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Men of War: Assault Squad

Game review

Good game for an RTS player.
Well, the weapon firing sounds quality have been reduced from 2.0.11 patch and later; Weapon firing sounds quality in original MoW are better than MoW:AS ones, as in original MoW, 177 kbps bit-rate, but high-quality, and in MoW:AS, 705 kbps, but low-quality, you could and should have been noticed both sounds in original MoW and in MoW:AS in editor. This weapon firing sounds quality issue should be fixed at all. Certain tanks' engine sounds such as M10 Wolverine, M36, Wespe, etc. have wrong engine sounds. Three missing vehicle engine sounds come from Ho-Ro, Ha-To and SS-D; M4 track clatter sounds went wrong, as M4A3R2 has the correct track clatter sound.
I don't give a review about the howitzers firing 6 times like rocketlaunchers, which I seriously don't like that. Skirmish in MoW:AS is not even skirmish should be, it should be the cooperative that can be played with other players. Almost everything of MoW:AS, I feel 'em like they're unofficially and custom made.

By the way, the graphics improved include water shader, new tanks' models, specular for soldiers' skins, etc.

-----Graphics-----: 8.5/10
-----Gameplay-----: 10/10
-----Sound quality-----: 8.5/10 (Firearm shooting sound quality: 3.75/10)
-----Sound design-----: 9.75/10
-----Overall-----: 7/10


Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2

Game review

Brothers Of War (BoW)

Mod review

It's a good mod, but there are so many bugs and problems; missing vehicle engine sounds of all BoW vehicles, planes are named as armored vehicles, missing desc of 85mm F-30 and some other stuff, etc.


C&C: Generals

Game review
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