This computer engineering/applied computer science student has: - Coding experience. I have been working with C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, TorqueScript, UnrealScript and Visual Basic. - Mapping experience. I have been playing around with: Hammer, CryEngine Sandbox, CryEngine 2 Sandbox 2, FarCry 2, The Elder Scrolls Construction Set, Fallout 3 G.E.C.K., UDK, Torque 3D Engine, Unity. I don't recall ever fully completing a map though. I also enjoy making small ArmA II and III missions for private (co-op) use. - Blender experience. I can make meshes and I have a basic understanding of animation.

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Metalspy May 19 2012, 6:52pm says:

I can't seem to get it to work anymore. I've tried starting the game on both my desktop and my notebook and the only thing happening is the 'splashscreen' with the anvil (if I remember correctly) displaying.

+2 votes     article: Survivors of Ragnarök - 17
Metalspy May 16 2012, 3:16am says:

What is the difference betweeen 'normal' indie and 'self-indie'? I've never seen anyone use that before. Cool stuff I guess though.

+5 votes     article: Project CryZone loses the status of "modification"
Metalspy May 12 2012, 1:27pm says:

What the, that logo. At first I just read it as "Mindworld". Only after about 5 seconds I realized it wasn't written in the usual way, which made quite an impact for some reason (felt more like a.. mindfuck ;)). Good job, I like it :)

+6 votes     article: Mindworld: Shattered Dreams News #22
Metalspy May 7 2012, 3:14am replied:

Ah right, I assume you mean an 'external'/standalone tool? I didn't think of that lol.

+1 vote     article: On the reanimated dead...
Metalspy May 2 2012, 6:21pm says:

This looks amazing, I love the artstyle/models :) Too bad it is another facebook/twitter/social networking contest though.

+1 vote     article: Tower Wars News and Giveaway!
Metalspy May 2 2012, 8:34am says:

Noes, the hand-drawn sprites looked way more awesome in my opinion! When seen from a developer's perspective it does make sense though.

How does this new animation system work though? You say "pre-rendered 3D models that are consequently rendered into sprites.", but in the video you mention being able to change the 'skin' (which is, I assume, technically the texture of the 3d model). If you can retexture the model, don't you have to re-render everything? Or do you guys have a clever technique that replaces the texture on the renders? :D Or am I just misunderstanding something..

+8 votes     article: On the reanimated dead...
Metalspy Apr 23 2012, 6:22pm replied:

I agree about The Witcher, the repetitive running around kind of ruined the game.

Anyway... this quest/dialog system sure is interesting. You guys keep coming up with all these cool concepts, it's making me kind of jealous :( (That's a good thing.. it's my attempt at writing a compliment :P)

+1 vote     article: How Kevin Bacon Helped Make Malevolence
Metalspy Apr 22 2012, 8:18am says:

I could feel and smell a nice warm day in summer... great sounds. And the environment looks great, too.

+2 votes     article: So, where are these "sounds" you keep talking about?
Metalspy Apr 22 2012, 6:51am says:

Dear god why do you start every word with a capital letter? It makes things pretty much illegible.

+3 votes     article: The Story Of Steph'nie Part 3
Metalspy Apr 17 2012, 6:50pm says:

Ah this looks more like the Crysis I loved ;) After Crysis 2 I said I wouldn't buy Crysis 3 (if it would be developed), but after seeing these screenshots I think I'll have to change my mind... :D

+3 votes     article: Crysis 3 announcement
Metalspy Apr 17 2012, 3:31pm replied:

Ahh sounds like a cool little project then :) IR LED's aren't that expensive (maybe relatively to normal LED's they are, but they're still cheap :P), assuming small ones will do. I'm not sure what you think is a decent price though? ... Wait I'm now realizing that you probably won't need normal IR LED's if it's supposed to project something >.< Anyway, I think I may have found a new use for my old, dust-gathering webcam :D

+1 vote     article: Not 3D related though awesomeish..
Metalspy Apr 17 2012, 9:35am replied:

Aww I thought I made it challenging enough. Perhaps I will adjust the difficulty with the release of DLC.

+1 vote     media: Level Up: The Game
Metalspy Apr 16 2012, 3:20am replied:

Dat Metalspy.

+1 vote     member: Oxyxix
Metalspy Apr 14 2012, 8:49pm says:

Ah yes, I actually wanted to ask you guys what you thought of LoG now that it was released, but then I figured other people probably already asked that and I waited for your next newspost as I expected some kind of reply.. and here it is ;) It sure looks interesting, but I still prefer MSOA. I guess you could say I'm some kind of fanboy? >.<

+2 votes     article: Two Pints Please!
Metalspy Apr 14 2012, 6:33pm says:

Video or it didn't happen :( Was it difficult to make this work, or was the 'tweaking' just a matter of changing software settings of a certain program?

+1 vote     article: Not 3D related though awesomeish..
Metalspy Apr 13 2012, 9:03pm replied:

There will be no open beta. You can however pre-order the game for $29.50 (that's a $0.50 discount!) at

+2 votes     media: Level Up: The Game
Metalspy Apr 13 2012, 6:14pm says:

Dat Oxyxix.

+1 vote     member: Oxyxix
Metalspy Apr 11 2012, 7:15pm says:

And this is in the Curly bracket programming group... why?

+1 vote     article: February Update! We're almost Half Done! And More Pictures!
Metalspy Apr 11 2012, 9:03am says:

Oh look, you've got your own game!

0 votes     member: Drown_
Metalspy Apr 5 2012, 7:48pm says:

Damn I can't wait for this update. I've been waiting way too long Q_Q ;)

0 votes     article: Something wicked this way comes...
Metalspy Apr 2 2012, 9:57am replied:

True, but it feels like I've been waiting for this games for yeaaarrrrsss (I probably have?) and I'm not sure at what 'completion percentage' they are at the moment. Ah well, I'm still loving the game don't get me wrong :P

-2 votes     article: New Overgrowth a174 video devlog
Metalspy Apr 2 2012, 4:44am says:

While this looks amazing as usual, I'm getting more and more worried that this game will never see a release :/ I will wait patiently though, I know that games aren't made in a day or two and at least you guys keep us updated :) (Maybe I just get the feeling of 'no release' because of the way you post such devlogs. They are always in the same style so they don't have the "big-" and "small update" feel.)

-2 votes     article: New Overgrowth a174 video devlog
Metalspy Mar 31 2012, 4:49pm replied:

I sure as hell hope so.

+2 votes     article: [Project Brazil] New Start & Character Highlight
Metalspy Mar 30 2012, 11:22am replied:

I did not miss your point, it's just that I usually laugh at people that call themselves "gamer" only because they play a game every now and then. I gave you an objective answer ;)

+3 votes     article: Had It Up To Here | Massive Update, Massive Announcement | MODDB-ers READ
Metalspy Mar 29 2012, 7:15am replied:

I wish you hadn't mentioned that, now it cannot be unseen :(

+1 vote     media: My Giants Comics: #1 Oiiiiiiiiiii!
Metalspy Mar 26 2012, 6:25am says:

That looks great, but you should really turn down the bloom... :D Alright alright I know that's a lame joke now :(

+1 vote     article: Boy, do we have goodies for you!
Metalspy Mar 22 2012, 6:34am says:

"Why do you people call yourselves gamers when you are allowing this to happen?" Because they play games.

Nice writing. It didn't make me care any more though. I guess I'm becoming too old for rebellion against something that doesn't really matter in the end.

+5 votes     article: Had It Up To Here | Massive Update, Massive Announcement | MODDB-ers READ
Metalspy Mar 21 2012, 9:04pm says:

I've been seeing some very nice projects on Unity lately (this one for example). I think I will give the engine a try again, now that I have more experience with game engines.

+1 vote     article: 3D Tileset Building Tech Demo Released!
Metalspy Mar 21 2012, 8:26am says:

Too much bloom!!!

+3 votes     article: What on Earth are we up to?
Metalspy Mar 20 2012, 7:06pm replied:

Nah I don't mind sharing the link :P I'll post it everywhere I can (and where it's appropriate).

+2 votes     article: A Call to Arms!
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