I'm president of Mindware (formely MNM Software )living at Tokyo born in 1971. I started work game developer when I was junior high school student. My mainly atest work are "MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade "(Published by Nintendo ) and Flametail / Trailblaze:(Published by Nintendo ). My mainly older works are Streets of Rage 2 ( Published by SEGA ),Star Wars: Attack on the Death Star .

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MickyAlbert @ DeCalc

Very nice idea and cool graphics !
I bought it 3 minute ago !

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MickyAlbert @ MickyAlbert

Thank you for comment and play MaBoShi's Arcade !
Which is your best game ,Circle ,Bar or Squware ?

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MickyAlbert @ Super Chain Crusher Horizon

Thank you for interest SCCH and test trial demo !

Change you screen resolution.SCCH will be running correctly.
And read this forum. I think it will help you.


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MickyAlbert @ Super Chain Crusher Horizon

Thank you for play Demo version game and question without abuse feeling.
I can answer some questioon ,and I can't answer other question cause from bussiness.

* Price of GBP
£9.99 .

* How the price descided.
Price come from cost.
In this case Mindware use over 0.3million USD. Latest few years ,game price is too much quickly down. So great many studio closed. I know many formly game studio president who killed by himself. If price excessive competition didn't come. I have to descide price about $30.
I fear that after price excessive competition ,mostly game quality go down and atlast mostly player lost fun time.

In indies market there are company and hobby developer.
Hobby developer can easy to down price because they don't need make profit.
Mindware is company and mostly member are over 15years veteran. So salary is not cheap.
All music are composed by Logic bomb. Logic bomb is very famouse trans unit from Sweden.
Latest over 5 years, they trip to all 5 atlantic ,over 20 country every year for live.
Super Chain Crusher Horizon include over 60min music. It is same or slightly over or less as album lenght. And latest Logic Bomb album price is here. I think SCCH is not expencive.


We also pay debug company to keep same quality as Mindware develop game published by Nintendo.
Hire 10 debug staff until 10days.(Minimum case) I think it is illegall case in this market.

Several time there are price claim comment without manner.
I will delete ASAP when I find next time. Latest year I work 125-140 hours per week.

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MickyAlbert @ Super Chain Crusher Horizon

Thank you for comment ! And I'm very happy that you play demo version of SCCH and love it.

Price is one of our problem / handicap. USD/JPY is too much unvalanced latest 2 years also mostly Japanese company has same problem. If USD/JPY is over 100. We can sale it $10 or $12.

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MickyAlbert @ Super Chain Crusher Horizon

Thank you for interest !
now we are touching up and develop online leaderboard and achievement.
Please wait 20th.Sep !

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MickyAlbert @ PenultimatePanda

Thank you for tracking Super Chain Crusher Horizon !
Today I finished to make playable demo English version. Now Desura is confirming.

Anyway your ope page picture is very nice !

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MickyAlbert @ Pushcat

Nice idea mixing ! I hope to play it !

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