I am a computer engineering/applied computer science student in his final year. My main focus is software design and implementation ('programming'), but I also have hobby-experience doing some Blender 3D modeling and level design for various games!

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Metalspy Dec 18 2014, 5:00pm says:

Great stuff! I did expect something like this to be in the vanilla game to be honest, awesome to see you have build such a system in your mod!

+1 vote   article: Devblog, Episode 2: Crafting and Housing
Metalspy Aug 23 2014, 12:55pm replied:

Or a graffiti artist that didn't like his tag being hidden!

+1 vote   media: Tried wheatpasting..
Metalspy Aug 22 2014, 8:11pm replied:

And/or any indie-team's wallet's nightmare ;)

+1 vote   article: Dev Blog #17: Traction Wars in Motion
Metalspy Jul 21 2014, 6:27pm says:

Ohhooo, the last post was in September 2012? Time flies! Very interested in the announcement, hopefully it's some 'good' news!

+1 vote   media: We're still alive
Metalspy May 17 2014, 2:35pm replied:

I like the one you linked a lot! But perhaps it's a bit too dark. On the other hand, it fits the atmosphere even better!

+1 vote   media: Mine shields - 0.9.3 preview
Metalspy Mar 6 2014, 7:52pm says:

Space soccer! That is a pretty awesome idea! :D

+1 vote   article: Update 01.020.005
Metalspy Feb 17 2014, 1:11pm replied:

Aww that smiley makes it sound so wrong nonetheless :(

+2 votes   article: An update long overdue!
Metalspy Feb 14 2014, 4:15pm says:

This is a whole lot of 'yes!' :)

+1 vote   article: The fourth week of development! *
Metalspy Feb 13 2014, 1:58pm says:

Oh my, that trailer and (especially) the sheep got me insta-hyped! Well, kind of. Let's say.. interested in the game :)

+2 votes   article: An update long overdue!
Metalspy Feb 4 2014, 11:36am says:

Ahw look at that cute, first-attempt-at-ship-building, green little ship! ;)
I was wondering, what is the 'deadline' for the trailer? I have some cool designs in mind, but I don't have a lot of time to do anything non-study related at the moment :/

+2 votes   media: Awesome Ships!
Metalspy Jan 9 2014, 1:37pm says:

Backflip stabs, that must be a first! Very lots of cool.

+2 votes   article: Video Update : Plasma Blade
Metalspy Jan 5 2014, 8:34am says:

"Trident Firearms", is that just a name to make the render look more interesting? Or are these weapons for a mod/game?

+1 vote   media: IM - DCO-18 Light Machine Gun
Metalspy Dec 21 2013, 7:32am says:

I am not sure what I am looking at, why I am looking at it and even when I am looking at it, but this sure looks fun :P
Edit: I love your art style :)

+2 votes   media: telegloop
Metalspy Dec 13 2013, 5:07pm replied:


+1 vote   article: Greenlit!
Metalspy Nov 29 2013, 7:54pm says:

>3000 lines of code for the AI? That's quite a lot.. o_0

+1 vote   media: Work on the Campaign
Metalspy Sep 20 2013, 4:27pm says:

Wait, so all your hard work has been for nothing? :(

+1 vote   article: evolution is dead long live nodu
Metalspy Sep 8 2013, 8:16am says:

Looks pretty!

+1 vote   media: foliage test
Metalspy Aug 22 2013, 3:47pm replied:

Ahh, alright. I considered signing up for the International Game Architecture and Design bachelor at NHTV, Breda. I ultimately chose not too, in favor of Computer Science. Is the (your) course any good? :P

+3 votes   article: Story about myself and development of Unlock
Metalspy Aug 22 2013, 3:23pm says:

Where are you following the Game Design & Development course if I may ask?

Anyway, I'm not really sure what this game is going to be about (yet), but it might be something interesting if you got a 9.8! I don't get what Java has to do with Unity though?

+4 votes   article: Story about myself and development of Unlock
Metalspy Jun 24 2013, 7:10pm says:

The WASD on the tiles/pieces in the video means that you have to move the tile with those keys? It's not (yet) possible to simply use the mouse? Because I think mouse support would be a lot more user-friendly.

+2 votes   article: Video Update : Level Editor
Metalspy May 22 2013, 3:06pm says:

The sound of the doors gets a bit repetitive because it seems to be the same sound for every door, but I like the overall atmosphere. It's a bit claustrophodic and being in similar rooms all the time made me feel uncomfortable (which is a good thing) :P

+1 vote   media: Alpha Gameplay
Metalspy May 20 2013, 1:28pm says:

Looks creepy. Creepy is good :)

+3 votes   media: Ceremony
Metalspy May 10 2013, 6:28am says:

I can't believe you're still working on this mod with such dedication. Amazing!

+1 vote   article: Changelog (very outdated)
Metalspy May 9 2013, 8:51am says:

Might be an intersting little game you've got there! I loved Cube and I love the somewhat more creative games such as this one, so I will be tracking this game. You better not stop developing this! ;)

+1 vote   article: Development Update #1
Metalspy Mar 3 2013, 8:09am says:

Shaderless gameplay option.. does that mean my laptop with integrated Intel graphics crap will be able to run this game? I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but one can always hope... I would love to let the people at uni experience this game :P (I couldn't convince them to downlod the demo..)

+1 vote   article: Update 2-Mar-2013 - What are we doing?
Metalspy Jan 26 2013, 10:56am says:

Thanks for sharing this video! :) I had no idea you are actually a professional animator :o

+1 vote   article: A Quickie
Metalspy Dec 15 2012, 6:04am says:

Your teacher better likes simplicity in design! No need for fancypancy useless design features on a freaking bottle :P

+2 votes   media: SolidWorks Homework 2
Metalspy Dec 9 2012, 8:22pm says:

"Official" pre-orders, finally! :D

+1 vote   article: Making the Big Step
Metalspy Nov 7 2012, 8:02am replied:

Well that sounds interesting, not sure if we have something like that here. What aspects of 'Informatik' do you learn about? Since it's a very broad area :P

+1 vote   media: College Stuff - 3D Cup
Metalspy Aug 12 2012, 3:43pm replied:

But Kevin Bacon already is in the game :O Well, kind of.

+1 vote   article: Making Kevin
Metalspy Jul 23 2012, 9:22pm replied:

Well good job then, I'm loving it.

+1 vote   media: New meshes and textures for Imperial Weapons
Metalspy Jul 21 2012, 7:22pm says:

Is that a custom textures? :O Looks like it comes straight from Skyrim. Very nice.

+1 vote   media: New meshes and textures for Imperial Weapons
Metalspy Apr 17 2012, 9:35am replied:

Aww I thought I made it challenging enough. Perhaps I will adjust the difficulty with the release of DLC.

+1 vote   media: Level Up: The Game
Metalspy Mar 21 2012, 8:26am says:

Too much bloom!!!

+3 votes   article: What on Earth are we up to?
Metalspy Mar 16 2012, 5:15am says:

Mass Effect 3 herp derp. Just kidding :P It's just that everyone was hyping while I felt it wouldn't be as awesome as the first (or first 2) games. Turned out I was right. Is it still worth buying, or should I wait for the price to drop?

+2 votes   article: Skyrim
Metalspy Feb 26 2012, 7:26am replied:

Or maybe they/some of the teammembers get hired by Crytek if this turns out to be really impressive. Which of course would be awesome.

+2 votes   article: News on Sapience
Metalspy Feb 8 2012, 6:37pm replied:

What exactly are the differences? I've been messing around with the Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas editors (not for too long though) and I haven't noticed too many differences with this one yet.

+5 votes   article: The Creation Kit has been Released
Metalspy Feb 6 2012, 5:57pm says:

I love the presentation on that 'pedestal' (I don't know what it's called :P).

Oh, and of course the model looks amazing, too!

+5 votes   media: Playable Gastornis Bird
Metalspy Jan 24 2012, 9:05am replied:

Ah yes, that makes perfect sense. Sometimes I forget you can also.. play.. your own games instead of just developing them. In a 'handmade' mod/level/game I usually aren't that interested in playing anymore after weeks and weeks of development and testing, but with procedurally generated content the game can still hold surprises for the developer. Another advantage of ProcGen games! I think my next project will be a procedurally generated game ;)

+3 votes   article: A Halfway Point Retrospective
Metalspy Jan 24 2012, 3:28am says:

Nice article :) One question though: "I've learned that I'll be super glad when it's over." - Why is that? I can imagine a big commercial project isn't that much fun to work on after a while, but this is your ideal game, like you wrote yourself. I would personally hate to stop working on my 'ideal game', because I never have the feeling something is REALLY done.. (Oh perfectionism you so silly)

+4 votes   article: A Halfway Point Retrospective
Metalspy Dec 19 2011, 2:56pm says:

Wait what.. how did I miss that this was going to be open source? Awesome. No cheating for me though, haven't used cheats for about 9 - 10 years unless I was testing something.

+2 votes   article: Lava Below, Trails Above
Metalspy Dec 12 2011, 10:33am says:

"Project Zomboid, Towns, Minecraft, or McPixel"

I (also) voted for SoR :/ Please forgive me.

+1 vote   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Who The Hell Do You Think We Are!?
Metalspy Dec 10 2011, 4:31pm says:

Seeing a sign of life makes me cry tears of joy. Well, almost.

+1 vote   article: Chapter One still under Construction
Metalspy Dec 2 2011, 1:57pm replied:

Yeah that's what I thought, but I've heard and read that they would use a brand new engine. Maybe I just misunderstood.

+3 votes   article: Creation Kit Coming in January 2012
Metalspy Dec 2 2011, 3:04am replied:

Aww Skyrim still uses .nif? I thought I read somewhere that the new engine (which by the way doesn't feel/look like it's THAT new) would get rid of the .nifs.

+1 vote   article: Creation Kit Coming in January 2012
Metalspy Dec 1 2011, 10:54am replied:

Well it did work after a few refreshes and retries, so I already have the album. It just took some time and patience.

+1 vote   article: Mindworld: Content Update November 2011
Metalspy Nov 30 2011, 12:04pm says:

Thanks for the soundtrack reminder, nearly forgot about it. The shop system is buggy for me though, the flash thingie keeps loading sometimes. Happened before with this very same system. Maybe you could switch to something else in the future, maybe.. not. It's your choice ;)

+1 vote   article: Mindworld: Content Update November 2011
Metalspy Nov 5 2011, 6:05am replied:

Like someone commented at a previous version/download of this program: it's very useful if it also lists custom blocks from mods.

+1 vote   download: MineIds Stably
Metalspy Nov 4 2011, 8:39pm replied:

As far as I know a polygon != a triangle. Displaying a face means displaying only one polygon, because a polygon can be >= 3 edges. Not that it matters for the rest of your story, considering that polygons are broken down to triangles for rendering anyway.

+2 votes   game: Voxatron
Metalspy Nov 3 2011, 8:19am says:

This looks better, yes. There, my opinion! :P

+6 votes   media: Updated Textures, New Infected Model
Metalspy Nov 3 2011, 8:17am replied:

I agree, although I don't mind too much blood. It's just that it feels a little off, they are covered in blood while the interior is clean.

+2 votes   media: Updated Textures, New Infected Model
Metalspy Oct 18 2011, 8:01pm says:

"I am debating whether or not to allow small missiles to be loaded into medium/large launchers, you should give me feedback on that."

I think medium/large launchers shouldn't be able to launch small missiles. I like having to choose my weapons wisely ;)

+1 vote   article: Missiles, Targeting, Etc
Metalspy Oct 12 2011, 11:23am says:

For me it's kind of a combination of the three options. Sometimes I search for mods for games I own, of course. But I found most of the epic mods I've played so far through frontpage news, mods I otherwise probably wouldn't have noticed. Some of these frontpage mods made me buy a game only to play the mod, but I didn't exactly search for those mods.

+7 votes   poll: How do you find mods to play?
Metalspy Sep 28 2011, 4:58pm says:

Hmm, this isn't really a bundle right? Or am I missing something?

Anyway, buy this game. It's awesome.

+9 votes   article: Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle!
Metalspy Sep 8 2011, 5:41am says:

Playing Project Zomboid in Java class FTW!

+1 vote   member: Berzerak
Metalspy Aug 6 2011, 4:12pm says:

Yup the 0 key, because that apparently works best.

+1 vote   article: Mind Control in The Mutant Factor
Metalspy Aug 1 2011, 11:58am replied:

Lol indeed, I don't think you can even call those armors you're refering to 'armor'.

+3 votes   media: Dress like Them
Metalspy Jul 30 2011, 9:52am says:

"I've definitely passed through a solid phase of addiction to Cogs, but I've never really thought about the underlying principles that make the game so fun."

A game developer that doesn't think about the things that make a game fun? I thought that came with being a game developer :P I know that I think about the things that make a game fun (or boring) every time I play a game.

I'll try this game soon, I've already downloaded all the HIB3 games but I have yet to play them.

+1 vote   article: Cogs Design Tour
Metalspy Jul 28 2011, 10:54am replied:

Oh yes I remember something about that paying extra after buying thing from the previous HIB I think (if they already had it back then). I guess that changes things a little ^^

+4 votes   article: Humble Indie Bundle 3
Metalspy Jul 28 2011, 7:57am replied:

Yup, that's why I've paid quite some amount of money for both bundles, but I I dont have that amount of money for this one anymore :( I can't stand paying, say, only 10 euros for these games so no Humble Indie Bundle 3 for me.

+3 votes   article: Humble Indie Bundle 3
Metalspy Jul 24 2011, 3:26pm replied:

I was about to suggest the same when I was reading your first comment.

+2 votes   media: The Brig
Metalspy Jul 23 2011, 10:03am says:

The link to the VFS wiki page doesn't work, it has a "moddb" part in it which shouldn't be there I think. Anyway, if I've understood this article correctly this system is very nice and useful. I am wondering though: what are the cons of this concept? I mean, there must be some right? Nothing is perfect.

+1 vote   article: Clever Patching with VFS Magic
Metalspy Jul 22 2011, 9:14am replied:

Hmm true true.. wow this indie thing is actually quite complicated if you really want to go by the/a definition. I think one of my points still stands though, being that there are far less actually independent developers than people think. Anyway, I don't really know what to reply, other than "thanks for the explanation", it's always nice to learn something new. Being an independent developer isn't as 'black and white' as I always had in mind and as the original definition suggests, which I should've thought of myself of course because almost nothing is ever that simple.

+2 votes   article: Indie games - The meaning of "Indie"
Metalspy Jul 20 2011, 10:50am replied:

The spikes are at the side where there won't be any fingers.. unless someone tries to shoot himself.

+4 votes   media: C24 Thor
Metalspy Jul 19 2011, 8:19am replied:

Hmm I thought Blizzard developed their games themselves? I was mainly talking about Blizzard, but since Activision and Blizzard merged I had to call it Activision/BLizzard.

I still suppose you're right, but I just can't stand the 'indie-trend' and the fact that some people think they're cool just because they support 'indie games', no matter if the game is good or bad. And I like to stick with original definitions when it comes to language. (Imagine keeping the same definitions of variables in code..) So yeah this blog entry was also kind of to vent my frustration ;)

Anyway, thanks for your comment, much appreciated. I did not know about that law in the US, which is a really ridiculous one in my opinion. And by the way, now, that I think about it, if you're saying share-holders make a studio dependent I'd go as far as saying there are no indie studios at all, because in the end they are all dependent on gamers ;) Without gamers there would be no point in developing games.

+2 votes   article: Indie games - The meaning of "Indie"
Metalspy Jul 18 2011, 10:37am replied:

That's why there are high-end graphics cards on the market ;) Of course I udnerstand that not everyone can or wants to spend that much money on a graphics card. But yeah, AO is great, I love how it generally adds a lot to scenes.

0 votes   article: [w]tech - Antialiasing and Ambient Occlusion
Metalspy Jul 16 2011, 4:03pm replied:

Haha yeah it's pretty funny. Of course this is the way I see it, there are probably people that have arguments which imply Activision/Blizzard isn't indie, but as far as I know it really is indie if you look at the definition.

+2 votes   article: Indie games - The meaning of "Indie"
Metalspy Jul 13 2011, 9:01am says:

Amazing. At first glance it just looked like the same picture but a bit darker/with different lighting, but when taking a closer look (and reading the description) I, you know, can see what you did there :P I'm impressed.

+3 votes   media: Photo Retouching
Metalspy Jul 12 2011, 10:17am says:

Starcraft (I & II) are awesome if you haven't played those games yet ;) I think SC2 is a bit too heavy graphics-wise for your PC though, but SC1 is a very nice game as well. (2D graphics :D)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old republic is in my opinion one of the best RPGs I have played. It's old, but still great. It should probably run on your PC. Also, Dragon Age: Origins! :D But yeah, I'm not sure what will and what won't run on your PC and I don't know which games you have played already either, so it's still hard to recommend ;)

Oh, and Frozen Synapse is a nice game as well. Turnbased tactical stuff, you may or may not have heard of it here on this site, but you should definitely check it out. (I believe there will be a demo soon)

+2 votes   article: i need you
Metalspy Jun 21 2011, 3:19pm says:

I think these videos are a nice addition to my daily modDB visits, and although I don't care for most of the mods in these videos it's still nice to see mods/works of art I would usually not see because I just skip over them.

Oh, and I think you are pretty hard to hear in this video, mainly because of the way you pronounce things. Kind of 'sloppy' I'd say, no offense. Just give my opinion/'advice'.

+1 vote   article: Modinformer Mod News Round-Up: June 12th-18th
Metalspy Jun 18 2011, 11:47am says:

"For the less intelligent: Three Days Grace is a band", please explain how not knowing what it is has anything to do with intelligence?

+1 vote   media: My Bass Guitar.
Metalspy Jun 16 2011, 5:14am says:

Now if there were some not-laggy and not-high ping servers I'd be actually able to check this out :( I guess I'll just have to way for the full game.

+1 vote   article: NS2 Build 179 Released
Metalspy Jun 7 2011, 7:59am replied:

Awww here I was thinking I had found a great combo :( But that's the price we have to pay for being able to play awesome mods: complications when running multiple mods together, or just running one mod only.

0 votes   article: Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul Video
Metalspy May 30 2011, 2:44pm replied:

Untextured? There is even text on the weapon.. I wouldn't call that untextured >.<

+1 vote   media: grenade launcher and auto gun
Metalspy May 30 2011, 7:35am says:

Dude. MY jaw dropped.

+1 vote   article: Small Package, Big Thing
Metalspy May 26 2011, 6:09am replied:

I believe so, too D:

+8 votes   article: Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Metalspy May 25 2011, 10:07pm says:

Lol interesting.. will it still have a flamethrower (fire breath) as well? :D

Also, the gun looks as if it has a huge amount of polygons, probably because you used quite 'detailed' cilinders for the barrels. If you are going to use this in a game, and if it are indeed as much polygons as it looks like, then you might want to use cilinders with less polygons.

+1 vote   media: Stuff im working on
Metalspy May 25 2011, 8:42pm says:

A tripod with only one 'leg' isn't a TRIpod, is it? :D

-4 votes   article: Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Metalspy May 15 2011, 7:00pm says:

I saw this trailer via the Steam group today and it's very well done indeed. I'm really excited to see this game getting very close to its release and I will show the trailer to all my friends, maybe it will finally convince them to buy the game, despite their previous disinterest ;)

Can't wait to finally play the gold version! And of course good luck with the release, like Darthlex said already.

+3 votes   article: Frozen Synapse Launch Trailer Revealed!
Metalspy May 11 2011, 7:35pm says:

I always trip out when I try to actually SEE how quad..quadrupeds? 4-legged creatures walk :P Trying to follow the actions of 4 legs at the same time doesn't work with only 2 eyes :(

+1 vote   media: Showreel
Metalspy May 8 2011, 9:34am replied:

Or by magic :D

+3 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Dwarves May Not Have Moms But We Do
Metalspy May 5 2011, 8:08am replied:

Ehm, wait, I can't find where to download the game o_0 Help?

+1 vote   article: Frozen Synapse Single Player Campaign Released! 30% off the pre-order!
Metalspy May 5 2011, 7:47am says:

Ahh well I'll give this a try :) I was actually waiting with playing until the game went gold and all that, but this is just too tempting! Plus I might even be helpful by reporting bugs etc.

+1 vote   article: Frozen Synapse Single Player Campaign Released! 30% off the pre-order!
Metalspy Apr 15 2011, 10:15am replied:

Ahh, great way to improve our relationship ;)
But yeah I guess you have a point, although I don't see the point of using facebook and twitter for the people here at ModDB if they are tracking you already anyway.

Anyway, good luck getting your followers or whatever they are called :P

+2 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - It's Not You, It's Me
Metalspy Apr 15 2011, 3:18am says:

*Whinemode* Yay another contest that requires twitter or facebook. How I love social networking. *Whinemode*
Sorry, just had to say it because it makes me sad that I can't participate in contests because of my lack of social networking interests D: :P

+7 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - It's Not You, It's Me
Metalspy Mar 17 2011, 6:27am says:

13 and retired already?.. >.<

+1 vote   member: nnewm2
Metalspy Feb 20 2011, 6:40pm replied:

That was what I was hoping for and the art and screenshots gave me that impression. I didn't want to call it 'modern warfare' because that's such an overused description these days haha :P I'll be tracking this!

+1 vote   article: Project Warfare Announce
Metalspy Feb 20 2011, 5:06am says:

Looks nice. Is this going to be a bit more 'realistic', less sci-fi, than SC2? I love the concept art :D

+1 vote   article: Project Warfare Announce
Metalspy Feb 16 2011, 5:54am says:

A good read indeed :) And good to see that you're working on the icons, it really needed some work IMO :P

+1 vote   article: 12 Business Tips for Indie Games Developers + A Quick Update
Metalspy Feb 8 2011, 11:06am says:

You are right about the puzzles in Amnesia. It also has a name when players experience the puzzles as you decribe: bad game/level design. However, because you are limited to the default assets it is pretty difficult to improve this in your own levels, which is a shame! Making the game/mod a bit more 'open world'-like could probably help making 'puzzles' less obvious forced exploration... expeditions(? :P) but it would be at the expense of story-telling controlability.

+1 vote   article: New Screenshots and Update
Metalspy Feb 4 2011, 2:31am says:

Sequel to Limbo of the Lost Souls? ;)

+1 vote   article: The Lost Souls - HORROR GAME - Final Stages, 95%
Metalspy Jan 20 2011, 4:14am says:

Hmm what is the name of the character on your avatar again? I do remember him/her/it being awesome :D

+1 vote   member: princess25
Metalspy Jan 8 2011, 6:15pm replied:

You're welcome, although you are the one that is doing most of the work of course.

If you're looking for more critique/advice in the future, just post a comment on my profile or shoot me a PM. I'm not a pro or anything but I'm always willing to help people if I'm able to do so.

+2 votes   media: WIP
Metalspy Jan 6 2011, 6:11am replied:

A tattoo of the logo indeed sounds like a bad idea. Obviously it's your (Kamikazi's) own choice, just make sure you realize a tattoo is for life.

+2 votes   article: New Update Live & Desura!
Metalspy Sep 4 2010, 5:01am replied:

Lol I thought it was a textured 3D model before I read the description.

Also, that's some nice graffiti, considering it is the first you've ever done. I tried doing some cool graffiti pieces ('in real life'), but they sucked :(

+1 vote   media: Wall Practice
Metalspy May 31 2010, 4:26pm replied:


+2 votes   article: Back on ModDB.com
Metalspy May 27 2010, 5:17am says:

Paths need to be rebuilt! xD
The first part kinda reminds me of Mortal Engines (by Philip Reeve).

+1 vote   media: All In A Day's Work - Test Build 03 Trailer
Metalspy May 20 2010, 7:36am replied:

So.. because he did not play UT, he is stupid? Riiight.

+1 vote   article: Elementary School Warfare Update
Metalspy May 18 2010, 3:30pm replied:

Ah I see, would've been cool I think, but 'full 3D' is nice of course nice as well. It's good to hear you've found a modeler, most of the time it's better to have a dedicated modeler (or a composer or a texturer etc.) instead of doing every aspect of a game by yourself.

+1 vote   article: Darkness - An Introduction
Metalspy May 18 2010, 12:38pm replied:

Hehe alright, looked awesome that way IMO, but I'm kind of a dreads-fan lol. Probably never gonna take them myself though, I'll just keep my classic long rocker/metal-head hair (or whatever you want to call it) xD

+1 vote   member: Dreads.maggs
Metalspy May 18 2010, 7:17am says:

With 'paper look', do you literally mean the paper look as used in And Yet It Moves? Or are those images actual screenshots and is that the look you're going for (with?)?

Anyway.. tracking.

+1 vote   article: Darkness - An Introduction
Metalspy May 16 2010, 7:11am says:

Dude is that you as your avatar? :O

+1 vote   member: Dreads.maggs
Metalspy Apr 20 2010, 4:30pm says:

It's a player.. something! Right?

+2 votes   media: Blueprints
Metalspy Apr 12 2010, 1:52pm says:

I'm not sure if I understand "Pre-order the ultimate tactical game and get immediate beta access, as well as a FREE copy for a friend..." correctly. A free beta-copy for a friend? Or a free 'gold' copy? o__0 Which sounds too good to be true, so it's probably just the beta?

+1 vote   article: Announcement: Frozen Synapse Pre-orders Open April 19th!
Metalspy Mar 31 2010, 1:12pm replied:

My my, can't you see what that is? :O
It's a Redskin CyroCraptor! Wait, what?

+2 votes   media: Nehrim is one year older
Metalspy Mar 10 2010, 4:15pm says:

Hmm that sounds interesting.. are the enemies going to actively defend the boxes, or just 'randomly' run around just to kill you as fast as possible?

+1 vote   media: Quick grab of the puzzle mode
Metalspy Feb 26 2010, 5:52am says:

Hehe I love how there is humour in all your vids, even in these explanation/showcase (or whatever it's called) videos.

+1 vote   media: Hotspot Editing In Overgrowth
Metalspy Feb 25 2010, 5:54pm says:

Is this similar to one of those new CryEngine 3 features?
If so.. w00t! Very nice.

+1 vote   media: Live Texture And Shader Updating In Overgrowth
Metalspy Feb 18 2010, 7:04pm replied:

Ehm, isn't this 3D?
I mean, this is a 3D model, there is a poly/tri/vert count on the left.. Very high poly model btw :/

+1 vote   media: Quick animation test vid
Metalspy Feb 18 2010, 7:02pm replied:

Nope no new modem, but a friend agreed to DL stuff for me (: Still have to find a test-modem :/ But the reason why I'm posting again is: Kingdoms Collide is delayed! Is there going to be an alternative?

+1 vote   article: Gaming Events for Feburary 20th and 21st
Metalspy Feb 17 2010, 5:06am says:

You know, maybe I'll be able to play these mods this week! =D Woohoo. How many player are there ususally from this group?

+1 vote   article: Gaming Events for Feburary 20th and 21st
Metalspy Feb 15 2010, 8:17pm says:

The download link of the provided button has expired :(

+1 vote   article: Stalker CS Reloaded 0.7 (Beta) Released
Metalspy Feb 12 2010, 5:44am replied:

Rofl! I think you should see a doctor.. xD

+3 votes   article: Weather 2.0
Metalspy Feb 2 2010, 6:49pm replied:

Lol, I didn't think about it that way, but after I read your comment I just can't stop smiling xD

+1 vote   media: Ingame Test shots
Metalspy Feb 2 2010, 6:46pm replied:

Yup, and wow, the number of watchers here on modDB has increased with a huge amount/percentage in January! That's great.. isn't it?

+1 vote   article: Reaching an audience AND some new art...
Metalspy Feb 2 2010, 2:06pm says:

Hmm true, I've never seen a close-up of the old model so I don't know if it's much of a difference.. but this looks nice anyway, he even has fingers :P

+1 vote   media: New character model!
Metalspy Feb 2 2010, 5:29am says:

Wow, do you have a larger, readable version of the hammer problem solver? It looks rather.. interesting o__0

+1 vote   article: The depths of Dormant Mind.
Metalspy Jan 31 2010, 8:51am replied:

Ah thank you!

+1 vote   download: Median XL 1.F9
Metalspy Jan 30 2010, 11:14am replied:

Or they could just use Google ^^

+3 votes   media: Bat Model
Metalspy Jan 20 2010, 1:14pm says:

A horse is a horse, of course of course..

This model is very well done!

+3 votes   media: Horse WIP
Metalspy Dec 23 2009, 3:53am replied:

EDIT: nevermind.

+1 vote   article: A Year in Review - March
Metalspy Dec 19 2009, 12:29pm says:

What.. that warlord titan.. I've never heard of those before :/ Does it actually exist as a miniature? (Hmm, I think 'maxiature' is more appropriate.. xD)

+1 vote   article: Story Teaser
Metalspy Dec 1 2009, 1:18pm says:

The description says it's "compact".. but the first thing I thought when I saw this was "OMG it's HUGE!" (lol)
I'd prefer something smaller.

+1 vote   article: Interceptor Shield Update “In game Interface Screenshot”
Metalspy Nov 29 2009, 8:19am replied:


+3 votes   article: HLP - November Media Release
Metalspy Nov 23 2009, 1:21pm says:

What, a PowerPoint RTS? PowerPoint the M$ program? :/ Interesting..

+1 vote   game: Search and destroy - ppt
Metalspy Nov 18 2009, 3:10pm replied:

Hmm.. not last gen (or maybe they are xD), but they are ugly most of the time.

+1 vote   article: Xtreme plant optimization
Metalspy Oct 24 2009, 12:41pm says:

Wait, there's gonna be a level editor?!

The prototype-screenshots looks.. interesting.

+1 vote   article: --> We Learn From 13 to build 14
Metalspy Oct 20 2009, 1:02pm says:

Wow.. amazing!
And they look so err.. 'cute'!

+2 votes   media: Ingame Screenshots
Metalspy Oct 12 2009, 3:03pm says:

Hmm you know, that's actually a pretty good idea =D
But it's probably impossible to capture the 'feel' as good as the books do :(
*Is seriously thinking of an Oy-based mod now!* (because Oy rocks!)

+1 vote   member: Roland_of_Gilead
Metalspy Sep 23 2009, 12:30pm says:

This is just awesome.
I love the gasmask!

+2 votes   media: The Shaman
Metalspy Sep 21 2009, 10:36am says:

Nice video, it really shows the coolness of this mod (:

+3 votes   media: Sanctum - Basic Gameplay Demonstration
Metalspy Sep 8 2009, 11:34am replied:

Lol, explosions are awesome video material ^^
I love the vids btw, it looks like a fairly complex game and I love complex games/things :D
Because when you've learned how everything works, you have unlimited possibilities! (well, kind of)

Mr. Potato Man is scary (but awesome), I wonder what his revenge will be like...

+1 vote   article: The Meaningless Diary of an Indie Game Man: Part 5
Metalspy Sep 7 2009, 2:58pm says:

Looking pretty cool indeed!

+1 vote   media: Rocket "refraction bubble" effect
Metalspy Sep 3 2009, 1:46pm replied:

From Fallout.wikia.com : "In March 2009, the design document for the game, written by Brian Freyermuth (one of the designers of the original Fallout), was leaked."

+1 vote   article: The value of game design docs
Metalspy Aug 26 2009, 6:46pm says:

Hi, I'm Metalspy/Insanity, lol ;)
Nothingnessblack on DeviantArt.. I saw your DA link on this site a couple of months ago, but I never added you as a friend on this site, while I'm a watcher on DA..
Anyway, I hope you don't mind me being in your friendslist? ^^

+2 votes   member: iQew
Metalspy Aug 19 2009, 12:21pm replied:

And every time a developer doesn't add the ability to filter servers based on ping, I go and play an other game.

Sometimes a "connect to IP" button is useful too, because with a lot of games I can't see the server my friend is playing on, so we use the IP-method.
But a "Friends are playing on these servers" - list is better.. that is, if it doesn't suck as much as the one in Battlefield Heroes :/

+1 vote   article: New multiplayer server browser
Metalspy Aug 13 2009, 7:47am says:

Yup looks nice :)
Maybe it could use a bit more rounded edges.

+1 vote   media: Blender Models
Metalspy Aug 11 2009, 8:06pm says:

Haha looks cool, do you have a sideview-render? ^^

+1 vote   media: transportation device
Metalspy Aug 10 2009, 1:20pm says:

Nicely done!

+2 votes   media: Sanctum Music Video
Metalspy Jul 28 2009, 1:15pm says:

Wow.. amazing texturing :|
It (and she) looks very very good!

+1 vote   media: Outlaw Textured
Metalspy Jul 26 2009, 11:25am says:

Cool, but a lot of 'unnecessary' polygons?
Or are the small details going to be removed from the actual model and added to the texture maps?

+1 vote   media: New cockpits - WIP
Metalspy Jul 21 2009, 5:14am replied:

I think that is a 'positive comment', in some way.
At least it's supportive crticism!
And I'd have to agree with Treat ^^

+1 vote   article: First Trailer avaible now!
Metalspy Jul 17 2009, 9:01am replied:

What about your own team? :/ Haha.
But yeah, agreed.

+1 vote   article: Warm Gun July Update No.2
Metalspy Jun 21 2009, 4:56am replied:

Lol yeah I was like "Wut?".
I like this update, this mod looks better and better everytime!

+1 vote   article: Petrograd - June Update
Metalspy Jun 15 2009, 4:37pm says:

Very nice, I think those weapons really fit the theme.

+1 vote   article: Weapon Video Update
Metalspy Jun 12 2009, 1:44am says:

Amazing, it looks cool.
The animations really could use some work though..

+1 vote   article: JuneUpdate
Metalspy Jun 7 2009, 4:17pm says:

The last 4 pictures give a "page not found" page..
But what I've seen looks cool.

+1 vote   article: Souleon Storm Environment update 2
Metalspy May 23 2009, 5:51pm replied:

Same here.. or sometimes I buy a commercial game just for some mods. But I play commercial games a little more.

+5 votes   poll: Which do you play more?
Metalspy Apr 29 2009, 5:31am says:

Those models are great! They look a bit low-poly to me though, but that's probably because I'm used to the models for Crysis.

+1 vote   article: This could be Rotterdam
Metalspy Apr 20 2009, 5:43pm says:


I think I used this one :)

+1 vote   media: Biohazard and Radiation
Metalspy Apr 9 2009, 2:19pm says:

I hope the next newsposts will be of a higher quality (no offence) and more mod-related. Not just some "Random Skill movies".

+1 vote   article: Daily News 2#
Metalspy Apr 7 2009, 5:50pm says:

Wow yeah that's a superb texture indeed.
Awesome work!

+1 vote   media: dirthouse
Metalspy Mar 30 2009, 11:17am replied:

Oh yeah you've said this on crymod a while ago, I'm sorry :)
Anyway, I'm looking forward to play this mod.. keep up the good work ;)

+1 vote   article: Assassination Mod - Update
Metalspy Mar 30 2009, 8:36am says:

Nice job baassbooster!
But a tank.. that isn't very assassination-ish? :P
Hmm maybe it is, but when you say "assassin/assassination" I think about stealth/sneaky stuff..

+1 vote   article: Assassination Mod - Update
Metalspy Mar 27 2009, 11:40am says:

What? Dogmeat is actually in the game?
I've read he (she?) wasn't in the game and I've never found him/her..

0 votes   mod: Dogmeat Armor
Metalspy Mar 21 2009, 11:50am says:

This reminds me of some of the X3 stations.. I like it.

+1 vote   media: Shipyard
Metalspy Jan 29 2009, 3:55pm says:

Great as always! CryRecon is going to rock!

+1 vote   article: WIP Assets - Media Update
Metalspy Jan 25 2009, 1:10pm replied:

Did you already actually implent that system? Or is it still only an idea? :P

+1 vote   media: bus render
Metalspy Jan 22 2009, 4:18pm says:

Nice sketch :)

+3 votes   media: Sketch
Metalspy Jan 19 2009, 5:39pm says:

Oh man.. please stop posting such awesome screenshots, it makes me even more impatient.. I'm so eager to play this mod ^^

+3 votes   media: 4 Uziels In The Desert
Metalspy Jan 17 2009, 4:58pm says:

The video is a bit.. long.. and boring TBH. But it looks good! I'm definitely gonna download this.

-1 votes   article: Another Chapter from dead Before Dawn
Metalspy Jan 12 2009, 2:01am says:

One word: Awesome (with a capital A)

+1 vote   media: Longinus WIP MODDB Exclusive
Metalspy Jan 11 2009, 6:44am says:

Shiny indeed :) Good job!

+1 vote   media: Ooh, shiny!
Metalspy Aug 12 2012, 10:29am says:

You are working on 3 game projects now? Isn't that.. too much? Usually it's best to focus on just one project.

+3 votes   member: atsebak
Metalspy Aug 12 2012, 10:04am says:


+1 vote   article: hl1 iPad iPhone
Metalspy Aug 12 2012, 9:05am says:

Kevin's looking pretty good! The wings look a little too low poly-ish IMO, but I think that is on purpose because of the 'bones'? Considering the high poly version also has that low-poly feel at the wings. I hope I'm making sense here :/

+1 vote   article: Making Kevin
Metalspy Aug 11 2012, 1:39pm says:

I had no idea there was a Bladerunner game.

+2 votes   group: Video Game Art Realm
Metalspy Aug 11 2012, 9:03am says:

I love these reports, I'm not an aircraft fanatic or anything so I learn a lot of new stuff every time, even though you don't really go into tiny details (which is in my opinion a good thing though).

That VTOL variant is so interesting :P The design reminds me of an AWACS plane. Illuminati AWACS anyone?

+2 votes   article: Report 022: Starfighter
Metalspy Aug 10 2012, 6:09pm says:

Haha I love the Lorka project! :D

+1 vote   member: TomDeVis
Metalspy Aug 10 2012, 7:01am replied:

I understand and the porting itself might be not too much work, but maintenance will be relatively a huge amount of work because you have to fix every bug in every version. But yeah if that is your choice then so be it :) Good luck with this project, I might check this out regularly.

+2 votes   article: Rathguarde - Alpha 2: Sky IS the limit!
Metalspy Aug 8 2012, 8:20pm says:

Hello Duruk, how are the solids treating you? (I'm sorry but I will always remember you as the solids-guy from Crymod ;)) Are you working on any CryEngine projects at the moment, or game projects in general?

+1 vote   member: Duruk
Metalspy Aug 8 2012, 7:30pm replied:

Wouldn't it be wise to make just one version with Java? You don't have to port stuff then and if you're going to use it anyway...

+2 votes   article: Rathguarde - Alpha 2: Sky IS the limit!
Metalspy Aug 7 2012, 6:56am says:

If all the work is dumped on you than I wouldn't worry about not wanting to offend them :P One of the most important lessons in life (for me anyway) is that YOU and only YOU are the most important person (in most situations) so you sure as hell shouldn't do something that doesn't feel right. So if you are sure this isn't what you want I'd say you should just leave them.

+3 votes   member: atsebak
Metalspy Aug 6 2012, 7:55am says:

That sure happened yes. I left the team after a week when I found out they weren't doing anything at all and wanted me to do all the work ;) Why? Did that just happen to you?

+2 votes   member: atsebak
Metalspy Aug 5 2012, 8:41pm says:

Hmm well it was kind of creepy, you sent me an invite half an hour after I checked out your profile. I was like "How did he know!?". Anyway hello, check out my comment on your video please? :D

+3 votes   member: atsebak
Metalspy Aug 5 2012, 7:57pm says:

How did you program those songs? I mean, it isn't actually programmed is it? There is no microchip? Also, how long does the bot run on one 9V?

I was thinking about making the exact same thing for practice and fun, what a coincidence that I came across this video. I will probably screw things up though, I've been taught only the very very basics of electrical engineering.

+2 votes   media: Embedded Systems Test
Metalspy Aug 5 2012, 9:28am says:

Well hello my new friend. What is the reason for your friendship request? :P

+3 votes   member: atsebak
Metalspy Aug 4 2012, 4:53pm says:

Oh I wasn't aware you had a demo out already. Downloading now :)

+3 votes   article: pre-alpha survey evaluation + updates + Kickstarter
Metalspy Jul 31 2012, 12:37pm replied:

Agreed, although pretty pictures don't make for instantly good gameplay ;)

+1 vote   media: First map - "Hope"
Metalspy Jul 31 2012, 12:35pm says:

Just wow. The voice acting is perfect. Good voice acting is so important for immersion and you guys have done an excellent job!

+1 vote   media: The Mentor - Quotes
Metalspy Jul 31 2012, 7:54am says:

I like what you're doing with the fixed spawnpoint/random teleportation 'choice' :) Another thing you could've done is to make the random/fixed spawn an option after character creation, but I like your solution better.

+2 votes   article: Sorry for the long delay...
Metalspy Jul 25 2012, 11:51am replied:

I see I see, I guess you are right. Well, nice model anyway :)

+1 vote   media: A rare one
Metalspy Jul 25 2012, 7:27am says:

"The image will be taken offline again soon, we dont want to spoil all our findable things"
By posting this you already did, didn't you? :P Now probably only your 'trackers' will see this image, but the trackers are most likely people that will play the game.

+1 vote   media: A rare one
Metalspy Jul 21 2012, 7:00pm says:

Holymoly dude. Everytime I see your work I regret choosing programming as my focus instead of Blendering.

+2 votes   media: Small tank
Metalspy Jul 17 2012, 10:05am says:

Is Spec Ops really that good or is your signature sarcasm? Because it looked very CoD clonish to me (I only watched the trailer though).

+3 votes   member: TheUnabridgedGamer
Metalspy Jul 15 2012, 8:57am says:

This looks like a great improvement over the mod, which was enjoyable already ;) And the way you guys handle objectives is very clever, sounds like someone finally put some real thought into how to keep the player from playing TDM in a objective based game. Looking forward to more footage!

+2 votes   article: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - New Devblog
Metalspy Jul 12 2012, 9:08am says:

Yes yes after googling F104 it seems to be a F104 ;) I thought a Sea Harrier at first, but those don't have the horizontal... thingie... on top. I have absolutely no idea what the corect term is but I don't really know anything about aircraft so forgive me ;)

EDIT: Hmm this was supposed to be a reply to ChadaFACE's comment :/

+1 vote   article: Report 020: Trees and First super weapon
Metalspy Jul 8 2012, 7:57pm says:

Now you are thinking with triangles! Looks interesting, too bad I have already spend too much on games this month. I might buy this later though.

+2 votes   article: TRI Released on Desura
Metalspy Jul 3 2012, 10:22pm says:

Cool :) My voice is probably aweful for in-game use and I also have this terrible Dutch accent but I'm going to give this a try anyway, just for fun. Won't you be in trouble if there's going to be only a few submissions? I mean, who has to voice the NPC's then? I'm sure you'll get a nice amount of input, just wondering though.

+2 votes   article: Raise your Voice!
Metalspy Jul 1 2012, 9:21pm says:

This has been in development for only 15 months now? It feels like I've been following this mod for a way longer amount of time! And I can't do anything else but agree with aiming for a smaller number of hours being probably wise ;)

+1 vote   article: June 2012 Update
Metalspy Dec 20 2014, 5:24am says:

"Missing: My Dock"? :D I had to laugh at that one (I hope it's a pun.. else I just made myself look like a fool)

+1 vote   media: Tunnel control building, then and now
Metalspy Dec 17 2014, 4:24pm says:

"The concept of a story driven scene works well and this is just a fraction of what you as a level designer can do with it"

When I'm designing a map I always use this approach, mainly because I find it a lot of fun to do. The main problem I have is that I tend to spend way too much time on a single 'scene', so I usually end up with a really small, very detailed part on a much larger, empty map :(

+1 vote   article: Dev Blog #21: Digging into the Detail (3/3)
Metalspy Aug 7 2014, 7:47pm says:

I think it looks a bit odd that the lighting is also affecting the HUD. Unless it is supposed to be a helmet or something?

+1 vote   media: Pew Pew
Metalspy Aug 5 2014, 6:49pm says:

Reading this, now that I have a lot more experience with C++ and creating software in general, is so much fun :D How little I knew about software design/engineering etc. Still, I sure did learn a whole lot back then!

+1 vote   article: First steps
Metalspy Aug 2 2014, 3:56pm replied:

Yes, that would be a great thing to have. Here is hoping for these command sequences to come in an update not too far in the future!

+1 vote   article: Update 01.041 - Block control through Toolbar, Weapons control through Rotors
Metalspy Jan 20 2014, 3:31pm replied:

You can tell it might be 30 FPS just by watching the video? How does that work, do your eyes have a framerate counter? :P

+2 votes   media: Crowbar Squadron
Metalspy Oct 16 2013, 3:34pm says:

Aha! Time to experience those improved Unity Pro graphics! And the new enemies, although I'm less excited about those because they are probably going to kick my *** :(

+2 votes   article: Paragon Evolved Demo 2 : RELEASED!
Metalspy Oct 4 2013, 6:29pm says:

Yes. I think this is very much an improvement :)

+1 vote   media: New Sniper Textures
Metalspy Jul 31 2013, 1:00pm says:

Looks amazing! Will definitely keep following this project. (I think it's a shame you're advertising with fact that you're an indie developer, because nowadays that's more of an excuse for creating crappy games, and this does not look like a crappy game.)

0 votes   article: Meridian: New World -- Trailer and website
Metalspy May 31 2013, 1:10pm replied:

'Game', yeah :P I did work on a (iso) RTS level editor with 2 friends, also in Java, which is a lot more interesting but I though this amazing game was worth posting here ;)

+1 vote   media: Level Up: The Game
Metalspy Feb 3 2013, 8:32am says:

Just a heads up: I got a warning from Avira that this contains malware. According to the game's forums Avira is the only antivirus program that gives this warning, making this a false positive! (That and I doubt the devs would do anything like that ;) )

+1 vote   download: Malevolence Beta (with demo!)
Metalspy Dec 16 2012, 8:12pm says:

"but I believe making games is an efficient and fun way to improve one's coding skills."

I think so, too! Everytime I need to learn something new, or when I want to try out a new idea (architecture) I start writing a small game :P Creating small games is a great way to practice.

+1 vote   member: Pabo
Metalspy Dec 15 2012, 6:00am says:

Kjell you never cease to impress me. The quality of Mindworld's work is impressive and that is no doubt the result of a team leader with some serious leader skills (and patience, and a 'vision'). Attracting the right team members and keeping them happy is no small matter. Of course the work of the team members themselves is impressive too, so hooray for the the team of Mindworld!

+3 votes   article: #Article 28
Metalspy Aug 14 2012, 7:08am says:

I can only hope that the talent of the remaining team members won't be noticed before the game is finished ;)

+2 votes   article: A Loss
Metalspy Jun 21 2012, 10:58am replied:

This doesn't look like cheese at all. Silly people.

+3 votes   article: Getting the Right Model
Metalspy May 26 2012, 1:06pm says:

The video is nice and I love sniping, but after the disappointing Sniper: Ghost Warrior (1) and Sniper Elite V2 demos I doubt this game will be any better.

+1 vote   media: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - The Sarajevo Urban Comba
Metalspy May 2 2012, 6:21pm says:

This looks amazing, I love the artstyle/models :) Too bad it is another facebook/twitter/social networking contest though.

+1 vote   article: Tower Wars News and Giveaway!
Metalspy Apr 22 2012, 8:18am says:

I could feel and smell a nice warm day in summer... great sounds. And the environment looks great, too.

+2 votes   article: So, where are these "sounds" you keep talking about?
Metalspy Apr 2 2012, 9:57am replied:

True, but it feels like I've been waiting for this games for yeaaarrrrsss (I probably have?) and I'm not sure at what 'completion percentage' they are at the moment. Ah well, I'm still loving the game don't get me wrong :P

-2 votes   article: New Overgrowth a174 video devlog
Metalspy Apr 2 2012, 4:44am says:

While this looks amazing as usual, I'm getting more and more worried that this game will never see a release :/ I will wait patiently though, I know that games aren't made in a day or two and at least you guys keep us updated :) (Maybe I just get the feeling of 'no release' because of the way you post such devlogs. They are always in the same style so they don't have the "big-" and "small update" feel.)

-2 votes   article: New Overgrowth a174 video devlog
Metalspy Mar 31 2012, 4:49pm replied:

I sure as hell hope so.

+2 votes   article: [Project Brazil] New Start & Character Highlight
Metalspy Mar 26 2012, 6:25am says:

That looks great, but you should really turn down the bloom... :D Alright alright I know that's a lame joke now :(

+1 vote   article: Boy, do we have goodies for you!
Metalspy Mar 20 2012, 7:06pm replied:

Nah I don't mind sharing the link :P I'll post it everywhere I can (and where it's appropriate).

+2 votes   article: A Call to Arms!
Metalspy Mar 20 2012, 4:46pm says:

While I would love to help you guys out, I'm not a fan of such 'donation funding' sites at all. I undertand why you have started this campaign, but I'll wait for the start of the 'official' pre-orders :) I really hope you'll reach your target though!

+1 vote   article: A Call to Arms!
Metalspy Feb 14 2012, 6:44am replied:

If you're wondering why the world is generated instead of hand-made if the world will be the same for anyone anyway, have you ever created an infinite world by hand? ;) Creating something that is infinite is impossible for someone who(m?..) is mortal.

+1 vote   article: O RLY? YA RLY!
Metalspy Jan 23 2012, 1:08pm says:

Ahh.. so you MADE this? Upload.wikimedia.org

+2 votes   download: Battlefronts of War icon
Metalspy Jan 19 2012, 2:18am replied:

I don't support piracy either, I laughed at all the people freaking out over The Pirate Bay getting blocked by two ISPs over here. I couldn't care less, the fact that it is some kind of censorship still made me kind of mad though.

+12 votes   poll: Did you take action and protest SOPA / PIPA
Metalspy Dec 30 2011, 12:44pm says:

So offense but I have no idea what this is about, the sentences don't seem to make a lot of sense.

+3 votes   article: Home Engine 3 Code...
Metalspy Dec 15 2011, 4:08pm says:

When I was watching the video I thought the arrow still needed a texture because it looked weird, but then I read on and all made sense. With the "We're keeping the visible projectile white in the same way that weapon swings and blocks are white" in mind it looked pretty good :)

+2 votes   article: Twannnngggggg!!!
Metalspy Dec 12 2011, 5:21am replied:

Yup it will go to hell eventually anyway.

+3 votes   poll: Voted in the Top 100 mods?
Metalspy Dec 11 2011, 10:28am says:

Of course. I don't vote in times of elections, but I certainly vote in the Desura Top100s :D

+2 votes   poll: Voted in the Top 100 mods?
Metalspy Dec 1 2011, 11:01am replied:

Unfortunately no happiness goes without a price.

+1 vote   article: Indie of the Year 2011 - Regarding campaigns.
Metalspy Dec 1 2011, 10:57am says:

I voted for this game the second I saw the IOTY banner at the frontpage ;)

+2 votes   article: The Indie Awards!
Metalspy Oct 30 2011, 1:09pm replied:

That's not nice.. :O

+2 votes   article: Convention Time!
Metalspy Oct 18 2011, 7:55pm says:

Nice nice, but somehow it feels empty. No idea what kind of props would fit here though.

+1 vote   media: Employee Quarters
Metalspy Oct 18 2011, 9:17am says:

I don't care for your stupid minigame, just finish the game already! Just kidding of course, this is a nice idea. It's not really complicated but I can imagine some traps will be very hard to disarm.

+2 votes   article: Finished Manual Trap Disarming!
Metalspy Oct 9 2011, 6:16am says:

So there will be another (bugfix) release before 11-11? Because then I'll wait some more so I can get the best experience possible. I've been dying to play this, but then you announced this expansion so I waited.. now I have to wait even longer. Oh you motivated modders, why you so epic.

+2 votes   article: Expanding
Metalspy Oct 9 2011, 6:12am says:

Nice work indeed, they all sounds pretty convincing. I'd expect the minotaur to sound more powerful/'savage' though. Still, the sounds itself are nice.

+2 votes   article: Incredible voice talent
Metalspy Oct 3 2011, 10:27am says:

This could be interesting, looking forward to see more of this mod.

+2 votes   article: Horror. Loneliness. Insanity. This is DOMUS!
Metalspy Sep 22 2011, 11:44am says:

This still looks like an interesting game.
However.. I'm still worried about having very few people playing after a week :/ Because that usually happens to the 'smaller' games.

+1 vote   article: Nuclear Dawn - Commander Power Tutorial
Metalspy Sep 11 2011, 6:09am says:

Cry-Styves? Damn I haven't been at Crymod/Crydev for quite some time, never seen that new name. Also, meeting Criminal.. you lucky bastards.

+1 vote   article: Crytek Crydev Trip - Day 1
Metalspy Aug 7 2011, 9:01am says:

Ohai, nice glasses.

+1 vote   article: Meet the Creator
Metalspy Jul 28 2011, 9:42pm says:

I saw this at steam today and it looks interesting, it reminds me of Battlefield 2142, which is a game I really liked. It's not clear to me how the RTS part is going to work though. I'll check out some post-release feedback to see if this is worth my money ;)

+1 vote   article: Nuclear Dawn - Pre-Purchase Availability & First Tutorial
Metalspy Jul 20 2011, 10:51am replied:

It showed up as a CryEngine 3 update for me. Weird.

+2 votes   game: Dirtside
Metalspy Jul 16 2011, 5:10pm says:

Is this sword a usable one in-game? ^^

+2 votes   media: Eldar
Metalspy Jun 13 2011, 11:34am says:

That cut scene kind of hit me in the face, because the character looks very much like someone I knew who was a little "mentally ill" :/ But yeah this looks ehm.. strange? Time to give the demo a try me thinks :)

+2 votes   article: Lylian: Paranoid Friendship out now!
Metalspy Jun 12 2011, 9:33pm says:

A sexy dragon it is. Very nice :)

+2 votes   media: dragon with sculpting
Metalspy Jun 11 2011, 9:35am says:

Oh wow this was an interesting read. Although it's about the same approach I had in mind for how I should balance weapons I'm sure I might have picked up some new things here. Thanks for writing this!

+1 vote   article: Balancing Firearms
Metalspy Jun 9 2011, 11:20am says:

Time to start playing I guess :D Although I'm a total NS newbie.. so the community better has some nice and patient people :(

+1 vote   article: NS2 Build 178
Metalspy Jun 8 2011, 3:30am replied:

He is damn good at it indeed, I'm kind of jealous D: Although I wouldn't want to trade my love for games for any amount of money.

+1 vote   article: Podcast 17 - Gabe Newell Interview
Metalspy Jun 8 2011, 3:02am replied:

I wonder if Bobby Kotick even knows what a community is, besides his definition of "crowd to get money from".

+12 votes   article: Podcast 17 - Gabe Newell Interview
Metalspy Jun 6 2011, 9:00pm says:

To be honest I hadn't really much interest in this game at first, but now that I'm taking a better look at it (because I'm trying to figure out of participating in this contest would be fun) it actually looks quite cool! So I guess I'll give both the game and level designing a try :)

+4 votes   article: Nikki's First Open Level Design Contest
Metalspy Jun 6 2011, 12:49pm replied:

Or make it better, in case 'bedder' means.. like.. 'badder' :D Ideas on how to make a map worse aren't really useful obviously ;)

+1 vote   article: You are here
Metalspy Jun 4 2011, 9:43pm says:

I have nothing with the gundam stuff, but if this turns out to be a nice game I'd still play it ;)

+2 votes   article: Been a while? Not too long
Metalspy May 24 2011, 3:27pm says:

It's funny how STALKER assets (right?) and the CryEngine together can make such a nice combination, for Crysis and STALKER are for me, too, two of my top favorites.

+1 vote   article: WoS Team marks a year since its foundation
Metalspy May 18 2011, 2:11pm says:

Yes I use Desura, easily installing mods is nice. I don't see why I would spend more time then necessary on installing stuff, it's not like it's a fun thing to do :P

I also use it to purchase (obviously indie) game. Digitanks, for example, which isn't released at Steam and which was for sale two weeks ago at Desura :)

+1 vote   article: Modinformer Mod News Round-Up: May 8th - 14th
Metalspy May 12 2011, 5:38am replied:

Oh god, what's up with this community lol. I don't understand why my totally not-offensive and perfectly reasonable comments get buried.. They should only be buried when it's offensive or inappropriate.

Anyway, I was kind of joking there, because he literally said "game changing" (although I don't see it anymore wtf). And game changing would/could mean something like changing the game to.. well.. another game. Like a 180 degrees turn, or at least 90 degrees.

Of course those are good suggestions and I would like to see those things as well.

-3 votes   media: Map Update
Metalspy May 11 2011, 4:23pm buried:


If it was game changing the game wouldn't be Minecraft anymore.. >.<

-12 votes   media: Map Update
Metalspy May 10 2011, 1:04pm says:

Doesn't 'retail' mean that something gets sold? o_0 Don't you just mean the full release version?

+2 votes   media: Nightmare Falls - Fallout 3 (User Made Content)
Metalspy May 7 2011, 12:41pm replied:

Oh hey I got a negative karma while it wasn't offensive what I said. Here we go again.

Anyway, of course I understand what he means, and I kind of agree that big companies like Activision can take a hit and all that, but piracy = stealing = wrong, period :P In my opinion that is (so no need to downvote this comment as well -_-).

EDIT: Oh and I can 'respect' the choice to pirate, I mean, I won't be a bitch about it if I see someone pirating, but to me it just feels wrong.

+19 votes   poll: Why do you pirate games?
Metalspy May 7 2011, 11:54am buried:


So a game not having indie status justifies stealing? And pirating indie games is a sin only because they are indie? :P And Activision/Blizzard is indie as well by the way ;)

-15 votes   poll: Why do you pirate games?
Metalspy Apr 29 2011, 6:57pm replied:

ArmA II ftw :D

+2 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Fire Fire Fire Fire Five!
Metalspy Apr 11 2011, 6:13pm says:

It's the giant lightsaberhead mutant from outer hell with its companion the evil detective? D:

+2 votes   media: Gerard & The Curator
Metalspy Mar 26 2011, 3:42pm replied:

They are going to use UDK :P

+2 votes   article: Mindworld: Content Update March 2011
Metalspy Mar 17 2011, 3:42pm replied:

What, copyright issues with a camera option? That sounds like bullcrap (no offense) :P

+3 votes   article: NS2 Build 168 is now live on Steam.
Metalspy Mar 2 2011, 6:50pm says:

Niiice, I love skirmish modes :) I played the Hell out of the C&C games with skirmish mode when I was younger and I think it's great that FS now also has a skirmish mode!

+1 vote   article: Frozen Synapse Skirmish Mode!
Metalspy Feb 26 2011, 11:45am says:

Those tracks sound nice. I"m not an expert or anything, but who cares :P
And congratulations with the first news post.. or something ;)
I'm looking forward to future updates and seeing the development of this mod/game.

+3 votes   article: Mindworld Big Content Update
Metalspy Feb 24 2011, 3:58am replied:

Same here, although I don't 'do level design' that often anymore.

+1 vote   article: An Open Window: PLD +25
Metalspy Feb 10 2011, 4:17pm says:

Gameplay is more important than visuals to me. However, it is nice if a game has fitting and beautiful graphics because it makes it easier to 'immerse the player'. I don't mean high-res textures, high-poly models etc per se though. It could be retro styled (take, to name a currently well-known game, Minecraft for example) and still be very immersive.

+1 vote   article: An Open Window: PLD +9
Metalspy Jan 19 2011, 9:41am says:

This is for Blender 2.49 right?
I can't seem to find the armature settings in 2.56a :/ I picked up Blendering (lol) after about two years and I'm having trouble finding everything in 2.5 :(

EDIT: Nevermind, the tutorial wasn't very clear were I had to look.

+2 votes   article: Basic Blender Animation Tutorial
Metalspy Jan 8 2011, 2:02pm says:

Tiberian Sun uses 3D models? :/

+3 votes   member: CL4ymOr3
Metalspy Jan 2 2011, 9:39am says:

Fortran! Just dropping by to tell you I'm happy to see you've made your return @ Crymod :P And TFB looks great so far, I really hope this will get a release!

+1 vote   member: Fortran
Metalspy May 26 2010, 11:57am says:

Guess what I'm wearing today? :P The (final?) black version that is.

+1 vote   media: Moddb Type
Metalspy May 18 2010, 11:58am says:

Cool, so now we will hopefully get some Mac players online?
That's more *** to kick for me, hah! :P

Anyway, congratulations!

+1 vote   article: Frozen Synapse Beta Released on Mac!
Metalspy May 3 2010, 6:59pm replied:

Hmm, can you please stop saying that on everything posted on this site o___0

+1 vote   media: Players actually online!
Metalspy May 3 2010, 6:54pm says:

Any chance I can get the original too? (In Dutch).

+1 vote   download: Warm Gun - The Making of "Metro Station"
Metalspy Mar 31 2010, 5:45pm replied:

Haha yeah it sure is.
"Someone call the fire department, quick! Wait.. what? o__0"

+1 vote   media: Fallout 3 fire hydrant
Metalspy Mar 31 2010, 3:04pm replied:

Lol well you did introduce yourself now, nice job ;)
Dan shouldn't be such a mean guy =O

+1 vote   article: Third Question?
Metalspy Mar 31 2010, 12:51pm says:

That is a great model. Looks a lot better than my 'pistol' xD (the first real model I've ever made lol)

+1 vote   media: WIP Glock 19 High Poly
Metalspy Mar 16 2010, 5:10pm replied:

Ah yeah I thought so. That's kind of a hard question :/ I'll think about it (probably tomorrow while making my economics test xD) and post the result ^^

+2 votes   article: Third Question?
Metalspy Mar 15 2010, 6:31pm says:

Fantasy genre books.. I know Stephen King's Dark Tower books aren't really fantasy, but.. have you read them? :O
My favorite books so far!
(I always ask that question when I see someone 'likes' to read)

+1 vote   member: DarkAngelofthefallen
Metalspy Mar 15 2010, 4:49pm says:

I don't have a suggestion for a specific class, but I'd really like to have just the 'base classes'. Like Dragon Age: Origins did.. just 3 classes to start with, no combining of two or more classes. An example of such a combined class is a "battlemage".

If that's what you mean with "class". I'm very tired so I had some trouble actually watching the vid instead of just looking at it.

(Lol, but Charlean should properly introduce herself.. :O Not just her hand xD)

+1 vote   article: Third Question?
Metalspy Mar 10 2010, 4:12pm replied:

Reminder: this is modDB, not 4chan.. xD

+20 votes   media: Ammo box
Metalspy Mar 1 2010, 12:34pm replied:

Work In Progress.

+2 votes   media: Mafia Boss WIP
Metalspy Feb 25 2010, 5:56pm says:

The.. word-weapon is just a placeholder.. right? :O
Can't read what it says xD
But yeah.. nice (:

+1 vote   media: Weapons & new bullet FX
Metalspy Feb 15 2010, 1:45pm replied:



Damn is this all stored in one object? :s

+4 votes   media: Rainy Days - Scripts
Metalspy Feb 12 2010, 2:40pm says:

Cool stickman character!

+1 vote   media: February 6th Server Stress Test
Metalspy Feb 3 2010, 7:54am replied:

Wow, that is a lot of reading material o__0 I prefer learning how to play games all by myself, but maybe I'll just 'scan' over the text and read things that might be interesting to know before playing (:
And I need to be able to download the mod to play it, obviously :(

+1 vote   article: Gaming Events For Feburary 3rd, 6th and 7th
Metalspy Jan 31 2010, 8:09am says:

This looks totally epic, I can't believe this is possible with a mod :O

+2 votes   media: Chapter 3. Where the winds blow
Metalspy Jan 25 2010, 7:03am says:

Wait.. no PC release date? I thought this was for PC.. :/

+6 votes   article: Story Plot & Features
Metalspy Jan 21 2010, 2:05am says:

Meeehhhh now I'll have to stop tracking this game.
J/k, don't worry ;)
I respect the decision, so congratulation on the name change, I guess!

+1 vote   article: Thank you for your opinions! We have a new name!
Metalspy Jan 14 2010, 6:36am says:

..Lol? xD

+1 vote   media: AI Editor Concept
Metalspy Jan 12 2010, 12:00pm says:

Cool, I believe I've read a thread about this a while ago.
The layout is probably going to need some work though, it doesn't look as appealing as the layout of e.g. modDB. Of course, the content itself is more important, but the page design can make the site look more interesting.

+1 vote   article: Usercreated.org opens its doors
Metalspy Jan 11 2010, 6:15pm says:

Hmm, pretty nice! I agree with Iridescent about the video though ;)

+1 vote   media: NEARLY complete background concept
Metalspy Jan 2 2010, 4:53pm says:

Hmm.. it looks.. funny, lol.

+1 vote   media: my first try at blender
Metalspy Dec 29 2009, 4:33pm replied:

Ehm.. I was just searching every corner for loot and I found these two guys sitting there!

+1 vote   media: Let's play chess!
Metalspy Dec 21 2009, 10:55am says:

Hahaha omg. The funniest video I've seen today.

+1 vote   article: MOTY Begins - TNM Characters Urge You To Vote!
Metalspy Dec 16 2009, 1:27pm says:

Wow this is great! I mean.. wow! =D love it!

+1 vote   game: Captain Forever
Metalspy Dec 1 2009, 1:15pm says:

What is Pocky? Just a biscuit stick with chocolate *question mark* (My keyboard is malfunctioning)

I'll try to get you more watchers (hmm, free stuff!), but I still have to figure out how I'm going to achieve that ^^

Oh, and I'm wondering.. why do you still need a concept artist *q-m again*
I thought concept art was made in the first stages of development *q-m*
Obviously, I don't have any mod- or game development team experience =P

+1 vote   article: Frozen Synapse Update: Community Features
Metalspy Nov 24 2009, 7:31am says:

You don't remember "the bit of the Christmas story where a screaming yellow pencil and a melted reindeer bust glide furtively up to the baby Jesus"? :O It's the most exciting part of the whole story! ):

Errr. yeah. =P
Cool update, as usual. The floor snakes are cool, really fits the 'art style'.

+1 vote   article: The Meaningless Diary of an Indie Game Man: Reboot
Metalspy Nov 13 2009, 4:09pm says:

Those are some very neat models!

+1 vote   article: Creature Model Progress #2
Metalspy Sep 27 2009, 4:49am says:

The Injector sounds interesting.. ^^

+3 votes   article: New Weapon and Chapter announced
Metalspy Sep 23 2009, 12:27pm replied:

That's what I thought, but.. it springs the blade out of what? :/

Nah it looks great and it's a game, so not everything has to be realistic.

0 votes   media: Scout Arm Blade Detail
Metalspy Sep 16 2009, 7:31am replied:

It's called a "release".. :P

I'm going to download this ASAP! (which is.. not right now)

0 votes   download: Sanctum Alpha Version 3 (September 2009)
Metalspy Sep 12 2009, 11:52am says:

Are you really 16 and a 'pro'? :/
If so.. pro in what way?

+3 votes   member: Manic_the_hedgehog
Metalspy Sep 8 2009, 10:51am says:

Sweet, I wouldn't think this is GTA:SA, because this looks much nicer and more colorful.

+1 vote   article: Raccoon Park Entrence Completed
Metalspy Aug 27 2009, 11:19am replied:

Do you mean the first part?

+1 vote   article: WSIP: Cube Experimental
Metalspy Aug 27 2009, 11:18am says:

I won't comment on every update, but that doesn't mean I don't like them! ^^

+1 vote   article: The Meaningless Diary of an Indie Game Man - Part 3
Metalspy Aug 25 2009, 7:19am says:

Oh cool, never heard of it.. let's see if I can find some more info!
Btw, I just found out my cousin lives in Chelmsford, which is pretty close to this place, isn't it? :/

+1 vote   article: The Hatch
Metalspy Aug 20 2009, 5:15am says:

Well basically it are just a bunch of squares.. could be coincidence ;)

+1 vote   media: What is that doing there?
Metalspy Aug 9 2009, 12:34pm says:

I would love to fly one of those!

+1 vote   media: IS Hawk Moth - Four Variants
Metalspy Jul 23 2009, 5:10am says:

Amazing.. but is that hair on the skull? :/

+1 vote   media: Hanging Tree
Metalspy Jul 17 2009, 8:59am says:

Sounds interesting and the screenshots look great.. downloading!

+1 vote   article: Research and Development released
Metalspy Jul 13 2009, 5:00am says:

Haha yeah it looks a bit funny, but I think it's a great unit!

+1 vote   media: GLA Sniper for Stealth General
Metalspy Jun 30 2009, 1:11pm says:

Cool, very nice design, model and texture.

+1 vote   media: Finalized Blacksmith
Metalspy Jun 6 2009, 1:32pm says:


+2 votes   media: secret project
Metalspy May 23 2009, 3:18pm says:

Oh wow.. I hope this doesn't "go silent" and that we get the chance to play a public beta!

+1 vote   article: Maybe May...
Metalspy May 9 2009, 11:26am says:

:| A may update.. time flies!
But TBH I'm always a bit disappointed when I read the monthly updates, because I've always already seen the screenshots.
Anyway.. keep it up :)

+2 votes   article: MechWarrior: Living Legends - May Update I
Metalspy May 3 2009, 10:38am says:

Nice tutorial/article, I think this could be very useful for a lot of people!

+2 votes   article: Version Control Systems and You!
Metalspy Apr 29 2009, 5:56pm says:

I love concept art and I love to see how it is drawn, so thanks for posting this!
It looks great :)

+2 votes   article: Dog Concept Timelapse (high def)
Metalspy Apr 10 2009, 11:19am replied:

Err, probably every newspost gets on the frontpage?

+1 vote   article: Daily News 2#
Metalspy Apr 9 2009, 6:41pm says:


+1 vote   article: Real time dynamic shadows tech demo - HD Video
Metalspy Apr 1 2009, 5:39pm says:

Cool video :P

+1 vote   article: Renegade X - April Update
Metalspy Mar 31 2009, 6:17pm says:

I love it.

+1 vote   media: Clearcut panorama view
Metalspy Mar 21 2009, 5:25am replied:

I have to agree with SinKing, this looks incredibly good :)

+1 vote   article: Sneak Peak: Per Area Ambience
Metalspy Jan 31 2009, 1:25pm says:

Wow that's awesome! This screenshot would be a great desktop wallpaper! Looking forward to the release of this mod.. (Already said that a couple of times before I think)

+1 vote   media: Boom
Metalspy Jan 19 2009, 5:45pm says:

I love the desolate atmosphere on the screenshots and the trailer is very nice! (Do I sense some STALKER influences? ^^)

+2 votes   article: Introduction
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