I am a versatile software developer, so my main focus is software design and implementation ('programming'). I do however also have hobby-experience doing some Blender 3D modeling and level design for various games!

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Q.U.B.E. has challenging and interesting puzzles and mechanics but the controls get frustrating at times. Between every 'command' is this incredibly annoying delay, which makes the controls feel unresponsive, makes timed puzzles a pain in the *** and makes little mistakes you make take way too long to undo. In my opinion of course.

There is no story which made me wonder who the f- I was and what I was doing in those puzzle rooms, and the game is relatively short. The puzzles themselves are very enjoyable though, as long as you don't have to time things right.


Mafia II

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I enjoyed playing this game. The combat feels nice and so do the cars. It is however a shame that there isn't really room for free-roaming. The player CAN free-roam after 'finishing' a mission, but there isn't really anthing to do. Maybe earning some extra money, but there isn't much interesting to buy with the extra money.

The story.. I have seen better stories. It isn't really bad, but it isn't good either. Because it's a totally linear game there is little replayability, the only reason would be to find all the collectibles (wanted posters, playboys). Oh and about the playboys: what were they thinking when they decided to put that in the game? I looked it up and playboy didn't even exist in those years. It also is completed unrelated to the game, besides being a collectable.

Anyway, a 7/10 because I enjoyed playing through the game and I didn't pay the full €50,- for it. If I had, I'd probably had given it a 6, because I wouldn't have felt it would've been worth the money.



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A nice platformer with physics puzzles and some nice originalities, but it felt a bit repetitive, the inventory items didn't add that much to the game and the last level was hell and nothing like the other levels.

Although I'm not a huge fan of platformers I enjoyed playing through this one. It didn't take me too long, but if it would have taken me longer I probably wouldn't have finished it. I give it a 7, but like I said: I'm not a huge fan of platformers, so I guess I'm slightly biased.. or something.


Crysis 2

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This game is nothing like the previous Crytek games at all. Much less freedom (smaller levels), an IMO crappy story (after finishing the campaign I still had the feeling I was playing the intro) and it lacks the "WOW!" factor FarCry and Crysis had.

The gameplay itself is decent though, so it isn't a bad game per se. It just didn't meet my expectations of a Crytek game. The AI/pathfinding also seems to be buggy at times and some badly placed invisible barriers and bugging scripts ruined the immersion at some points. Not in a unrepairable way, but it is a shame these things occured.

EDIT: (I know editing a review is bad but I totally forgot to mention this)
The multiplayer part of the game also doesn't work for me. First I had problems with my serial key, which is a bug acknowledged by Crytek. After finally being able to join servers after waiting about 5 - 10 minutes in some kind of loby, the connection would get lost every time right after I joined a server. Not working multiplayer with lame lobbies is not good. Especially when we're talking about a PC game.


Aliens vs. Predator

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Celestial Impact

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Random Quest

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