this with more precision once we arrive at the final test phase.

Rather than releasing quickly and all of a sudden, we would like to ensure the game has been polished and handles well. Instead of rushing to meet the deadlines (set by ourselves, actually), we want to move forward with a ‘will release when it is finished' mentality. Our development process is very interactive with Miner Wars 2081 and you can definitely see our progress from week to week, just compare the latest screenshots with those from 2-4 months ago!

We'll keep you updated - in April there will be several nice surprises brewed up for you by our minions... Stay tuned!

Your Miner Wars Team

Report abuse Visitors at GDC 2012 compare MW to Descent, Freespace and Red Faction + New Publ

0 comments by MinerWars on Mar 13th, 2012

After a week spent at the GDC in San Francisco, here are our conclusions:
- About 98% of visitors had never heard of Miner Wars before. This is great news for us, since we have already sold around 15,000 game copies and the market has barely been tapped. The potential here is huge!
- Everyone loves the idea of Descent + Elite/Freespace + Red Faction combined with a fully destructible environment!
- It seems Miner Wars is the only game in the world with a fully destructible environment; no other comparable game utilizes this feature to such an extent!
- Our team in San Francisco made some nice industry-wide contacts, which will likely result in more interest in Miner Wars in the media and among retail publishers!

Following on the heels of the Test Build (customers-only) released within the last week, we are proud to announce that today we have successfully released a brand new Public Build - a new playable demo for everyone to try!

Important new features (compared to last Public Build of January 10th):
- Brand new inventory screen and inventory icons (weapons, ores... everything!)
- Major performance optimizations
- Rear-view camera (for looking behind your ship)
- New textures and prefabs for seven factions in the game (currently accessible from Editor God Mode)
- Harvester device, drill, and weapons now drain energy from your batteries
- HUD notifications for damage, incoming enemy, solar flare, low fuel
- Prefab and missile explosions now damage all objects nearby (area damage)
- A Solar System Map allows for easier long-distance travel
- Many new models and prefabs
- Playable prototype of first three missions!
- Enhanced visual effects with better particles and lighting

Interested? Feel free to download the latest Public Build: Minerwars.com

Can't wait to get your hands on the game? Miner Wars 2081 is still available for 50% discount. Buy now and get access to all currently implemented features, plus all future updates for 19.99 USD only!

Your Miner Wars Team

Report abuse New Test Build + Meet the Miner Wars Team at GDC in San Francisco Reminder

0 comments by MinerWars on Mar 7th, 2012

A new Test Build is out and ready to be "test-driven" by our registered fans and customers! In addition to being more polished and user-friendly, with numerous fixes implemented, several new features have been added. (Note that a new Public Build - a demo of Miner Wars 2081 for everyone to try - is coming next week.)

New and updated features:

- Major performance optimizations
- New 3D models for universal launcher ammo
- Ability to construct weapons and additions to the Kai mother ship in the first mission
- Rear-view camera (for looking behind your ship)
- Cameras on missiles
- Harvester device, drill, and weapons now drain energy from your batteries
- New textures and prefabs for 7 factions in the game (currently accessible from Editor God Mode)
- New inventory icons

And just a reminder-we'll be at the GDC in San Francisco, in the GDC Play pavilion, kiosk number 62. All gamers, journalists, fellow developers, and other industry folks are warmly welcome to meet us there and check out the latest Miner Wars 2081 and Miner Wars 2.5D (the cool Tunneler-inspired arcade game that uses Miner Wars graphics and concept)!

At our GDC kiosk (62) you can meet:
- Marek Rosa - CEO & Founder
- Nick Miller - Marketing Manager
- Ansel Leos - Community Manager

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Report abuse Miner Wars Affiliate Competition Results, Contributors & Test Build Update

0 comments by MinerWars on Feb 13th, 2012

Chinese Space StationChinese Space Station 2Greetings!

So... what is it this time? Results of Miner Wars affiliate competition, summary of the top Miner Wars contributors and new version of the game coming to the test build with fresh new first mission, introducing even more gameplay than before!

Affiliate Competition Results
The time has come for the results of our first affiliate competition!

The competition ended on the 31st January 2012 and here are the winners:
- 1st: Scuderia
- 2nd and 3rd: Zerebo & spacesector

Congratulations! Scuderia received a double (100%) reward from us, Zerebo and spacesector received 50% bonus to their affiliate commissions. It is important to mention that Scuderia decided to turn his commission into contribution fees to support the development of Miner Wars and thus deserves our eternal gratitude! Thanks!

We would also like to thank other players who brought us affiliate sales, namely: Zenuel, Varge, Seranis, RJC0235, oafkad, dresenpai, DooMerPS, DIYGeoff, darkone, CityBuilder, brokengod666, borogrove, AlucardM82.

Top Contributors Our thanks also go to all the contributors, who donated for the Miner Wars development. Just in short, below are the lists of the top contributors:
Total - Minerwars.com
By months - Minerwars.com

Contributors, who donated 100 USD or above: MrSanta, WolfDK1984, Ratsmt, Shadowkeeper, Focal, Scuderia, Orkpower, TakeiNaodar, Pyrokinesis1019. Top Contributors for January: Focal, fox2501, Coldstrike, Nightwind, Scuderia, Harmless. Thanks to you all for your support!

New Test Build Update (released on Friday, here just a summary)
Today's game development news are mostly associated with extension to the first mission. Your first objective now is to destroy energy generators in a space station. The station is hidden inside an asteroid. After the destruction of the generators, you have to run away quickly, since the whole station will explode! Sector for the first mission also now contains new mother ship.

New or updated features: - HUD notifications for damage, incoming enemy, solar flare, low fuel. - New faction-specific prefabs for Russia, China and Fourth Reich. - Prefab and missile explosions now damage all objects nearby (area damage). - New server code - you need to connect to our server only when loading a mission or checkpoint or saving/loading your sector in the editor - other than that, you can stay offline. - Many optimizations, minor improvements and fixes. Screenshots A pack of screenshots of Russian and Chinese space stations is available at our website in the Pictures section Minerwars.com.

Stay with us!

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0 comments by MinerWars on Jan 25th, 2012

MW Frontline Developer RanksDear Fans, with your help, Miner Wars can become the next sci-fi hit!

We deeply appreciate all the feedback and contributions you've made to Miner Wars so far. To deepen even further the cooperation between gamers and developers, about a month ago (December 2011) we started the Miner Wars Frontline Developer Program to encourage you to support us in the development of our (your) game, Miner Wars 2081.

The outcomes of the program so far are summarized below. About 100 fans have been rewarded for their contributions to Miner Wars, whether participation in our Affiliate program or the Miner Wars Frontline Developer Program itself. The rewards currently range between free Miner Wars license keys (i.e. you get the game for free) and so-called Qualification Points, giving you cool badges on your profile as well as some special powers (sounds supernatural, yeah?).

Also, there are some competitions (Minerwars.com) you might want to see and join, with even more interesting prizes (including real cash in USD!).

Affiliate Campaign Medals (Minerwars.com)

These are results of an older campaign started even before the Miner Wars Frontline Developer Program. For affiliate clicks (i.e. a link or a banner somewhere on your blog that people could follow to our website, www.minerwars.com) you could receive cool medals for your profile, as well as some prizes.

Over 100 fans received a medal, some of them received a medal + the official soundtrack and the best ones in the affiliate campaign received a medal + the official soundtrack + a free license of Miner Wars 2081.

Miner Wars Frontline Developer Program: Results and Rewards

We assigned all Qualification Points and rewarded the eligible players (those who earned QP through their contributions, feedback, etc.) with associated badges and privileges. Qualification Points, as well as the cool badges (Frontline Developer Ranks), are now visible on forums and people's profiles.
So if you want to, feel free to join us and help us with the promotion and development of Miner Wars, whether it be level design, 3D models, concept art, story contributions or feedback and bug reports!
For more info on the Miner Wars Frontline Developer Program, see Minerwars.com

Miner Wars Wiki - New Functions

We recently added several new features and possibilities to our Miner Wars Wikipedia. The articles are sorted into categories and divided into official and unofficial articles. The official articles are either written or accredited by Keen Software House and represent official information about the game story, background, etc., while the unofficial articles can be added by any user and represent the fan contributions to the game universe (e.g. new characters). If you want to contribute to the Miner Wars Wiki, simply create a user account and send us an email to support@minerwars.com to get your account activated for article submissions.

Some of our fans also wrote articles and tutorials and published them on the wiki. With your help, we are making a whole new digital universe!

Our special thanks go to our long-time supporters as well as the following recently rewarded fans:
Alphazebra, Archeagus, ArtimusBena, Atomic, AuntJemima, azwethinkweis, azzatron, bfwlegend, Blackwind, Brocklesocks, CityBuilder, Craterlord, DarkGhost, darkone, DaSoldier, Desse32, DooMerPS, drago55577, Drakon, enigma1025, Gahme, Gopherpunter, hansmuff, Hyperaxe1, Chebar, iHenk, japot, jesterman90, Jordan, Justin9820, Kerma, KoolBear, LtGreeneyes, Lyoko774, m0nster, MemoryThief, morph, MrE, muggsbud, NekoSteamBoy, Nightwind, Nomad, noppa354, NUMBERZero, Pizarro, ramathlehi, reclaimer117, Roflmaker, Saint, Saltynut1, Scuderia, sinlessmoon, Slaggy, snipe, SolCommand, spacesector, Spartan070, Splintert, Swampfox, Timmie, ultra, Unsung, Urutar, xMive, ZeppoMarx, Zerebo, ZevN47, Zuriki.


Stay with us and help us make Miner Wars better and better!

Report abuse New Test Build + MMO Presales Memento

0 comments by MinerWars on Jan 19th, 2012

A bunch of new features and improvements made to the last major editor update, (provided with the latest free demo of Miner Wars), has arrived today! See below for a comprehensive list of added functionality and improvements. Please be aware the current Test Build is available now, but only for our paying customers; the new public demo is coming in a few weeks!


New features:
- A Solar System Map allows for easier long-distance travels - The Miner Wars universe now consists of real sectors and places. This is part of the first phase of populating Miner Wars universe. We still need to procedurally generate space stations, enemies, etc., but at least you won't be so alone there!
- Press the HOME key to access the solar system map for traveling longer distances, or just fly into the sector boundaries to travel from sector to sector, (be careful, you will run out of oxygen and fuel!).
- Ore detector, (radar upgrade for detection of various ores and minerals).
- Improved Auto-Updater for faster downloads, enhanced data compression.
- Editor - Improved snap points (perspective, resizing, selection of multiple prefabs)
- Editor - Place AI spawn-points and way-points, fight your bots, or make them fight each other, (by placing spawn-points of different factions close to each other).
- Added several basic functions to foundation factory (a special prefab that servers as the core of your base and allows you to create other prefabs from mined resources).
- Journal Screen / Quest-Log (overview of guests, global events like political issues, etc.)
- New 3D models for building prefabs: temple, hospital, church, recycler, hydroponic farm, and biological facility.
- Minor 3D rendering improvements, increased scene brightness and added glare for light sources
- Continued optimizations to game engine efficiency.

MMO Pre-Sales Success Report
We were pleasantly surprised with the success of the Miner Wars MMO pre-orders in the last week. Consumer interest in the Miner Wars MMO has been really spectacular, while the launching of MMO pre-orders also increased the sales of our single-player / coop, Miner Wars 2081! Thanks to everyone for all the support, massive feedback on our forums and emails, and unprecedented participation on our website!

Scheduled release for Miner Wars MMO: Q4 2012 (Beta)

Access to the MMO pre-alpha will "most likely" be given to our loyal customers in Q2-Q3/2012.

How does the MMO purchase model work?
You buy the MMO once like any ordinary game. There are no subscription fees and you receive all fixes and updates for free. We guarantee that the game will be hosted on our servers for at least two years from the day of release.

You can still pre-order the Miner Wars MMO at our official website store for a special discounted rate of 19.99 USD: Minerwars.com

Report abuse Miner Wars MMO Available On Pre-Sales!

0 comments by MinerWars on Jan 11th, 2012

Miner Wars MMOMiner Wars MMO is a massive multi-player online version of the single-player (and cooperative multiplayer) Miner Wars 2081. Encounter thousands of players online!

We have decided to start with the pre-sales to see how big the interest of the players in the MMO version is. For this reason, pre-sales are given for only 19.99 USD with no other monthly subscription fees. This means that you pay 19.99 USD, thus support the developers and once the MMO comes out (Q4 2012), you can play the game for at least 2 years (guaranteed) without any subscription fees.

Some of our goals and reasons with pre-selling the MMO:
- To determine peoples' interest in the MMO compared to single/co-op. We may start focusing on the MMO development sooner, so fans will also receive MMO pre-alpha sooner.
- To support the developers (funds would enable us to hire a larger team, make the game earlier and better).
- To shape how the MMO will look like (not all design details are set in stone) with the help and feedback from our community of gamers.
- To generate more interest from our investors to invest additional money in to the MMO.
- And to let you save some money with the pre-sale discount price!

Single-player/standard multi-player (Miner Wars 2081) is currently in pre-alpha stage and available for free download: Minerwars.com

Scheduled release for Miner Wars MMO: Q4 2012 (Beta)
More info about Miner Wars MMO will be revealed soon, meanwhile you can browse the Miner Wars Encyclopedia (Wiki.minerwars.com) to see what the factions and other parts of the Miner Wars game universe are. Most of the background is shared by both MW 2081 and MW MMO.

Access to the pre-alpha of MMO will be "most likely" given to our loyal customers earlier, in Q2-Q3/2012.

How does the MMO purchase model work?
You buy the MMO once (as a product), like an ordinary game. There are no subscription fees and you receive all fixes and updates/bugfixes for free. We guarantee at least 2 years for the game to be hosted on our servers (2 years from the initial release of the MMO). In case there comes a sequel (ie. Miner Wars MMO 2), we guarantee MMO 1 to be hosted on our server for at least 1 year (from the release of MMO 2), but still at least 2 years from the initial release of MMO 1. However, these are "minimum" support times, the game will most likely be supported even longer!

Owing to the "massive" amount of work that goes into an MMO, this expansion is to be released about 6 months after the Miner Wars 2081 release. The MMO will feature the kind of complexity, freedom and scale one should expect from a traditional massive multi-player online game.

You can pre-order Miner Wars MMO at our official website store:

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0 comments by MinerWars on Jan 10th, 2012

Brand new features, major improvements to in-game editor, lots of new gameplay stuff are coming together with the new public demo (as well as test and public build) of Miner Wars 2081. After months of hard work on VRAGE engine core, the team has moved onto development of gameplay features and the first bunch of them is available with this release. The editor has undergone major changes and improvements – are you ready to create your own space sectors, space stations and space ships?

So what is there waiting for you to try?
- Massive improvements to editor (build your stations from prefab modules; save up to 27 sectors; hundreds of ready-made prefabs; snap points for easier manipulation with objects; improved voxel hand; selection groups and more)
- Importing user-made 3D models
- Fully destructible prefabs – blow them out!
- Survival gameplay – keep an eye on fuel and electricity levels
- Inventory screen
- Foundation factory – construct prefabs and place them in in-game builder
- Radar detectors, radar jammer – no-one will hear you cry
- Aiming helper
- Builder mode
- New particle effects (explosions, sparks, smoke etc.)
- Numerous fixes and minor changes

We have also made a new video tutorial to the editor, see it at: Youtube.com

Other recent news:
- Launched Miner Wars Frontline Developer program – Earn cash, get special rewards, try your skills in competitions and participate in Miner Wars 2081 development! (http://www.minerwars.com/MWFD.aspx)
- Affiliate Program (Earn 25% For Purchases Through Your Link – Lifetime - Minerwars.com)
- Social network integration on our website (like, follow, digg…)
- Facebook comments on various pages of www.minerwars.com (write your comments to About, FAQ, Pictures etc.)
- Possibility to pay via GoCash GameCard (http://www.gocashgamecard.com)
- Contributions are now a way to earn Qualification Points (instead of free Miner Wars license).

Interested? Feel free to download the latest public demo at: Minerwars.com

Notes: Miner Wars 2081 is currently available for pre-sales with 50% discount. All presented features are still in development and may require higher performance than expected or need more polishing. We welcome all gamers’ feedback at our forums or via email.

Level Design Competition: Deadline for the competition submissions is the 1st of April. Send us the sectors you make and win cool prizes!
- 1st Place: 100 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 3000 QP
- 2nd Place: 75 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 2000 QP
- 3rd Place: 50 USD Reward + Full Miner Wars 2081 game + 1500 QP

The best sectors, space bases and other materials done in the in-game editor will be considered for release within the official single-player campaign!

Qualification Points and MW Frontline Developer Program
The most creative and resourceful players can become part of our team and participate in Miner Wars development and promotion. Keep in mind that responsibility comes together with the possibilities and benefits. If you decide to take part in Miner Wars development, the future of Miner Wars is also in your hands! For a list of benefits and special rewards for MW Frontline Developers, see Minerwars.com