Games are great!! This is like a gaming renaissance going on right now. So many games, so little time.

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mik3k May 10 2013, 3:27am says:

I like the graphic touches a lot. Just having slight indentations on the buildings instead of completely flat walls adds a lot. I have fun just running around in these open world games looking around.

I haven't had much time to play and usually get killed early, but rolling along on the quests now. Appreciate all the work you put into these games.

+1 vote   news: 3089 Update: More construction & improvements!
mik3k May 8 2013, 1:19am replied:

Me too - Thank you Phr00t for the desura key. Great work as usual.

+2 votes   game: 3089
mik3k May 7 2013, 1:40am says:

I honestly don't get it. This is an Oculus Rift exclusive?

*crosses Oculus Rift off wish list*

+2 votes   news: Rift Rush now available on Desura!
mik3k May 3 2013, 2:00pm says:

I'm confused. I thought Frozen Nightmare was some kind of survival game. Now it's a space game?

Check the image section tab above and go way back. That's when I bought it, but I have only played it once. It looked like this -

+4 votes   game: Diversitas
mik3k Apr 29 2013, 11:49pm says:

I'm a big game control freak - if controls suck it is so hard to play a game. This thing feels fantastic. I only made it to wave 7 so far (on normal), but reading the list of stuff in the game, I have a lot of content to try out. The game is well optimized (playing on an old dual core Win XP machine butter smooth).

If you buy any indie game this week - buy this one. Highly recommend this game. The only thing that would be better is a coop mode - maybe next game - then I will buy 2 copies!

+2 votes   news: Update 1.0.5 - CrashWoods
mik3k Apr 26 2013, 11:25pm says:

You are a programming machine.

+3 votes   news: 3089 Update: Lots 'o fixes!
mik3k Apr 14 2013, 11:53pm replied:

That worked fine. I keep all my old emails so it's not a big deal to update this way.

+1 vote   news: 3089 Updated -- New attacks, fixes & more!
mik3k Apr 14 2013, 3:26pm replied:

I watched it this time. It was 59 MB and then the launcher closes immediately but doesn't run the install. It must be saving it somewhere. I am on Win XP (because my work requires Win XP 32 bit or Vista 32 bit). I installed the game to my D: and Win XP is on C:.

+1 vote   news: 3089 Updated -- New attacks, fixes & more!
mik3k Apr 13 2013, 10:55pm says:

I really like your update system through BMTMicro, but it doesn't seem to want to update. It shows my version as 0.42a and that 0.43a is the latest version. I click "Update via BMT Micro" and it downloads what looks like around 5 MB (or maybe 50 MB? didn't count how many digits). It still shows me on 0.42a and I did the download twice. In game it also shows 0.42a in the bottom right corner.

Maybe it's because I have it installed on my D: drive instead of C: drive?

+1 vote   news: 3089 Updated -- New attacks, fixes & more!
mik3k Apr 13 2013, 1:05pm replied:

Thank you for the desura key. Good that it's still going. This is the one game I really hope takes off and does well. It's such a unique idea and fun - two things that are hard to find in games. And congrats on your marriage!

+1 vote   game: SpaceBit
mik3k Apr 12 2013, 2:08am says:

Ahh, I hope this game isn't dead. I love it.

If the dev is around - I bought directly from your website and the updater points to that site, but because the site is down I am unable to update or download a new copy.

I messed with the graphics settings and have a small window about 800 x 600 and see the full screen button but cannot see the "okay" button at the bottom of the screen because it is cut off and unable to change resolution. Because the screen size is stuck at a small size and only showing a small portion of the actual screen I cannot even start it anymore because the buttons at the bottom are cut off.

But more importantly I hope you continue development on this game. There is a new game called Factorio out that shows what is really possible in these top down survival games. Hope to see this one revived because it was one of my favorite Desura games.

+2 votes   game: SpaceBit
mik3k Apr 7 2013, 9:29pm says:

Instant buy from one of my favorite devs. Keep bringing out the games and I'll keep buying. Your games are weird, not the best looking but run fantastic on my old Win XP system. They are fun, different, awesome!

Edit - I didn't even have to read the feature list to know this would be different and great and a day 1 buy. It's kinda cool watching each game get more features, get more polished.

+4 votes   news: 3089, sequel to 3079, alpha available!
mik3k Mar 31 2013, 8:13pm says:

Breakable barrels with the potions or other things inside once in a while would be great (or just searchable barrels).

It's great to see all the work you continue to do on your game!

+2 votes   media: Shelf and barrels
mik3k Mar 22 2013, 1:30am says:

Excellent game like SpaceChem. :)

+2 votes   game: Great Permutator
mik3k Mar 11 2013, 2:04am says:

This is my most anticipated game on Desura. Great work!

+2 votes   news: New Characters/New Sky Colors
mik3k Mar 3 2013, 10:18pm says:

Keep up the great work!

+1 vote   news: Dev Update #9
mik3k Mar 1 2013, 11:19pm says:

I just played the demo and love the feel of this game. This really needs to be expanded with more content. I'm gonna buy it anyway because I don't play phone games when I have a nice big screen right in front of me.

+1 vote   game: NEW ORBIT
mik3k Feb 19 2013, 9:17pm says:

I thought this game was abandoned? I bought 2 copies on steam and unable to play even LAN with the 2 copies. I thought multiplayer was literally dead because all support was pulled for the game?

Did something change?

*I'll be glad to correct any of what I wrote if it is incorrect. I thought the servers were shut down and no dedicated servers?

+2 votes   news: Gettysburg: Armored Warfare Released on Desura
mik3k Feb 19 2013, 4:21pm says:

This has been shaping up really nicely. When I first bought it, it was just to mess around in a cartoony block world, but I actually played it for a while with the new update and this is a really fun game. Every update is really adding a lot of great things to this game.

+2 votes   game: Vox
mik3k Feb 13 2013, 8:39pm replied:

Haha - I bought this thinking it was Delver. I couldn't remember that games name and figured this was the full version. :/

JUST FOUND DELVER!! You can buy the game for $5.00 on it's official site.

+1 vote   game: Dungeon Prospector
mik3k Feb 11 2013, 11:09pm replied:

Where are you seeing this price? I just see $9.99 on Desura.

+3 votes   game: Dungeon Prospector
mik3k Feb 7 2013, 12:15pm says:

The demo blew me away. I wasn't expecting much, but a built in character/decor editor and dungeon editor upcoming, great performance on this old computer, tons of enemies everywhere and can see forever, different worlds to visit and each one looks different. This is pretty impressive work.

I want to buy a copy of this the instant you put a price on it.

+3 votes   game: Cube Arena
mik3k Feb 7 2013, 11:59am says:

This engine is amazing. Longest view distance and most NPCs I've seen yet in a block world. Nice work and will be watching this. Love the built in editor.

+3 votes   news: The Dungeon System
mik3k Feb 7 2013, 9:47am says:

Looks like I need another copy for LAN play. It is amazing that a developer takes the time to add more stuff to an existing game than leaving the current game as is to work on the next game. I've never heard of a game getting multiplayer added after release like this.

+3 votes   news: Multiplayer Coming to Lunar Flight 1.7 Update!
mik3k Feb 6 2013, 4:45am replied:

Thanks - but on Win XP it doesn't have admin as an option on compatibility. I am logged in on an admin account. That pic above I unchecked the box and was able to see created characters. It crashed on loading a world, but I'll work on that later. I tried it on the Win 7 computer and it runs great, so I will use that computer for this game.

Just really quick - Looks amazing, very pretty game. I'm sure there's some optimizing to do and polishing, but if the controls become as easy as games like Minecraft or Terraria than this game is a winner. It's a little awkward to use (could just take some time to get accustomed to it), but really looking forward to spending some time with this game.

+1 vote   game: Darkout
mik3k Feb 6 2013, 3:57am replied:

Actually, this is on a Win XP 32 bit system. I will have to try it on the teen's Win 7 computer if that is the problem.

+1 vote   game: Darkout
mik3k Feb 6 2013, 1:38am replied:

Forgot this - When I click launch it gives me this first -

Not sure why this screen pops up. I have hundreds of games across every digital service and this is the first time I have seen this screen.

Also, when I exit the game my desktop background is gone and the background is just black.


Not sure if those things are related to the character select screen being blank.

+1 vote   game: Darkout
mik3k Feb 6 2013, 1:05am says:

I was able to play this the first time I bought it (just making sure it ran and quit), but I am having the unable to select character problem as some other people on your forum. I create a character, but in the select character screen there are no characters, so unable to actually play.

I tried posting on the official forums, but had to turn off rich text before a text box would appear and then it was giving me an error when trying to post. I posted in the forums here but not sure if anyone is reading this forum.

+1 vote   game: Darkout
mik3k Feb 4 2013, 11:04pm says:

I gotta agree - I wasn't expecting much, but this is really a great game, very polished and most importantly fun. A steal at this price.

Very nice job devs!

+3 votes   game: Beast Boxing Turbo
mik3k Feb 4 2013, 3:37am replied:

Nevermind - I just reinstalled to "C:" drive and all is well. Great looking game!

+1 vote   game: OGS Mahjong
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