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Mod Review on Sep 18th, 2014

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Mod Review on Aug 25th, 2013

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Ricochet Infinity
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Game Review on Aug 25th, 2013

Rated 1, because they own their Reflexive forums for nothing, and they also didn't approve my comment.

As I said, it uses the same old game engine as Ricochet Xtreme (I think the Swarm Gold's game engine), they need to think what they're doing. Menu style is the same, no screen resolution and detail level options in display settings, lol, this just made me to rate lower.

Although this game's menus, objects, sounds, music, etc. are moddable if its data is unpacked, hmmph...

It's recommended that you don't buy Reflexive games, they are too boring and the Ricochet Infinity moderators own their forum for nothing, they think I am making a lot of new accounts.

EDIT - 1/14/2015: Hmm, the Ricochet Infinity forum users still playing that f*cking trash game, I am completely done playing their piece of sh*t. The Ricochet Infinity forum moderators don't approve the newly registered users anymore; and, this game is released 8 years ago, and they will play it until 100 years later, lol, and Reflexive didn't released a new ricochet game with new features...

Better to play games that they're not approved by Reflexive or Reflexive Arcade...

EDIT - 8/31/2015: Still... I already got away 1 million kilometers from Reflexive & Reflexive Arcade by myself... I already advise you to not to play their garbage.
And, finally, shaz is dead forever like sh*t from their Infinity forum, that sick bastard moderator of Reflexive who banned me permanently from the Ricochet Infinity forum instead of banning for a limited time. I hope Reflexive gets defunct in future and gets conquered by pro hackers.

EDIT - 11/23/2015: Thank god the Ricochet Infinity forum is getting unpopular and unpopular than previous years and Reflexive forum is already down more than an unpopular and got buggy.
The Reflexive is just the worst company in world at all. You already know, who gives a fkin' piece of damn sh*t about Sh*tunflexive and the Fkingchet Trashfinity? No one.
Seriously, stay away from these garbages. The Fkingchet Trashfinity moderators are just selfish and no one trusts 'em and I know that they'll be gone and Sh*tunflexive gets defunct in future.

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