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Game Review on Aug 18th, 2014

If the game did not suffer from game breaking bugs I would have rated it 6/10. Unfortunately I was forces to load a previously saved game because the game stopped responding to input or I couldn't pick up a mission-critical item.

Other reasons why I gave Shadowrun Returns only a 5/10, even though I mostly enjoyed the playthrough:

- Lacking in depth. Class and race choice don't seem to matter. Very little use for skills of which the player can expect to open up alternative possibilities.

- Extremely linear game, both in dialogue and 'physical' routes. Alternative routes are offered only once in the whole game. To use them the player needs to have drones with him/her in the party, else he/she still has only one route to follow. Because of the linearity the game feels more like an interactive story instead of a game in which the player's actions have impact on the world.

- The levels, both indoor and outdoor, feel very empty. The NPCs are all static and there is no ambient sound.

- 'Hard' difficulty, on which I played the game, is not hard at all. I did not die once and actually never came really close.

I just started playing the Steam workshop entry 'Shadowrun Unlimited' and from what I have read this fixes quite a few of these problems. The mods may add (higher quality) replayability, so that's a pro for the game as user generated content platform.

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