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Midnightmare Jun 13 2012 replied:

thanks bud! I just needed to give some constructive feedback in a way or so, just to show that there's other ways to make horror... well... effective!

Anyway, already added you ;)

+2 votes   member: Midnightmare
Midnightmare Jun 12 2012 replied:

mmmh no? did you played any penumbra, or amnesia? those games have no scare jump at all, they build an atmosphere that opresses the player, and makes him/her fear the moment a creature appears.

On the other hand, we have a screamer; throw at your face a screaming as loud as possible twisted face that takes 90% of the screen. Heck, even in some plain shooters I had a jump or two when being fired from the back or suddenly in front of me (counte-strike).

Resident Evil series, while most of it is very great, does NOT scare at all, as most horror games; sure, fist silent hill and games of that kind did it, because they where a new experience, but after playing 4 horror games or so, you learn the tricks, and just await for them to happen without hesitation.

The games I previously named (Penumbra/Amnesia) instead, build the fear, not just throw it at you, damn I find it hard to move foward on the campaign by the single fact that I'm unwilling to turn around the corner to see what's possibly awaiting there (if there's anything at all!)

Afraid of Monsters was a masterpiece, finished it many times, getting all the endings, it was challenging and fear inducting, with not a single screamer, yeah, it had jump scares, but nothing like a full-screen disgusting face yelling at me.

If you want to scare people, experiment new techniques, be creative, like Frictional Games team.

I respect you, because you are a very talentous person on game designing, and because of that I expected something more... "fresh"

Hope to see new projects of yours and your team, and also wish you consider my point.ç

Best wishes to you.

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Midnightmare Jun 12 2012 says:

The fact that the first scare of the game is a completely horrible and lame screamer (like all screamers) was a big disappointment to me, specially coming from the guys who made Afraid of Monsters DC, one of the best mods ever done.

I mean, c'mon screamers don't scare, they just make you jump and curse at the screen for a cheap "scare tactic"

Should try more of it, but that was unforgivable, and makes me wonder if there's more of that on the rest of the campaign...

-2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Midnightmare Jun 10 2012 says:

now that's great attention to detail! it will give a lot more life to the enviroment, something I love to see in any game :)

0 votes   media: Pigeon High and Low poly mesh
Midnightmare Jun 9 2012 says:

gotta love those totally useless but destructive as f*ck trucks :P


+1 vote   game: City Truck Smashers
Midnightmare Jun 8 2012 replied:

And what could be offensive exactly?
even if the game had content that clashed with some religion, why should they censor or change things of their like? Religion is a choice for some people in the world, just as nazism; as far as I can see no one is complaining about games where you must kill nazi soldiers, and that is violence directed towards an ideology. Here no offense is intended as far as I can see. Even if disrespect or offense directed at some system of beliefs is intended, why should they wipe it out of THEIR game?

+5 votes   game: Holyspirit
Midnightmare Jun 8 2012 replied:

Sorry didn't realized it was an alpha until I read the info one more time (and that's good, because it's so well done that I thought it was like a beta or something more advanced!)

In other words; I'm very happy to see that, even for an alpha tech demo, it feels very polished and is enjoyable while it last ;)

+2 votes   game: Holyspirit
Midnightmare Jun 7 2012 says:

Hi devs! I've been tracking this game for a while and today I downloaded it to give it a try; after playing a very enjoyable 30 minutes or less I'd found a glitch/bug/whatever in which, after using the abbey's shrine to teleport, every time I get back into the abbey and take a few steps on it I get teleported back to the outside.

Apart from that I really want to try it more!

Oh, and wanted to ask; will you improve the anims? 'cos they are very "lifeless", or "rigid".

Anyway good work and keep it goin'!

+3 votes   game: Holyspirit
Midnightmare Jun 3 2012 says:

Guys, I'm amazed, can't believe this is the same engine, and never expected this type of improvement (because I didn't know it was possible!)

Congrats Bio and team, you surpassed my wildest expectations ;)

PS; never doubted 'bout your capabilities though :P

+4 votes   media: Update 19 content
Midnightmare May 15 2012 says:

downloading :)

+2 votes   download: Soldier Of Demo #1 - 5-5-12
Midnightmare May 9 2012 says:

sooooo cool (and cute)!

+3 votes   media: 1/35 Metal Bug (Slug) resin model
Midnightmare Apr 24 2012 says:

looks soooooo good, very well produced

+10 votes   media: WIP Wasteland Pics
Midnightmare Apr 24 2012 says:

love the pistol, and it looks like lots of fun!

+6 votes   media: Conscript DM 2
Midnightmare Apr 22 2012 says:

your job with this creatures is outstanding guys, lots of well done details!

+2 votes   news: Monster Classes
Midnightmare Apr 22 2012 says:


ahem.... can't wait :'D

+1 vote   media: Conscript Teaser 3
Midnightmare Apr 17 2012 says:

pretty nice! specially the unfortunate imp :P

+1 vote   media: Adv. Light Armor + Imp
Midnightmare Apr 13 2012 replied:

Good Lord! people gave you negative karma because you don't feel like this game is a perfect 10!? how can that be if all of you give that score to the superior D2? that means that both games are perfect, but one is even more perfect than the other?

Seriously calm down you fanboys...

+1 vote   game: Diablo
Midnightmare Apr 10 2012 replied:

I will not be stunned if your karma gets bashed... but people, some games can only be kept alive and being played this way, through "pirate" downloads.

+2 votes   game: Impossible Creatures
Midnightmare Apr 10 2012 replied:

uh... are you trying to say that games from 2006 or older are crap?

+3 votes   game: Hard Truck Apocalypse
Midnightmare Mar 11 2012 says:

Oh My! über sweet update!

+2 votes   news: Update 17- Mega update 3
Midnightmare Mar 6 2012 says:

amazing guys, I'm very happy for you!

+2 votes   news: GDC2012 - Day 1
Midnightmare Feb 27 2012 says:

very nice game, simple and full of shooting :P

+1 vote   game: Zombie Shooter
Midnightmare Feb 27 2012 says:

looks good!

+1 vote   media: Cacodemon Preview
Midnightmare Feb 21 2012 says:

good to hear!

+1 vote   news: Call Of Quake News Update # 6
Midnightmare Feb 21 2012 says:

cool news! gonna try 'em later :)

+3 votes   news: New maps are being released
Midnightmare Feb 20 2012 says:

dude! this looks like a beauty of a map!

+2 votes   media: Antarctic Night ingame preview
Midnightmare Feb 20 2012 says:

looks desolated, I like it so far

+2 votes   media: Valles Marineris
Midnightmare Feb 20 2012 says:

totally bizarre :P

+2 votes   media: New Howitzer thing plus Practice Dummy Tank
Midnightmare Feb 16 2012 says:

They have potential :P just a little more details I guess and a good texture.

I like how this project is going on, can't wait to play it!

+3 votes   media: Gewehr G43 and Luger WIP
Midnightmare Feb 15 2012 replied:

As DeeperThought told me at the same question;
"The .midis came from various sources and it would take me a while to track them all down, although I think I made a stab at it once in a thread at"


+1 vote   game: WGRealms 2
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