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One of my friends has convinced me to create a new story, one not affliated directly with the Corruption. This doesn't mean I am quiting that story all together, I am mearly working on something else for the time being and I will return to it once I have finished this new one.

The Corruption- Bad Ending...

...Shadow then fired his pistol into Metal Overlord, the robot fell onto the ground with a loud clank. Shadow smiled, "It's over Fredrick!" The robot looked up to his attacker, "No, this is a new begining!" It activated a button on it's arm, a great white light then engulfed the universe. While others tried to stop it with the little time they had Shadow didn't. He stood there and realized what was about to happen, knowing that whatever fate, wether it be Heaven, hell or a new life, he knew it would be better than the path he had chosen. As the white light took him, he closed his eyes and thought of good memories...

Another bright and sunny day, a lone Fernian farmer tends to his readied wheat. With several slashes of his scythe the wheat falls to the ground. Unknowing to him an entire universe with all it's history and events had just been destroyed and his universe had taken it's place. Even though he knew of his parents death several years ago and his life so far, it had only exsisted for a few seconds. He then put his cut wheat into a cart with a horse, taking it to the mill. Whatever had happened before the great white light of change no longer exsisted, this new time and universe now took it's place, and as for the Fernian his adventure was about to begin....

And to all of you out there, I have a diviantart account, if you guys actually care,
The End...

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