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Hello all,

This is a letter to the followers and those who are in game design, about DeadFall On Greenlight. sorry to say… but I have removed DeadFall from steam greenlight as i generally feel that mobile games from yours truly, only work well as mobile games.

Going to try not to run long here, but When I make a pc/mac/linux focused release… thats when it stays up on greenlight. For now… I feel I would like to focus on fun tiny mobile experiences. :3

*minor follow up…
My principles in game design are as stated… only the mediums focused on are the mediums they reside. I just feel that I was trying to shoot the greed bucket again… and honestly, thats where things get messy usually. I just make games to make a living doing what I love, Not to get insanely rich or something. Sure the greenlight and a steam release would have helped, and sure I may not have gotten “rich”… but thats not the point. My point is simple… Start somewhere, succeed… then expand. Never abuse resources for gain… especially financial gain… You alienate fans that way. Working honest with yourself in a contained and ever establishing workflow is what you need to stay sane… especially in the beginning. you have to make a living first before you try to conquer the world… for the lack of a better statement.

anywho…sorry to all 347 of you who were looking forward to seeing a deadfall steam release… but, I just couldn’t lie with myself if I just push when I didn’t believe in it… Thats not to say it was a port or anything… it was a complete PC revamp… but it strayed too far from what i started with on the mobile games, becoming less personal. Alot of you may not get it… but some might, and I guess thats why I am writing this all out(also, so I dont forget). You need to be strong enough to make strong decisions… sometimes leading to sacrifice… but just know that for every sacrifice, or seemingly negative decision based on “principle”… you will be just where you need to be, especially when you meet people online who understand and will support you… thats why you do what you do.

cutting it off here before I run on some more…Sorry again all, Just know that its all out of respect for those of you who enjoy my work. take care :3


games still up and will always be up on google play :3

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