Games are great!! This is like a gaming renaissance going on right now. So many games, so little time.

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mik3k Jun 26 2014, 9:12pm says:

This game came back from the dead in a great way. Hated this game for the longest time and uninstalled it. Loving the new update so far with about 7-8 hours in the last couple of days. Nice work!

+1 vote   article: Starforge 0.7.5 BETA RELEASE
mik3k Mar 18 2014, 9:34pm says:

Been waiting so long. Instant buy!

+1 vote   article: Beta Release
mik3k Sep 15 2013, 6:21pm replied:

I honestly hope it is never finished. It just gets more and more stuff instead of just stopping and I don't have to pay any more money for the additional stuff!

The amount of work in the game is so enormous. Just this one update and all the animations and physics stuff he had to add/change may be more work than some little indie games have in the whole game. And this is just one single update. I think there have been over 100 updates now with new stuff. Love it!

+4 votes   article: New Overgrowth a201 video devlog
mik3k Sep 11 2013, 12:14am says:

Does being super smart make your brain hurt? I want to keep posting non-stop my love for this game but that would be like stalking. Thank you for being born!!

I still refuse to believe one person made this game (not counting the music). The only way that is even remotely possible is if you are a siamese quintuplet.

So are you??

+2 votes   article: NeonXSZ - Choose How The Game Looks in Realtime
mik3k Sep 7 2013, 1:25am says:

I might be the only one here that loves forklifts, back hoes, excavators, etc. I wish more (good) games like this were on PC. Some of those German sims try but just aren't that fun. Farming Simulator and Euro Truck Sim 2 are the kings of this genre.

I'll be buying this game on release.

+4 votes   game: Fork Truck Challenge
mik3k May 23 2013, 11:35pm says:

This looks and plays A++. Read the stuff on your website and good for you not using Unity or UE3 to make your game (although you started in 2007, so not sure what was around at the time). Too many half-a** games coming out that the great ones are getting lost in the crowd.

I personally am looking forward to your game and can't wait for you to start taking orders. If people take just a few minutes to look at your game I think they will see the hard work and quality you put into your game. The problem is getting them to stop long enough to really look at it and not dismiss it as just another . . .

I hope your game does really well. We need more high quality games like this. You are truly an indie developer!

Just had to say - The effects in your game are amazing. The explosions and the smoke swirling. Love the little guys you have to save and the way the landing gear deploys and seems to have a little suspension. Fantastic work.

+2 votes   game: Retrobooster
mik3k May 7 2013, 1:40am says:

I honestly don't get it. This is an Oculus Rift exclusive?

*crosses Oculus Rift off wish list*

+2 votes   article: Rift Rush now available on Desura!
mik3k Apr 14 2013, 11:53pm replied:

That worked fine. I keep all my old emails so it's not a big deal to update this way.

+1 vote   article: 3089 Updated -- New attacks, fixes & more!
mik3k Apr 14 2013, 3:26pm replied:

I watched it this time. It was 59 MB and then the launcher closes immediately but doesn't run the install. It must be saving it somewhere. I am on Win XP (because my work requires Win XP 32 bit or Vista 32 bit). I installed the game to my D: and Win XP is on C:.

+1 vote   article: 3089 Updated -- New attacks, fixes & more!
mik3k Apr 13 2013, 10:55pm says:

I really like your update system through BMTMicro, but it doesn't seem to want to update. It shows my version as 0.42a and that 0.43a is the latest version. I click "Update via BMT Micro" and it downloads what looks like around 5 MB (or maybe 50 MB? didn't count how many digits). It still shows me on 0.42a and I did the download twice. In game it also shows 0.42a in the bottom right corner.

Maybe it's because I have it installed on my D: drive instead of C: drive?

+1 vote   article: 3089 Updated -- New attacks, fixes & more!
mik3k Mar 31 2013, 8:13pm says:

Breakable barrels with the potions or other things inside once in a while would be great (or just searchable barrels).

It's great to see all the work you continue to do on your game!

+2 votes   media: Shelf and barrels
mik3k Feb 7 2013, 11:59am says:

This engine is amazing. Longest view distance and most NPCs I've seen yet in a block world. Nice work and will be watching this. Love the built in editor.

+3 votes   article: The Dungeon System
mik3k Feb 7 2013, 9:47am says:

Looks like I need another copy for LAN play. It is amazing that a developer takes the time to add more stuff to an existing game than leaving the current game as is to work on the next game. I've never heard of a game getting multiplayer added after release like this.

+3 votes   article: Multiplayer Coming to Lunar Flight 1.7 Update!
mik3k Jan 28 2013, 8:28am says:

You just went from being awesome to . . . something higher than awesome!

+2 votes   media: Deferred lighting with SSAO
mik3k Jan 21 2013, 11:40pm says:

Me want NAO!!!

Oh, and very nice work :D

+2 votes   article: First Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video Footage
mik3k Dec 24 2012, 6:47am says:

Indiegogo page is gone??

+1 vote   article: 3DBE funding
mik3k Dec 21 2012, 12:35am replied:

Sure there is. That's like saying there's nothing unique you can really create with any game that's already been done - FPS, RPG, tower defense, etc. There are an infinite number of games that can be created from a block world (just not this one apparently).

The guy who is making Cube World was hired by Mojang - That one looks pretty unique.

+1 vote   article: Block Story Released on Desura
mik3k Dec 8 2012, 2:22am says:

This is VERY cool.

+2 votes   media: Caves
mik3k Oct 7 2012, 8:09pm says:

That looks great. Will you be able to hit one key and toggle them all on/off? It would be really cool to set up your windows how you like and then toggle them with one key.

+2 votes   media: nearly finished improved GUI window
mik3k Oct 6 2012, 12:35pm replied:

That was a little windows GUI joke. I gotta work on my timing. Comedy is all about the timing.

You have a really great game here and that's no joke!

+2 votes   media: Gui Windows
mik3k Oct 6 2012, 1:57am says:

Love your game. I guess it runs on Windows best :/

+3 votes   media: Gui Windows
mik3k Oct 1 2012, 6:05pm replied:

And it works now!! Great game. Buy it here on Desura though because it looks like it gets updates sooner.

+1 vote   article: Towns 0.60 has been released !!
mik3k Oct 1 2012, 8:40am replied:

They got the update!!

It's a broken download :(

+1 vote   article: Towns 0.60 has been released !!
mik3k Oct 1 2012, 1:54am replied:

If we bought a gamersgate key can we get a Desura key :/

Their updates are soooo slow. Still at 0.50b

+1 vote   article: Towns 0.60 has been released !!
mik3k Aug 8 2012, 1:17am says:

Okay, playing hardball. I will just make a second account to buy another copy. Excellent work and I hope you are either wealthy and can afford to do this as a hobby or . . . a vampire so you have no use of money. Either way, great job.

+2 votes   article: StarMade Alpha 0.082 Released: New Building Tool & Bugfixes
mik3k Aug 1 2012, 10:48pm says:

Wow :)

+1 vote   media: Earth like planet (better textures)
mik3k Jun 27 2012, 11:41pm says:

At first I thought this said "Now with 100% more beer." Imagine my disappointment.

+8 votes   game: Deer Hunter 1066
mik3k Jun 27 2012, 2:47am says:

Three thumbs up!! (don't ask)

+3 votes   article: Planet Explorers Alpha v0.1 Released!
mik3k Jun 25 2012, 10:33pm replied:

I will be ready tomorrow!

+1 vote   media: Masterspace 1.3 preview
mik3k Jun 18 2012, 2:26am says:

Looks nice. Can't wait for the toggle smooth, blocky. Maybe add a very dim highlight to what ground you are going to affect when digging like minecraft (or even less noticeable) when using the smooth terrain would help, but not overdone like the minecraft clones.

Excellent game and the spaceships and traveling to other planets really makes it fun.

+1 vote   media: Masterspace v1.3 preview
mik3k May 30 2012, 4:39pm says:

You must have reverse engineered some future alien technology to create this game. Looking amazing.

+1 vote   article: Relative Character Orientation and Camera Control
mik3k May 15 2012, 6:57am says:

Nice update coming. Just bought this and love the gameplay.

+1 vote   article: SONAR: v1.1 on the way!
mik3k Dec 18 2012, 5:45am replied:

Thanks for the review. Every game needs someone to do a review like you have done here.

Great art, looks very fun - bought :)

+3 votes   game: McDROID
mik3k Dec 17 2012, 5:03am says:

Looking fantastic - Really like the camera in the truck. Maybe you can have a user camera that can be placed anywhere - on the walking machines, on top of bridges, etc.

PC really needs a great sim like this.

Edit - Although, looking at other pics maybe you already have that :/

+2 votes   media: Compilation 2
mik3k Dec 13 2012, 6:45pm says:

I don't exaggerate when I say that this sim/game could save the world :D

+3 votes   game: 3d Bridge Engineer
mik3k Nov 30 2012, 7:31am replied:

Just wanted to say you are one of my top 5 indie devs - 3079 was great, picked up the gamersgate bundle when I found out one of the games was yours.

Wish you all the success in the world for your weird but very fun games :)

+3 votes   game: Gentrieve 2
mik3k Nov 29 2012, 3:38pm replied:

This is an insult to indie games damnit! Put your glasses on man and look at this thing. I don't think I've said a negative thing about any game on indiedb until now. Flat map, cubes with guns. The example maps in game engines are 10x better than this.

If this was a student project in a high school it would not get a passing grade.

It's not nice to call names either. :mad:

+1 vote   game: Battle Cubes
mik3k Nov 29 2012, 12:02am says:

WTF!? Well, at least it has Win 8, xbox, and older hardware crashes and incorrect scores on the scoreboard.

*checks calendar to see if it is April 1st*

+1 vote   game: Battle Cubes
mik3k Nov 15 2012, 11:32pm says:

I always get an error when trying to update this game through my Desura games list -

"There was an error during the gathering information process and it has been stopped.

There is no update available for this item. [52.0]"

+1 vote   game: Snayke
mik3k Nov 9 2012, 3:46am replied:

I gotta agree with you. I bought mostly because of the raving reviews and had to find my way to the game forums just to find out how to start the game in single player. You must start one instance of the game as the server and another instance of the game to join "localhost."

I don't seem to have any sounds in the game. No gun sounds, no digging sounds. Will have to investigate. I won't pass judgment yet in case it is my settings.

It does look like a really good game and I will post a review hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Probably a short review but a fair score considering it is still alpha. I hope it turns out as good as Terraria because that game sucked up some serious gaming hours.

If this turns out that good - I will buy multiple copies for family and friends. I love running a little Terraria or Minecraft server and this looks like a lot of fun.

+3 votes   game: Edge Of Space
mik3k Oct 31 2012, 4:35am replied:

Thank you!

+2 votes   game: StarForge
mik3k Oct 26 2012, 10:20pm replied:

Except it looks like you should probably buy direct from devs - I think I have to wait until the Indiegogo $75,000 is raised before I get access to the unlimited voxel demo.

Dang it - Indiegogo got me.

+2 votes   game: StarForge
mik3k Oct 26 2012, 9:47pm says:

Bought on indiegogo before I checked here :/

Just buy this thing people. Minecraft/Halo/Borderlands/many other games in one awesome package. This is what gaming is about right here!!

+2 votes   game: StarForge
mik3k Oct 19 2012, 4:46pm replied:

The spell has it's own supply of oxygen. The bigger question is how did you get spells. They aren't real :/

+2 votes   game: Eris
mik3k Sep 29 2012, 5:41am replied:

This map made me buy a second copy for LAN play. Thanks for the great game!

+1 vote   article: RUNNING WITH RIFLES beta 0.72 released
mik3k Sep 28 2012, 5:15am says:

I bought this from devs website ages ago. Great game that you should definitely buy. One thing that bothered me was the washed out color look in the maps. It was kinda hard to see what was going on, although I think I am in the minority on that opinion :/

This map fixes that. The graphics are bright and clean and don't look washed out. This is a true joy to play with this winter map.

If you don't own this game - BUY IT NOW!!!

+4 votes   article: RUNNING WITH RIFLES beta 0.72 released
mik3k Sep 27 2012, 11:12pm says:

Great, great game. Love these little racers and this one is packed with stuff to do and most importantly the controls and "feel" is perfect. This is a steal at this price. Thanks!

+4 votes   game: Little Racers STREET
mik3k Sep 27 2012, 9:12pm says:

Been waiting years for a great snake game. This is the one!

+4 votes   game: Snayke
mik3k Sep 10 2012, 2:44pm replied:

Looks like Win XP is working !!

Come and get it.

+2 votes   game: Zombie Grinder
mik3k Sep 10 2012, 1:09pm replied:

I sent it via PM. I didn't see a way to add an attachment but the file was small and copy and paste.

Thanks for looking into this :)

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
mik3k Sep 10 2012, 11:32am replied:

I just run Microsoft Security Essentials. I have 65 games on Desura and around 250 on Steam and more on different services (origin, amazon, gamersgate, impulsedriven, greenmangaming, I don't think I've ever seen a game do this and there is zero hesitation - it makes the folders in my last post and then it closes instantly. There are no files quarantined in security essentials history. I turned off real-time protection for a couple of minutes and tried it with same result.

Some of the games I have are updated through launchers/downloaders like minecraft (regular, magiclauncher, and technic-launcher), StarMade, Valley Without Wind, Gratuitous Tank Battles, Overgrowth.

I did add an exception for zombiegrinder.exe and desura.exe and desura_service.exe to Security Essentials but same result.

This computer only has 2 users - a guest one (which I should probably just delete because I don't use it) and the one I log into all the time which is admin. I don't think I have any unusual settings for the admin account - I don't mess with any settings I don't have to.

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
mik3k Sep 8 2012, 2:25am replied:

If this helps any - Running ZombieGrinder.exe creates -

C:\Documents and Settings\MyUserName\Application Data\Zombie Grinder\Install\

There are no files in the "Zombie Grinder" folder or the "install" folder. Deleting the "Zombie Grinder" and "install" folders and running the .exe just repeats the process.

+2 votes   game: Zombie Grinder
mik3k Sep 7 2012, 12:03am replied:

I'm in no hurry - I'm working. Just thought it may be the same problem someone else here mentioned and probably a Win XP issue.

Great game - maybe the best top down game I've played.

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
mik3k Sep 6 2012, 11:53pm replied:

I did it both on Desura AND through to try to get it to work either way. When I originally played the game months ago it was through Desura and it worked great.

I bought it anyway :/

The donator version is the same way but at worst there is another computer in the house I can use with Win 7 on it.

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
mik3k Sep 6 2012, 11:42pm replied:

On the site the windows file.

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
mik3k Sep 6 2012, 11:19pm replied:

I click on it in Desura and it says "Please select the version of Zombie Grinder you want to play:" and then I click "play." A small Desura colored window flashes for an instant that says "preparing:" at the top but nothing in the window and it shuts down immediately. The same thing happens when clicking to play "SDK."

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from Desura.

I tried the download from and unzipped it into a folder on my desktop called "zombiegrinder_stub_windows" with zombiegrinder.exe inside. Double clicking it nothing - not even a window.

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
mik3k Sep 6 2012, 10:23pm says:

I haven't played this for ages. Nice to see you have a paid version now. I fired it up to see what changed before I buy, but I am also having the problem with the game not launching.

Win XP 32 bit
AMD X2 4800+
Nvidia MSI 9600GT 512 MB

I played it months ago just fine and see on your site under support that there are some "dependency" files that are supposed to be in the install folder. The only file in my Zombie Grinder folder is ZombieGrinder.exe. I have tried the download from your site also and still only downloads a zip with ZombieGrinder.exe in the folder.

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
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