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Mod Review on Jun 2nd, 2013 - 1 person agrees
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Quick and dirty pros/cons list;

+A pretty well told Deus Ex story, with your classic web of conspiracies and betrayals. There's a few odd discrepancies with established canon. Overall, though, it's very well executed and well written.
+Characters are interesting, if not particularly memorable.
+I'm not going all affirmative action on you here, but I really appreciate the main character being black. More games need that kind of diversity.
+Maps are beautifully well made and filled with plenty of secrets - enough to delight any explorer.
+Locations are classic Deus Ex stuff, with seedy nightclubs and illegal laboratories.
+New guns are interesting and well implemented.
+Difficulty isn't too challenging nor easy.
+Lot of interesting new elements and mission ideas.
+Music is absolutely amazing and perhaps my favorite aspect of this mod. If there's a soundtrack around somewhere, I'd love to download it.

-Mad Ingram's voice acting... is not that great. And that's being charitable. He sounds stilted and addicted to Valium - if you intend to make another release, or patch or whatever, consider getting someone else to voice act Ingram. Most of the VA work is pretty good, though.
-The maps, while beautiful and well constructed, are almost too large and too empty at times. Berlin and Hong Kong are the worst offenders here. It felt like you could have decreased the map size, or at least filled these locations out more adequately.
-Some of the story beats are muddied or not well fleshed out.
-I wasn't a huge fan at the attempts at humor in this mod - both the fourth wall breaking references to Deus Ex itself and the obnoxious ham sandwich jokes. It's not funny just because you keep referencing it.
-There is a frustrating amount of backtracking in this mod.
-There were a few bugs, but I'm not sure if this is the mod's fault or Deus Ex's.

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed it. Had a few obvious problems with some of the writing and voice acting, but yeah. Good work.

8 Review

Mod Review on Dec 9th, 2011 - 2 people agree
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Short, but sweet. Not very sophisticated, but good enough at eliciting that unsettling feeling you wanna capture in horror. The decision not to use the ol' suit and tie on... well, y'know, was well advised, I think.

This kinda demands an expansion of the concept, as I've yet to see the Slenderman Mythos committed to an actual game, even if it's just a mod. Amnesia is pretty much tailor-mad for it. Do some brain storming and come up with something longer. :)

8 Review

Mod Review on Sep 4th, 2011

A realistic and visceral mod that wrings out every tiny last hint of atmosphere it can out of the aging HL2 engine. Combat, while slightly repetitive, is always fun and doesn't take long to resolve. Besides the ending sequence, frustrations were few and far between.

The horror was extremely and disappointingly undercut by the horrendous and ear-splittingly annoying heavy metal that obnoxiously butts in whenever anything even remotely scary happens. Relatively moody atmosphere with such a thoroughly Russian, nihilistic feel? Check. Horrible, genuinely frightening looking abominations lurking around every corner? Also check. You really could have made this scary, and the one, big thing that keeps it from being that is the music. Keep the ambient tracks, remove everything by SLOT. They just drag down the atmosphere of this mod, to be brutally honest.

In the spirit of being fair, I'm still giving this an eight, although I'm more keen to give it a six or seven if only due to the god-awful soundtrack.

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