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migwell Aug 3 2010, 9:24pm replied:

Wow!!! Could be the best ever!

+1 vote   news: Human Error Released
migwell Jul 28 2010, 5:04pm replied:

A good, long SP mod featuring some nice puzzles... my complaints would be the radio messages, which were pretty inaudible and pointless anyway, and the constant battles.

Generally there's a little pacing to HL2, where you get a tough fight every now and then, but in this mod it's pretty much all the time, one after another. And the final battle? Sort of a bit over the top, isn't it? I finally went into 'god mode' to get to the ending.

+3 votes   mod: Half - Life 2: Calamity
migwell Jul 25 2010, 9:19pm says:

WOW!! What a great, long and enjoyable mod this is. Thanks a lot for this one.

I'm running it at the end of July 2010, all patched up, and it runs great, nice and smooth. Very good story, nice use of NPC's, great settings, good voice acting... all in all, a very fresh HL2 experience.

+2 votes   mod: The Citizen
migwell Sep 28 2009, 7:10pm replied:

And there's new stuff at the end!

+1 vote   mod: Awakening
migwell Sep 26 2009, 10:15pm says:

"Gonna try, but if lack of new content its broke for real!"

Hmmm. Not the way I feel at all. I play the game for the gameplay. All kinds of swell new content + crappy gameplay = not interested. No new content + fun to play = good mod. And that's what this is, quite enjoyable and pretty long as well. Just the old familiar stuff that we love, for the most part.

A classic.

+3 votes   mod: Awakening
migwell Sep 25 2009, 6:46pm says:

Hey, I'm not making it by that part where you get the gravity gun out of the glass case. Evidently one of the guards has a key, which you must pick up off the body? Not happening for me. No key to be seen anywhere. Game Over!

Anybody got a clue for me?

+1 vote   mod: Appeltaart Mod
migwell Sep 20 2009, 5:50pm says:

A must play mod! Clever and very well done.

+6 votes   mod: Research and Development
migwell Sep 19 2009, 11:29am says:

This is a classic of traditional mod making. No story, really and nothing new. But it has a lot of good enjoyable action which takes you over a large area and through a variety of environments, presenting some good combat challenges. A pleasure to play!

+2 votes   mod: Penetration
migwell Sep 18 2009, 6:44pm says:

Very imaginative, different, refreshing, challenging. Not your average 'I am the Freeman' mod.

+2 votes   mod: Gateways
migwell Sep 18 2009, 5:20pm says:

Good mod! But...

you got the flashlight so you can see, you got the gun so you can shoot. Seeing ain't much good if you can't shoot and shooting ain't much good if you can't see. Kind of a pain in the @$$.

+1 vote   mod: Get a Life
migwell Sep 16 2009, 5:28pm says:

It's over! Crap, such a good mod and it is so short... or it seemed short because the time flew by. Well, thanks for this very enjoyable and engaging little snack!

+1 vote   mod: R e b e l l i o n
migwell Sep 15 2009, 11:07pm says:

Very uneven mod! Some of it is actually fun gameplay whilst large chunks of it are best gone through on God Mode, since the difficulty is absurd. Still, it's worth the trip. Fairly good, long SP mod

+2 votes   mod: City 7: Toronto Conflict
migwell Sep 14 2009, 9:23am says:

Hmmm... I'm playing this with the patch and have slipped past the 'odell bug' only to enter the sub and have the credits roll. End of Game!

I do not have the 'orange box' so perhaps this is the problem? The mod is rated well, so I won't trash it, but BEWARE OF THIS MOD, it certainly doesn't work for many of us.

p.s. I can access the further maps individually in the console.

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
migwell Sep 12 2009, 4:29pm says:

I too have the Odell '2nd time you meet crash'. Any way out of this? Is it worth bothering with? It's a showstopper bug!

Seems like a nice mod, but I want to play it, not crash out of it time after time.

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
migwell Aug 7 2007, 9:03am says:

Very good mod, very polished. Good degree of difficulty (except for that last strider, which seemed to be blind luck and a lot of reloading). Very engaging all the way.

This is a professional grade mod, and while it doesn't add much that we haven't already seen, expands the Half-Life playable universe a little more. Congrats to all involved.

+1 vote   mod: Riot Act
migwell Aug 4 2007, 10:27am says:

This is a fabulous piece of work, a long and complex SP episode, and when it is finally patched to remove the various glitches, will rank as one of the best ever made.

Currently, there are a few problems and they are being worked on. I can live with the visual glitches, but the freeze-ups after some cut scenes are problematic, and I wouldn't recommend version 1.2 for the easily frustrated because of this. Restarts and repeated retries have allowed me to progress, but a few times I thought that I would have to quit.

Good luck to the team on the patch and thanks for the fine mod.

+1 vote   mod: HL2-Infiltration
migwell Feb 2 2007, 6:24pm says:

Part 1 was really fabulous, and while part 2 is very good as well, I did prefer the challenge in the outdoors. One of the very best mods, keep up the good work!

+1 vote   mod: MINERVA
migwell Feb 1 2007, 4:12pm says:

As noted, the mod is pretty buggy and events do not trigger. I am currently stuck in a space with no way out except to no-clip having played the sequence through several times.(medium sized space where you take out a stationary gun and 2 guys drop in from the roof, a chopper appears briefly and then guards run in through the blue barrier, then there is no way out)

Not much fun, though with a little more work, CryShield would be decent.

+1 vote   mod: CryShield
migwell Jan 31 2007, 2:00pm says:

Anxiously awaiting a proper download for your mod.

+1 vote   mod: CryShield
migwell Jan 30 2007, 5:03pm says:

Several times I wasn't sure what to do next, but that is common HL gameplay. However, I am on that damn tiny boat at what I now hope is the end of the mod, because I have been killed over and over simply by getting stuck in the scenery. I get tangled in, can't move, get killed. Terrible. And the ammo is placed in the easiest place to get stuck... Just awful.

+1 vote   mod: Socialist Tension
migwell Jan 29 2007, 9:45pm says:

Good fun, very well done but too short! More, please.

Gameplay-wise, I skipped a few firefights by letting others do the job for me and sailed through most of the mod with 100/100 stats. I'm not complaining, because that sniper gave me fits...

+1 vote   mod: Rock 24
migwell Sep 28 2006, 10:28am says:

Excellent, difficult, pointless.

How important is the story in an FPS? Look at Doom 3, Far Cry and HL2 and you're not looking at 'Moby ****', but at least there is some story and a feeling of accomplishment as you move through it.

Too many mods, like this one, leave you with nothing at all, aimlessly drifting around the game world shooting things. How about: The combine has stolen our last Gravity Gun and it is your job to find your way into the Citadel, where we will reprogram their transporter to bring you back after you get the Grav Gun. You post this 'story' as text at the beginning and leave a Grav Gun lying on the floor at the end. Everyone is happy.

+1 vote   mod: Penetration
migwell Aug 22 2006, 2:03pm says:

Hey, I am really enjoying this mod a lot. Can't see what the complaining is about since it is pretty much like the actual game, looks good, runs well and presents some decent challenges and puzzles (the crowbar under the sofa??).

Had to come here and find out why I couldn't get the second map started though... When I came over the barrier in my boat, it tipped over and I haven't been able to get it upright again. I figured that was it after piling barrels and jumping the fence into the area with wrecked cars, etc. I'll try that boat jump again.

+1 vote   mod: City 14
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