I am a Christian who studies the Bible and loves science. My favorite verses are John 3:16 and Philippians 4:13. I am also a big Generals and Zero Hour fan who modifies those games for fun.

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Have you ever played any Bomberman games before? I didn't play very many, but I have good memories of some Nintendo 64 classics.

I need to talk about this one Nintendo 64 classic game that I love to watch over and over on YouTube. I remember the first time I played a Bomberman game. It was Bomberman 64, which I never completed without using a player's guide. Well, there were two sequels on the same console: Bomberman Hero, which I did play and kind of enjoyed.


Then there was Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, which I never played or heard of. In my opinion, that game is awesome and has a great plot. It is about Bomberman getting trapped in an articial black hole, fighting the Black Hole Base Army and retrieving the seven Elemental Stones (which the BHB Army needs to control the universe).

There is another reason why I love that game. It has many similarities to my own story and some other games I played. When I worked on my story, I wasn't aware of this game's plot. I am really excited how both have so much in common. I think that's amazing!

The seven Elemental Stones remind me of the Chaos Emeralds (except the stones grant Bomberman unique powers instead of invincibility). I did base the seven Cosmic Crystals on them and they serve the same kind of roles in my story. Coincidentally, there is also an eighth crystal that represents evil. The Celestial Stone was used to seal the demon Sthertoth, while the black Chaos Crystal was made and used by Darkness (the true villain of my story).

The seven Elemental Knights (or Astro Knights as Rukifellth calls them) remind me of the Mega Man robot masters. When you defeat all of them, you can get their Elemental Stones (which means their powers as well); the fire knight Baelfael is the only exception because you get the Fire Stone before fighting him. I don't understand that. Do the stones give the knights their magic, or are they born with these powers?

The main antagonist Rukifellth reminds me of my character Shadow because they are both friends with a protagonist (Shadow is my clone son) and get possessed by demons (who become final bosses with super forms).

One more similarity is the hero has an adorable partner helping him: Bomberman befriends Pommy (a cross between Kirby and Pikachu who helps him fight and can evolve into stronger forms). My partner is Duchess, a seven foot tall white anthropomorphic fox who is my girlfriend and guardian. Her powers are fire magic and psychic abilities.


I need to recommend this playlist to you if you have never played this game. I never heard of this great game until I looked up Bomberman 64 videos to watch. I enjoyed Yoshiller's commentary. I love it so much that I wish I played it in 2000 when I still did Nintendo 64 games. :)

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