I am a computer engineering/applied computer science student in his final year. My main focus is software design and implementation ('programming'), but I also have hobby-experience doing some Blender 3D modeling and level design for various games!

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Game Review on Apr 28th, 2012

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Fallout 2
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Game Review on Apr 28th, 2012

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Torque 3D
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Engine Review on Jan 4th, 2012

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Battlefield 3
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Game Review on Dec 15th, 2011 - 11 people agree 1 person doesn't

Playing BF3 with one or more friends. The gameplay of the Battlefield franchise has always been awesome.
The return of jets.

Playing BF3 with publics and no friends. Can get boring or frustrating because of the lack of teamwork, which is (almost) a must in this game.
The co-op missions are enjoyable, but they're short, kind of uninspired and there are only six of them.

The singleplayer component. I would rather play multiplayer against bots than play a generic singleplayer 'story' seen in most modern day shooters. It feels too much like the singleplayer of Call of Duty, to name a well-known example.
The browser-based server list. Being forced to install Origin in order to play the game is one thing, but have a brower-based server list made me angry. Every time you join a different server the game needs to restart, which is annoying. So is the fact that I need to keep my internetbrowser running in the background, which is a waste of resources (RAM).
Long loading times. Sometimes I have to wait 3-5 minutes before a new level is done loading. I'm not sure if it has to do with my NVIDIA graphics card, but I've heard ATI/AMD cards generally have faster loading times.

Titan: XCIX
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Mod Review on Oct 21st, 2011

While the gameplay itself isn't very innovative, interesting or challenging, the story and atmosphere make up for that. There are some nice 'easter eggs' as well as voice acting. The quality of the voice acting is.. variable. Some voices are done very well, others are less convincing. It still beats text-only though.

I could talk some more about it, but I think I'd have to include spoilers then, which I dislike. This mod isn't your average shooter, you should just give it a try and experience it yourself if you have the chance. Overall it feels like a polished, pretty high-quality mod. I'm looking forward to a/the sequel!

Portal 2
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Game Review on Oct 9th, 2011 - 1 person agrees

And here is another copy-paste of my Steam recommendation. I really should take the time to write decent reviews and replace these copy-pastes.

"Very enjoyable sequel. Although I've encountered a 'game breaking' bug (which was gone after restarting the game) the game feels very polished and of a high quality. The majority of the levels isn't too hard in singleplayer, but there are some hard levels in co-op, which by the way is a definite must play! Nothing more fun than thinking with portals x 2."

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Game Review on May 16th, 2011

Digitanks is an enjoyable turnbased strategy game. The 'traditional' strategy mode is quite slow paced, so it may not appeal to everyone, but I for one don't mind playing slow paced games.

I get the feeling that the units aren't balanced that well, although it could also be that I just need to learn how to use them effectively. There is some base building involved, but there are only a few different buildings, which in my opinion is a pro because it puts the focus on combat rather than turtling and building a huge base (although building a huge 'base'/supply network is necessary in order to get a nice and steady income of resources).

There is also an 'artillery' game mode. In this mode each player starts with the same amount of artillery units and the goal is to destroy the enemies before they destroy you! There is no base building involved and this mode is quite fast paced, so it's great for playing in a lunchbreak or something ;)

Anyway, I would say that this game is definitely worth the price and if you like turnbased strategy combat games I can really recommend Digitanks! (Also: it has deformable terrain.. and as I'm a sucker for dynamic terrain and such that's what makes this game extra awesome in my opinion! :P)

Civilization V
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Game Review on Mar 26th, 2011 - 3 people agree

This game is less "complex" than its predecessor, for example religion was removed, instead of getting civics through research there are seperate "policies" which will unlock by accumulating culture, and happiness is calculated on a national level instead of per city, which is something I personally don't like that much.

There are some other changes that I do like though. For example the 1 military unit per tile mechanic. No more stacks of doom and more tactical gameplay. Archers and other 'ranged units' that didn't have a real ranged attack before being able to truly do a ranged attack is also a plus.

Civ V is easier to learn than Civ 4 (which is the only other Civilization game I have played) because of its decreased complexity, while it still has the "one more turn!" addiction factor. I personally would have like to keep the more 'complex' features, but it is still a great game.

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Game Review on Mar 14th, 2010

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GoldenEye: Source
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Mod Review on Feb 21st, 2010

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