Not entirely sure what to say here... I'll just shoot from the hip: I'm currently a young male, living in Denmark. My aspiration is getting an education as a character animator and I'm currently bettering myself with that goal in mind. I guess it goes without saying that I enjoy drawing and, well, games. I've yet to decide if I want to pursue a career within cartoons, games or movies, or perhaps something entirely different. Other than that I'm a pretty down-to-earth guy. If there's anything you wish to know, feel free to ask away. Thank you for taking your time to read up on me. Cheers.

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Mik0112 @ T-Rex at the walls of the Base Camp

Oh, damn. Now I can't imagine it saying anything but "meow" anymore...

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Mik0112 @ Athena - First Newsflash

Looks promising.

Good work on the renewed project :)

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Mik0112 @ Dissolution In-game

is it me, or does that left leg look like it's broken in several places...?

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Mik0112 @ Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gone Gold


Somehow, I seriously doubt that.

Imagine getting chased by a T-rex or a large scary-looking monster.
Your fight or flight center is activated, and unless you're suicidal you'll be running trying to find a place to hide.
If hiding fails then you would perhaps try to find a way to fight back, or just get killed while trying to defend yourself with your hands.

Most of this would of course be instinctual.

That's just how self-perservantion works.

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Mik0112 @ ORION - Ten Years Young

Interesting read.

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Mik0112 @ Himalayas trip

Neat video, guys.

Gotta admit, I'm incredibly curious of what could and could not be done with this engine.

Can imagine some quite awesome projects spring from this.

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Mik0112 @ Spiral Game Studios - Opens Doors & Announces 'ORION: Prelude'

I support this, and my ps3 does as well.

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Mik0112 @ ORION - Mystery Days Event - Cover boys revealed!

Far more unique now.

Looks good, and looking forward to tomorrow.

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Mik0112 @ ORION - Mystery Days Event - Day 12

That is interesting.

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Mik0112 @ ORION - Mystery Days Event - Day 08

I see alien weapons.
That looks nice.

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Mik0112 @ ORION - Mystery Days Event - Day 07

I don't know.... singleplayer maybe (or coop)?

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Mik0112 @ Omnibus

Apothecary and Tech Marine really sounds too much like original classes.

How about giving the Apothecary a slight but passive healing ability (1hp every 5, or something like that) and then a deployable medstation that'll need the apothecary to operate it (imagine a turret he's aiming himself), and have to aim at his teammate to heal. Make it slightly less potent than the med-gun of Alien Swarm, to make up for lost mobility.
Later upgrades would possibly allow the medic to heal 2 of his teammates at once with it.

I really think the tech-thing should be abandonned once and for all.
I would personally prefer something more akin to a demolitions-expert.(I know your Sergeant is leaning slightly towards that)
Instead of opening the doors with technology, give him the ability to blow up doors (and seal hallways and stuff with debris again afterwards, using a bomb too, ofc).
Hell, go all the way and enable him to call in something akin to motar strikes when outdoors.

These are just minor suggestions to avoid it seeming like too much like the original.

Oh ye, and sounds like this mod has ggreat potential.
Keep up the good work!

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Mik0112 @ Animation Blends *video*

Does look a lot smother than I remember from previous versions.

Can't even imagine the things you guys could do with these systems.

Nice work.

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Mik0112 @ Orion: Source Multiplayer Beta is FREE & Standalone!

I don't really see it....
besides from having the same general body shape (excluding head and tail... so... legs?) they're pretty different.

There are some similarities, but really nothing that deserves the amount of attention it has received.

Now, please direct your (goldfish-like) short attention span elsewhere.
- Further revelations on your part is not needed.

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Mik0112 @ ORION: Announcement Delayed (slightly!)

oh, and the previously mentioned T-rex on the Gladiator.
that's part of my demands too.

If my demands are not met, I will possibly starve myself until my next meal.

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Mik0112 @ ORION: Announcement Delayed (slightly!)

I remain confused.

Not as to the ownership or originality, but to the fuzz about this whole thing.

Chill out or get out.

And now, on an entirely different note:
I refuse to wait 3 weeks and demand an immediate unveiling.
... I'm sure that'll help...

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Mik0112 @ ORION: Announcement Delayed (slightly!)

Stake your right, man.
Normally you'd have 2... or none.

I'll make an unqualified guess that we'll be seeing a T-rex, riding that sweet piece of as-... wheels.

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Mik0112 @ FPS Terminator now has an Indie page.

Looks awesome.

Certainly has a killzone feeling to it, but I think I recall you mentioning that as an inspiration for atmosphere earlier, so that makes sense.

Only things that really jumped at me was the explosions looked kinda... well, bland, to be honest.
Voices seemed like they could be an atmosphere-killer, too.
And the hit effect from the weapons seemed a little overwhelming as well.

But all in all, I'd say it looks very promising, and I'll wish you luck.

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Mik0112 @ The new trailer along with some work done during this spring

That was absolutely breathtaking.
You've guys have got some of the best scenery I've seen in a mod.

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Mik0112 @ Conceptual Cat Lady

Awesome pet.

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Mik0112 @ Welcome ModDB!

This long really fascinating.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you intend to implement all these elements.

Good looking pic, too.

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Mik0112 @ Primal Carnage GDC Demo Screenshot 06


Good karma+1 vote
Mik0112 @ March to GDC: San Francisco - US

Looks absolutely stunning tech demo.
It looks like a game you could just wander around in for hours upon hours, without being bored.

What first caught my eyes was the work done on the landscape, which was absolutely fantastic and possibly some of the best I have ever seen.

The tech demo itself brought everything together nicely in a very artistic way.

If I ever get a PC able to handle this game, this would probably be the first thing I'd get.

To sum it all up - Awesomely made.

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Mik0112 @ Welcome to Barsa-Kelmes

Those pictures and vids look absolutely fantastic.

Weapon attachments seems to be working far better than anything I've ever seen or expected of the source engine.

And despite you saying not to bother commenting on first vid, I'll do so anyhow:
Looks like you've got some great gameplay elements there. The atmosphere added from the radio and sound effects are a fantastic touch.

You got me interested, big time.

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Mik0112 @ Models On The Way

Looks great. Keep it up.

Good karma+2 votes
Mik0112 @ Where the winds blow.

Looks truly awesome and I'm gonna enjoy playing this thing once it's out.

Good luck with this project.

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Mik0112 @ Primal Carnage - Website Launch!

Looks great, one of the prettier sites out there.

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Mik0112 @ Korean AI - In game multiplayer

This looks great.
Coop in Crysis Wars would be quite revolutionary in itself.

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Mik0112 @ Exterminatus Has Arrived

Grilljanne, I don't know about specifics, but being able to actually play the mod would be nice, so a server would certainly be appreciated :)

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