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metroid13 Nov 4 2014, 6:30pm says:

I'd say combat strength makes sense, though it'd be a decent enough reason to invest in Low Tech for a ranged weapons run. Still, gotta go with the augmentation here.

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metroid13 Apr 27 2014, 4:59pm says:

Is the AI supposed to be as dumb as a sack of bricks? I went on the first raid and the bandits just kept ambling around casually as I was shooting their buddies in the face.

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metroid13 Apr 14 2014, 7:58am replied:

Eh, it doesn't seem to change things much, but I appreciate the effort to help.

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metroid13 Apr 12 2014, 12:26am replied:
(As you can see on this last one, the top of the menu is actually cut off by the screen)

There you go.

Also, behavior by design or not, it's kinda annoying and I'd prefer it to be smaller! Hope this helps.

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metroid13 Apr 11 2014, 7:16pm replied:

I've had it checked since first install. Doesn't do anything.

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metroid13 Apr 10 2014, 10:30am replied:

Well, that fixed the weirdness, but the menus are still way too big to enjoy the game properly (the HUD also obscures like, half the screen during play. Not fun.) I'll wait for the next release.

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metroid13 Apr 8 2014, 12:36pm says:

Also, worth noting that my monitor's dimensions are 1600x900.

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metroid13 Apr 8 2014, 12:25pm says:

(Sorry, wasn't logged in!)

I'm having some menu scaling issues, but I think the biggest problem so far is that the "Challenges" tab (added by Biomod, I think) takes me to the game intro and then dumps me back in the main menu screen. Very bizarre, any idea why this is happening?

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metroid13 Jul 31 2013, 10:10pm says:

Liking it a lot so far - it pushes most of the right buttons in terms of atmosphere and difficulty.

What I don't like so far: there's a lot of superfluous items that're mostly vendor trash or offer negligible repair percentages. I literally found "Mein Kampf" as a pick-up - I don't mind, necessarily, but maybe cut down on a few of these random items, maybe? There's something to be said for streamlining.

Additionally, I'm gonna echo the complaints about the "NPC force field" effect that makes it difficult as -sin- to stab someone in the back. Since I went recon class, this is especially annoying and I'm shocked it made it past the testing phase (that along with the flashlight bug? C'mon.)

But I digress! Overall, really good job. It's polished as hell, which makes the aforementioned bugs all the more embarrassing, so fix 'em!

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metroid13 Jul 27 2013, 3:52pm replied:

I used pretty much all of 'em besides the French translation. I've got Shifter enabled, so yeah. And it occurs when I use the executable. (I sent an email regarding this, if you'd prefer not to clutter the comments section. Either way is fine, though.)

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metroid13 Jul 27 2013, 2:12pm says:

I can't seem to play this - I get an error saying "Can't find file for package: DXmod." Anyone have an idea on how to get past this?

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metroid13 Jul 27 2013, 12:04am says:

Ehhh. I'm not sure I agree with the look here. The original may have been bland, but it was all ruined and abandoned looking for a very specific reason - this looks sleek, modern and well used - kinda contradicts what the story tells you, imo.

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metroid13 May 31 2013, 4:53pm replied:

I just wanna add that I'm also having difficulty with the chopper - I've actually had a slew of errors come up while playing this mod, but I'll save those for my review.

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metroid13 May 9 2013, 12:51am says:

I kinda have to agree with the guy who spoke earlier in this thread. While it's obvious a whole lot of thought has been put into this, it's really almost... too much? Almost boring, I would say. Short and succinct descriptions work better, especially for artifacts, to preserve that degree of ineffability that should be part and parcel for living in the Zone. To explain it is to rob it of mystery, in my opinion.

This goes double for the more mundane items - I'm simply not gonna read it if it's a wall of text with technical stuff, and since I'm not the most scientifically inclined person I know I'm gonna be confused by all the new values for what items actually *do.* It's pretty alienating, actually. But yeah, even if it seems like you're dumbing stuff down, well, brevity is the soul of wit and all that.

If this could be an optional thing (you can opt in or out during installation, I mean) then I think that would be for the best.

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metroid13 Feb 17 2013, 9:20am says:

XD, what?!

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metroid13 Feb 7 2013, 11:50am says:

This has been said a bunch, but it'd be really cool and lore-friendly to Roadside Picnic if you guys included certain artifacts as a viable power source, like the Battery artifact. Maybe elecro-based artifacts (Sparkler, Flash, Moonlight) provide more than batteries, but are still limited (so you have to decide whether to sell such an artifact, or use it for power instead,) while the Battery is unlimited, but extremely rare?

And, as said, it'd probably be for the best if you had to take said artifact to a technician (maybe the Yanov ecologists?) so he could hook the artifact up to a power source which could double as a battery.

At any rate, I really like this idea, cause the thought of losing my mini-map on the PDA just sends chills up my spine...

+1 vote   media: Universal Power Device (UPD)
metroid13 Oct 2 2012, 10:34am says:

Great progress! Any chance for another demo? I really wanna see this in action, lol.

+2 votes   mod: Deus Ex: Revision
metroid13 Dec 30 2011, 8:19pm replied:

You don't read, do you?

(Edit: Wonderful mod, by the way, I'm anticipating this like hell.)

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metroid13 Dec 10 2011, 10:46am says:

You've already distinguished yourself from Lovecraft in an interesting way, with Newport, albeit probably not to the degree that you're hoping. I noticed that the "protagonist" is primarily spurned to do what he did not because he was necessarily "evil," or that he was foreign, or by knowledge, but by love. Lovecraft's protagonists were quite the ideologues, doing what they do for the sake of intellectual pursuit (villains and heroes alike fit this) or by a perceived duty to safeguard mankind from horrors unimaginable.

Personal emotion never came into it, as far as I could tell, except perhaps with the exception of "The Outsider," and even then the protagonist is motivated by simple loneliness and curiosity.

What I'm saying is that Gray's actions are somewhat more palatable and emotionally satisfying because they do not stem purely from the fact that he's been corrupted by evil forces. He simply misses his wife. In that respect, he's catapulted to top of Lovecraft-inspired characters I could easily identify with.

I'm sure Triptych will be just as enthralling, whether it owes its genesis primarily to Lovecraft or not. We all have our inspirations, and you could do much worse.

As for becoming your own writer... I would say you have a fair shot at getting into the game industry with these credentials, so I would give that a shot first. It's not like your writing would ever fall by the wayside - it should remain a passion you can draw on.

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metroid13 Dec 9 2011, 8:15pm says:

Ironic, then, that Lovecraft allowed so many of his stories to become bloated as he impressed on the reader just HOW unutterably horrifying something could be.

Not necessarily a critique on him, mind you, as I feel his purple prose is simply part of the experience. He's minimalist in the sense that he doesn't come right out and explain what the monster is --sometimes-- otherwise his typical style of wrigting is very overblown indeed. You've done well to to cherry pick the best elements and adapt them for the visual medium - I believe TWoN is proof positive of that.

I'm not disagreeing with anything you wrote up there save the implication that Lovecraft was in any way subtle. Subtle, I suppose, in the sense that he doesn't come right out and lay the motivations of his horrors out to the reader, but everything else is illuminated in exquisitely horrifying detail.

That's the beauty of his technique; he can tell you EVERYTHING there is to know about this thing, save what it actually is, cause goddamnit, that **** is just too maddening to even contemplate.

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metroid13 Aug 26 2011, 6:58pm replied:

Not at all. Destroying the boxes releases the protagonists emotions; the therapist gives you positive reinforcement, while at the same time this further drives in the wedge between James and Dylan.

On the flip side, if you refuse to open up, they stay together. Take from that what you will.

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metroid13 Aug 26 2011, 6:54pm replied:

We're all queer down here.

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metroid13 Aug 29 2010, 7:39pm says:

This is a terrible mod. If you like no story, fighting endless hordes of enemies in uninteresting locations and waiting through dozens of pointless cutscenes, you're in luck. This is for you.

Otherwise, avoid with extreme prejudice.

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metroid13 Jun 6 2010, 10:51am replied:

His soul? Gimme a break. Fantastic answer, by the way.

+1 vote   mod: Radiator
metroid13 May 16 2010, 11:07am says:


It looks like... *puts on sunglasses.*

No more room in development hell.

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metroid13 May 10 2010, 11:18am says:

This room reminds me strongly of a similar hallway from Penumbra: Black Plague.

+1 vote   media: Bunker maintenance area
metroid13 Apr 8 2010, 12:47pm says:

So, any news?

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metroid13 Feb 24 2010, 12:08pm says:

Eagerly looking forward to any updates or releases.

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metroid13 Feb 15 2010, 10:45am replied:

They are. I recognize them.

Maybe use your own material next time, hey?

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