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michaelpb @ Rogue Republic

Hey, saw your post on 0 AD. The models looks really slick! I also like your gameplay ideas. Controlling towns is a great mechanic, the game then focuses more on fast strikes and map control then.

What license are you considering? I would really encourage you to license it under Creative Commons / Open Source license if you aren't already planning on doing it. :) I think you'd have a much easier time finding C++ coders to help you contribute 0 AD to get the features you need (turrets, capturing towns, etc) if you make it an open source project. You can try the freegamer forums, those assets are really nice and i'm sure you'll find coders. And you'll reach more people, getting it in Linux distros (0 AD is already in many distros) and so on!

I'm a coder and big C&C fan (mostly like RA2 and before, though generals was Okay). Sadly right now I have too much on my plate to help out otherwise I would!

good luck!

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michaelpb @ Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key

Wow, watched the videos, looks fantastic! I wish I had Doom 3 to try it out. :/

With idtech4's source code now available, any plans to get it to work with iodoom3, so that it becomes a totally stand-alone game? That would be so fantastic. Then you could package it up and put it in the Ubuntu Software Center, etc --- wayyy more people would play it that way if it didn't require Doom 3...

I don't know how difficult that is. The main thing I guess is if you are using a lot of non-free textures. But I think since you are already putting so much time into the mod, replacing non-free textures with free ones (there are enough out there) would be worth it for how popular your mod would become as a stand-alone game!

Info is here in case you haven't seen it:

Anyway, good luck, keep it up, and if this ever is a stand-alone game I'd love to play it!

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