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Mod Review on Jan 12th, 2013 - 3 people agree 3 people don't

This mod is extremely unpleasant to play, and I mean that on multiple levels. It features brutal, unrelentingly repetitive gameplay which consists solely of being faced with hordes of enemies, hiding from those enemies in extremely bad cover, and shooting them in the face. Occasionally, your own rebel buddies will also be shot in the face. This is where the whole "mature storyline showing the effects of war" thing comes in, I guess. Many tears were shed over the demise of my poorly voice acted rebel buddies.

But the people around you aren't the only ones being shot in the face. You, too, will be shot in the face. It will happen a lot, probably five times per set piece, and you will begin to feel extremely angry. Before being shot in the face, your screen will begin to flicker a horrible, distracting shade of red and a horrible, distracting sound effect will blare in your ears, making it even easier for you to be shot in the face as you panic and scramble for cover which, as experience has proven, is practically worthless.

Between shooting people in the face and being shot yourself, you will putter around poorly lit corridors, flat, grey streets, and sewage canals where it is insanely difficult to move in a straight line an an infinite horde of rapidly shambling zombies will pursue you, often to the depths of Hell. These zombies are, by my scientific estimation, literally worse than Nazis. You will hate them as they continue to run towards you while you take cover from people intent on shooting you in the face.

It probably sounds like I hate this mod. To be honest, I liked the beginning section with the apartment raid. Before the mod started to get repetitive, it was an adrenaline rushing experience as people around you cry out, take cover, take poorly aimed shots at the enemy, and gunfire rings in a deafening crescendo all around you. It seemed closer to reality than the slog which awaited me.

But I digress. Don't waste your time with this one.

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