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Game Review on Aug 25th, 2013

I supposed to rate this game a 4, because my attention comment in Infinity forum should be approved, as they banned me spuriously. If it's approved, then I rate this a 8/10.

As I said, it uses the same old game engine as Ricochet Xtreme (I think the Swarm Gold's game engine), they need to think what they're doing. Menu style is the same, no screen resolution and detail level options in display settings, lol, this just made me to rate lower.

Not too bad game IMO, as they approve my comment, I will rate 8 but If not, then this review and my comments in this game summary will stay.

EDIT (October 17, 2014): Those f*cking Ricochet Infinity forum moderators don't approve my attention comment, I will ruin their forum with a blast-comment if they don't approve for a few days later!

Although this game's menus, objects, sounds, music, etc. are moddable if its data is unpacked, hmmph...

It's recommended that you don't buy Reflexive games, if my attention comment in the Ricochet Infinity forum doesn't approve for many days later.

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