I am a computer engineering/applied computer science student in his final year. My main focus is software design and implementation ('programming'), but I also have hobby-experience doing some Blender 3D modeling and level design for various games!

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Metalspy Dec 20 2014, 5:33am says:

You are reusing the framebuffer, but provide a different viewangle on the camera? Or at least it appears so on this screenshot.. how did you manage to do that?

+1 vote   article: Devblog #42
Metalspy Mar 10 2014, 8:01pm says:

"I'm curious if anyone from here built one of the ships?"
I'm credited as 'Soulrot', so yes. I built the tiny all-green ship (completely in front in the screenshot on you uploaded). I really wanted to create some larger, cooler ships, but time and circumstances didn't allow it unfortunately.

Anyway, I hope this game gets the the attention it deserves when you are doing Kickstarter. There is so much competition, and doing a Kickstarter campaign (right) can be an actual full-time job, or so I have heard :/

+1 vote   article: Teaser Trailers is Done!
Metalspy Jan 23 2014, 3:16pm says:

Your work always impresses me! I wish I was as skilled as you are, but unfortunately I'm not sure how to develop my programming skills further :(

+1 vote   article: Take it to the web
Metalspy Jan 17 2014, 1:38pm replied:

I would like to know this as well. Please let the answer be "nope, not just posing! :D"

+1 vote   media: Roman-Syrian Wars
Metalspy Dec 6 2013, 6:54pm replied:

What is 'lemming-voting'? I can't help seeing bunch of lemmings invading the webpage and spamming the vote button :P (I assume it means something similar?)

+3 votes   poll: 2013 Mod of the Year KICKOFF!
Metalspy Oct 12 2013, 8:37pm says:

This is gooood! I always thought Unity Pro didn't add that much compared to the free version and certainly not enough to justify the price, but after experiencing it first hand during my internship I changed my mind. Of course it's still only worth the money if you plan on selling your game or you are a very serious hobbyist.

+3 votes   article: Video Update: Graphics & Performance
Metalspy Sep 17 2013, 4:21pm says:

How do you do this... So much dedication! :P

+2 votes   media: You now you're addicted to modding when..
Metalspy Jul 28 2013, 6:24pm says:

I got to say this is surprisingly fun and addictive! Even though the concept is a simple one, but 'KISS' usually works best, doesn't it? :) I am also surprised by the quality of the game, especially considering you have made it all by yourself (I think?). Of course it is not flawless, for example shooting the pistol feels a bit awkward and the weapon model feels a bit out of place (lower quality), but I'm still impressed! I also like the AI taking cover and such, great job.

EDIT: I just read "we" a couple of times in newsposts, so I guess it isn't a one-man team? Not that it makes the game any less awesome :P

+2 votes   article: Paragon Evolved Demo: RELEASED!
Metalspy Feb 10 2013, 11:09am says:

What? No!? When I saw the title of this post in my update feed I was hoping it wasn't meant literally. It was such a promising project and one of the few projects on this website of which I actually read all the news posts. Such a shame, I don't really know how to react. Trust me when I say that I feel truly sorry.

Anyway, good luck with future endeavours I suppose!

+10 votes   article: Mindworld: Project Cancelled
Metalspy Jan 6 2013, 7:10pm says:

Err, wow. I can't even remember ever clicking the 'track' button of this mod, but I guess this is awesome news! :)

+1 vote   article: Spherical Nightmares enters playtesting!
Metalspy Nov 2 2012, 7:33am replied:

I don't think it looks awesome to be honest. The background and foreground don't 'blend', they look like two seperate layers. This is caused by the clouds being at a way too low altitude compared to the hill in the background and with the different styles of art (or at least they feel different to me). It also feels strange that there are no trees in the background.

I'm sure French Rice will make it look right eventually though :)

+2 votes   media: Parallax In Action
Metalspy Aug 24 2012, 11:13am says:

I might want to help you playtesting but it depends on the times you run these tests. So when do you usually playtest?

+1 vote   article: Update, gameplay video.... cats.
Metalspy May 25 2012, 3:39pm says:

Ah nice, so you have reached your Kickstarter goal now? As with your IndieGoGo I didn't 'pay' (back. donate, whatever you wan to call it) but I'm glad to see that other people did. Can't wait for a 'official' pre-purchase option though! ;)

And that last video is very cool of course, but I won't be posting my "it looks cool" comments every newspost because that gets a little repetitive :P Oh I just did didn't I...

+1 vote   article: Progressing with Procedural Towns
Metalspy May 12 2012, 1:27pm says:

What the, that logo. At first I just read it as "Mindworld". Only after about 5 seconds I realized it wasn't written in the usual way, which made quite an impact for some reason (felt more like a.. mindfuck ;)). Good job, I like it :)

+6 votes   article: Mindworld: Shattered Dreams News #22
Metalspy Apr 17 2012, 6:50pm says:

Ah this looks more like the Crysis I loved ;) After Crysis 2 I said I wouldn't buy Crysis 3 (if it would be developed), but after seeing these screenshots I think I'll have to change my mind... :D

+3 votes   article: Crysis 3 announcement
Metalspy Apr 11 2012, 9:03am says:

Oh look, you've got your own game! Moddb.com

0 votes   member: Drown_
Metalspy Mar 3 2012, 7:14pm says:

Wow. It always (and still) amazes me how much of a difference a different texture can make.

+3 votes   download: Steel Armor Enhancement
Metalspy Feb 3 2012, 4:08am says:

Congratulations with the release! There is an error in the title of the aricle though ("chater") and now that it's frontpage-slider news it wouldn't hurt to fix it right? ;) Anyway I'd like to give this a try once I get home, it's been a while since I've played a (good) Crysis mod!

+2 votes   article: Triptych - Chapter I is finished.
Metalspy Jan 16 2012, 11:40am says:

I hope the low framerate is because you have all that development software stuffs running in the background ;)

+2 votes   article: Pretty Outdoors!
Metalspy Dec 9 2011, 4:26am replied:


If someone says 205 and wins again, I'm going to cry. Don't disappoint me, number generator!

+1 vote   article: AVWW: IOTY 2011 Giveaway and Latest Multiplayer News
Metalspy Dec 7 2011, 11:24am replied:

I'm still waiting for the EYE demo, which was supposed to come out a week after the release of the game.. :( So no vote for EYE from me.

+3 votes   article: IOTY Year in Review 2011 Quarter 03
Metalspy Dec 5 2011, 4:25pm replied:

Isn't that the same artist that they're using for indie game of the year awards at indieDB?

+1 vote   media: Alpha 14 Preview
Metalspy Dec 4 2011, 9:01am says:

Yes this looks good :) You should definitely keep this whoosh thingie, especially because it saves you a lot of time!

+2 votes   article: New Attack Graphic
Metalspy Dec 2 2011, 3:12am says:

If this was actually added so modders can add those parts to Skyrim in detail then "Wow Bethesda, wow!". I'd still rather see they fix those annoying crashes to desktop, buggy Dragons etc., but what the hell. The game is still very playable and awesome.

+1 vote   article: Entire Tamriel landmass built into Skyrim
Metalspy Oct 20 2011, 7:54am replied:

Yeah I noticed the plants (hard to miss) and they're a good choice, but I just thought of something else: paintings or other art (small pillar with a little statue, stuff like that). Not sure if it would fit your level and if you have suitable models, just trying to give some ideas in case you want to make it less 'clean'.
EDIT: Oh I didn't read the comment below, woops.

+1 vote   media: Employee Quarters
Metalspy Oct 16 2011, 7:25pm says:

Yeah I've read about this on your official blog. I was really looking forward to the update, this set-back sucks :( Not only because the update will be delayed, of course, that would be selfish ;)

+3 votes   article: Project Zomboid set-back - but otherwise business as usual
Metalspy Sep 28 2011, 11:10am says:

That's one expensive cape.

+2 votes   article: MineCon speakers: The Yogscast
Metalspy Sep 12 2011, 11:56am says:

How dare you give Crysis Warhead only a 7.5!!!!1111one
Nah just kidding (obviously I hope), I just personally would rate it a little higher. Nice read anyway, I've bought Mirror's edge for a few bucks, only because I had heard so much about it, and man that game was one welcome suprise.

+2 votes   article: Two Specific Game Reviews
Metalspy Aug 28 2011, 6:53pm replied:

Yes it's taken from a screen, you can see that it's a screen when you're looking at the top-right. But yeah, vines. Woop.

+1 vote   media: Vines
Metalspy Aug 6 2011, 10:50pm replied:

Never mind, got it working and you can set some parameters so it won't add certain layers to the model.

+3 votes   download: Minecraft to .obj (Windows)
Metalspy Aug 6 2011, 10:17pm says:

Does this import the whole lower part of the world as well? The cavern layer so to speak. Or only the surface?

+3 votes   download: Minecraft to .obj (Windows)
Metalspy Aug 5 2011, 5:19pm replied:

The point here actually is that the term 'indie' has nothing to do with passion or the number of people working on a project or anything. It's used that way nowadays, yes, but that's not what 'indie' really (originally) meant, which is kind of what I was trying to say.

+2 votes   article: Indie games - The meaning of "Indie"
Metalspy Jul 26 2011, 12:40pm says:

I'll see if I can find a server with a relatively low ping tonight, I'm getting sick of waiting for servers with a playable ping while there is such an awesome game installed waiting to be played.

+2 votes   article: NS2 Build 181 released
Metalspy Jul 17 2011, 7:21pm says:

This looks nice, but I'm getting sick of the camera movement :/ Mouse support would be nice, because I doubt I'll be able to ever finish this, considering it doesn't have saving and I can't play for more than 10 - 15 minutes.

Still, congratulations with the release :)

+1 vote   article: DC Episode 1 released!
Metalspy Jul 13 2011, 8:57am replied:

Hmm I had a weird typo in my previous comment, what the hell. Anyway, wow someone who remembers me, the newer members say they've never heard from me hehe. Also, tonight is Lost Control gaming time for me!

+2 votes   article: Lost Control Released!
Metalspy Jul 12 2011, 1:40pm says:

Ohh nice, I was wondering if this was still under development. I believe you've made a couple of other maps in the past (one for a competition, with a massive flowgraph)? If so, I really enjoyed playing them/it so I'll definitely check this one out.

+1 vote   article: Lost Control Released!
Metalspy Jun 22 2011, 8:55am replied:

A zombie with a gun that also knows how to aim and shoot isn't really a (classic) zombie anymore :( But yeah I'm getting a little sick of zombies anyway, whether they carry guns or not.

+1 vote   article: Crystalised announces its debut title Desert Zombie: Last Stand for iOS mobile
Metalspy Jun 15 2011, 5:45pm says:

Oh yeah I bought this with some indie bundle (indie love bundle? humble indie bundle?) a year ago, I still need to give it a good try (I only played it for 5 minutes). I do remember it looked promising though, so yay for a Desura release!

+2 votes   article: Aztaka Out Now
Metalspy Jun 12 2011, 9:30pm replied:

Pff I don't care what he does or does not want to be in his game, I know *I* (emphasis there) want it in the game :(


+2 votes   media: Lighting systems
Metalspy Jun 4 2011, 11:49am replied:

Rude players? When I played it there were only nice people :P Well, about 95%.

+5 votes   article: Let's Play Dystopia!
Metalspy May 8 2011, 10:28am replied:

What seriously? I too thought you were using a tablet o_0 Also, very nice painting :D

+2 votes   media: Girl with Flower
Metalspy May 7 2011, 11:52am says:

Ah would be nice to see how many people actually pirate, because I feel like I'm about the only person on Earth who still BUYS games (or music or movies for that matter).

*Brag mode* I haven't pirated a single game in my whole life.

-4 votes   poll: Why do you pirate games?
Metalspy Apr 28 2011, 9:22am says:

So if I understand correctly you don't want someone with a newer PC? :( For example a GTX570 and i7 2600k?

+1 vote   article: Wreckage - test test test
Metalspy Apr 20 2011, 7:20am says:

Ah nice, it's always a shame to see collections of assets go to waste indeed. Thanks for releasing this :)

+4 votes   article: Crimson Crow's Art Assets Released
Metalspy Mar 26 2011, 3:40pm replied:

I was wondering the same thing. AFAIK you can't really make a decent mod yet :/ Although I saw a video of someone using Sandbox 3 before Crysis 2 was released.. because back then it was shipped with the game if you know what I mean. (I can't say it explicitly because of the ToU I think).

+1 vote   article: Announcement of the project CryZone: M.E.T.R.O.
Metalspy Mar 18 2011, 8:32pm says:

Those wolves are awesome :) I can't imagine a wolf that is following and helping you to be really fun but they're awesome nonetheless.

+1 vote   article: The state of Minecraft
Metalspy Mar 16 2011, 5:30am replied:

Games actually CAN have to much polish. In cases there is only polish but no interesting core gameplay ;)

+4 votes   article: The release of E.Y.E is delayed
Metalspy Mar 10 2011, 8:46pm replied:

Yeah that sounds helpful. I'm getting quite familiar with OOP now, I might check out those (design?) patterns :)

+2 votes   group: Curly Bracket Programming Realm
Metalspy Mar 4 2011, 3:16am says:

What did you do to my Morrowind! :O :P
Yup it looks very nice, as stated in previous comments. (I don't want a jar of cookies in my face..)

Is the release date still 30 march? Because it would be a reason to install Morrowind again! I haven't played it that much, I bought it only 1.5 years ago, but I still really liked the game.

+1 vote   article: What if...
Metalspy Feb 24 2011, 3:55am says:

Are you planning on keeping the art 'simple'? (For example as in the screenshot with gun)

+2 votes   article: Lighting tests
Metalspy Feb 23 2011, 6:29am says:

Amazing, I'd say this is a totally new (and great looking so far) game instead of a SC2 mod if I didn't know better. I mean, this is actually a mod right? :/ Or do you have some kind of engine license?

+3 votes   article: New Screenshots Round 2!
Metalspy Feb 21 2011, 9:45am replied:

That... is your opinion :) Not a fact.

+2 votes   article: New Screenshots
Metalspy Jan 14 2011, 12:29pm replied:

What, is this game going to be free? o_0

+1 vote   article: Level of detail & ship rendering
Metalspy Jan 13 2011, 6:15pm replied:

Hmm ok as long as the unlocks won't ruin the initial balance and are mostly visual features I guess they are OK. Although I'm personally not really a fan of unlocks and achievements I will track the game because the gameplay sounds interesting ;)

+1 vote   article: Distinctions reveal - We bring back the hardcore gaming
Metalspy Jan 13 2011, 5:36am says:

"Oh... and what sort of game would this be if we didn't have achievements, visual customization and unlockables?"

An even more hardcore game :) Advertising with 'hardcore gaming' while adding achievements and unlockables is IMO very odd.

+1 vote   article: Distinctions reveal - We bring back the hardcore gaming
Metalspy Jan 8 2011, 6:06pm replied:

Lol as far as I understand Newbez meant with the part you quoted and commented on that seeing a video is never the same as playing the game/mod in the video. Meaning that the video might give a wrong impression and that the real mod could actually be a great improvement, while he doesn't see any real differences in the video.

+1 vote   article: The gameplay of the mod Far Cry 2010 v0.15.42c in High-Quality Video !
Metalspy Jan 4 2011, 9:23am says:

Hey guys, I'm learning C++ (and C#), but one of the main problems I'm running into is the structuring of my programs/games. The 'layout' so to speak. Are there articles or books that can help me out or is it a matter of just coding a lot and learning by making mistakes and rewriting programs?

+2 votes   group: Curly Bracket Programming Realm
Metalspy May 30 2010, 1:47pm says:

Do I see some BLING BLING? :O
And.. is that a red dot sight? (or whatever it is called outside CoD :P) IMO that looks a bit odd on handguns. The gun itself is nice, though.

+2 votes   media: P235 Gunmodel Concept
Metalspy May 29 2010, 3:36pm says:

Hehe it looks.. funny. Really nice, though. And it could use a bit more tris. If it's going to be a first person model, why not just model it as nice as you want, as long as it stays under, say, 3000 tris? First person models are generally 'higher poly'.

+1 vote   media: [WIP] Flashlight
Metalspy May 5 2010, 1:07pm replied:

Great, thanks a lot!

+2 votes   download: Warm Gun - The Making of "Metro Station"
Metalspy May 3 2010, 7:03pm says:

It looks a bit like armor Cerberus would've made with those colours. Very nice design.

+1 vote   media: Hero Character 1
Metalspy Apr 24 2010, 9:00pm says:

Bug fixes, maybe that will allow me to play Clear Sky! And a lot of other improvements.. nice, downloading!

+4 votes   article: Clear Sky Complete Release
Metalspy Apr 23 2010, 6:59am says:

Both models are beautiful, but the clothes on the character don't really look like something elementary school kids would wear I think.

+3 votes   article: Elementary School Warfare Update Time
Metalspy Apr 21 2010, 8:24am says:

Wow, I though both images were either concept art or the actual 3D model.. the model (and texture) is done very well!

+1 vote   article: Environmental modeling completed!
Metalspy Mar 8 2010, 8:19am says:

*Cough* Newgrounds.com

After seeing the zombie island filename I started wondering if this stuff is your own work.. Now I'm sure it's not.

+2 votes   media: Testy 14
Metalspy Mar 1 2010, 8:39am replied:

It's going to be a RPG ;)

+1 vote   article: Second Question?
Metalspy Feb 6 2010, 9:04am says:

Well I'm sorry, my internet problem still isn't fixed, so I won't be able to participate today and tomorrow.. I hope you guys will have fun anyway (: (If there are other participants :P)

+1 vote   article: Gaming Events For Feburary 3rd, 6th and 7th
Metalspy Jan 31 2010, 5:14am replied:

Maybe you should edit the original post with this information, if possible. And I can't get the mod fully downloaded.. meh.

Damn I forgot to track this group, so I missed see this week's schedule :P But now I'm tracking the group (:

+1 vote   article: Gaming Events For Jan 27th, 30th and 31st
Metalspy Jan 25 2010, 7:01am replied:

Aha! So that's what he wanted to do with my fingers.

+4 votes   media: Drone Concept - Colour
Metalspy Jan 12 2010, 1:21pm replied:

Hmm, I see. It still looks a bit odd.. for a spaceship :D

+2 votes   media: Cuttlefish ship
Metalspy Jan 12 2010, 11:29am replied:

Whoops, yeah.. I missed the concept-part. It still looks nice though.

+1 vote   media: NEARLY complete background concept
Metalspy Jan 11 2010, 6:07pm says:

Nice, the front looks a bit odd though.

+2 votes   media: Cuttlefish ship
Metalspy Dec 29 2009, 4:34pm replied:

And the whiskey bottle! Or whatever it is.

+1 vote   media: Let's play chess!
Metalspy Dec 2 2009, 7:58am says:



+2 votes   member: Croco15
Metalspy Nov 10 2009, 1:17pm replied:

Even if it was a commercial game, you are allowed to borrow IDEAS, right? :/
Please tell me you can..

+5 votes   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Weapon Crates!
Metalspy Nov 5 2009, 1:51pm replied:

No need to apologize ;)

+6 votes   article: Unreal Engine 3 Free to Indies
Metalspy Nov 5 2009, 1:44pm replied:

Woah, -7 karma points?
I was serious guys, not trolling.

+1 vote   poll: I believe that we are
Metalspy Nov 2 2009, 11:08am buried:


I have no idea.. :/ I saw a very strange color-changing flying light the other day, so maybe it was a spaceship? ^^

-6 votes   poll: I believe that we are
Metalspy Oct 16 2009, 8:18am replied:

16:9 isn't really a resolution?.. and 30 FPS on 800*600 doesn't sound that great, but for a $500,- PC.. well, I guess it is.

+3 votes   poll: How much did you spend on your current computer? (USD)
Metalspy Oct 4 2009, 8:59am says:

"I am an avid supporter of the mod scene and hope it never dies :)"
Don't worry, it's never going to die ;)

+1 vote   member: DOLBYdigital
Metalspy Sep 30 2009, 12:25pm says:

Hahaha xD

+2 votes   media: Kanye West Says...
Metalspy Sep 9 2009, 12:00pm says:

I don't really like the new truck skin, the rest of the update looks great :)

+1 vote   article: New Features
Metalspy Aug 6 2009, 6:15pm says:

YES, finally! Thank you so much, downloading now!

+1 vote   article: Cube Experimental English and German Version 1.0.4 Available!
Metalspy Jul 9 2009, 8:02am says:

Sweet, I the quality of this mod.

+1 vote   media: Blacksmith Turntable Textured
Metalspy Jul 7 2009, 7:08pm says:

Haha, that vid made me laugh.

+1 vote   article: Community Q&A responses (with HD video!)
Metalspy Jun 1 2009, 5:40pm says:

Congratz Kamikaze!

+1 vote   article: MechWarrior: Living Legends - May Update IV
Metalspy May 9 2009, 1:17pm says:

Hmm, I'll just wait for the English version then.
I do understand German but I prefer English in games.
Hopefully the English version will be finished soon, I've been watching this mod for a while and it looks amazing!

+2 votes   article: Cube Experimental v1.0.2 (de) Released!
Metalspy Apr 19 2009, 11:18am says:

You guys really know how to create a great atmosphere for this mod!

+7 votes   media: Bumpercars
Metalspy Apr 5 2009, 11:53am says:

Lol "Views: 1 (1 today)" with 4 comments :P
Nice screenshot, looks very realistic.

+5 votes   media: Indoor
Metalspy May 31 2009, 6:01pm says:

Great.. but like some other guys already said: the lightning flash could use some work.. because it doesn't look realistic

+1 vote   article: Interview and atmosphere video
Metalspy May 28 2009, 2:33am says:

Nice, the war factory looks perfect.

+1 vote   article: Blog 134
Metalspy May 26 2009, 6:08pm says:

Pretty nice :P

+1 vote   media: Krisztián Kristofoletti
Metalspy May 26 2009, 2:13am says:

"I'm firing ma laz0rz"? :P

+1 vote   media: Weekly Update VII - Playtest impressions
Metalspy May 25 2009, 10:22am says:

Omg, this is making me so nostalgic.. awesome.

+1 vote   mod: The Red Alert
Metalspy May 23 2009, 5:51pm replied:

Same here.. or sometimes I buy a commercial game just for some mods. But I play commercial games a little more.

+5 votes   poll: Which do you play more?
Metalspy May 23 2009, 3:18pm says:

Oh wow.. I hope this doesn't "go silent" and that we get the chance to play a public beta!

+1 vote   article: Maybe May...
Metalspy May 17 2009, 11:22am says:

So.. this demo is.. 2 imps and that's it? :P

+1 vote   article: Encore! Demo - Version 0.10 Released!
Metalspy May 16 2009, 5:35pm says:

I've ordered Diablo 2 today, because I couldn't wait for Diablo 3 :D

+1 vote   game: Diablo III
Metalspy May 15 2009, 11:09am says:

I build the solution with Visual C++ 2008, but when I start my own mod with this code I have a moving camera of the background, a pink-black HUD picture and the wave+money information in the menu.. Is this because of the Visual C++ 2008 version?
Or did I forget something?
I hope someone can help me out..

+1 vote   download: Source Tower - Source Code
Metalspy May 14 2009, 1:56pm replied:

Hello ZiroBurno :)

+1 vote   group: Blenderheads
Metalspy May 14 2009, 1:49pm says:

I played the game yesterday for a couple of hours, and I wanted to say thank you!
It's a bit too slow IMO, but it's still a nice game :)

+1 vote   article: Arcan - Full Version released!
Metalspy May 13 2009, 11:41am says:

I played the alpha and all I can say is: Great game! I think that the "Kiss" and "Hug" counters on the HUD are a bit too big though..

+2 votes   article: Playable alpha live!!
Metalspy May 13 2009, 5:14am says:

Cool, downloading now!

+1 vote   article: Arcan - Full Version released!
Metalspy May 9 2009, 1:34pm replied:

Well I was surprised as well when I saw you are 18 years old.
I'm also 18 and I've been modding for a couple of years now and I still suck :/
But what you're doing.. is just great! :P
(OK, I feel like a suck-up now)

+1 vote   member: Dec1234
Metalspy May 9 2009, 1:28pm says:

That's a great interview!
Thanks :)

+1 vote   article: Killing Floor Interview - Alex Quick
Metalspy May 9 2009, 11:26am says:

:| A may update.. time flies!
But TBH I'm always a bit disappointed when I read the monthly updates, because I've always already seen the screenshots.
Anyway.. keep it up :)

+2 votes   article: MechWarrior: Living Legends - May Update I
Metalspy May 8 2009, 7:10pm replied:

The skull.. I think it's on the weapon, and on some screens in the lower right corner of the screen.
It's nothing very important, but like I said in my previous comment, I was just wondering.
And yay for the installer, I'll try the mod tomorrow :)

+1 vote   mod: Biggz: The Exterminator
Metalspy May 8 2009, 6:31am says:

I think this can make game development a little bit easier for some teams, it's a great idea.

+4 votes   article: Trac your game development
Metalspy May 8 2009, 6:07am says:

Nice, I love the in-game screenshots, well done!
But.. what is this Moddb.com ?
Is it a lamppost?

+1 vote   article: Eden - Developer Diary 02: Asset Creation
Metalspy May 7 2009, 4:24pm says:

Do you have permission to use the image of the skull? ^^
Because I think you just googled for "skull" and found this one.
At least I found that image that way.
(Just wondering)
Downloading now, I don't know how to install mods for the steam version of UT3 though..

+1 vote   mod: Biggz: The Exterminator
Metalspy May 6 2009, 5:48pm says:


+2 votes   media: Mining Base
Metalspy May 3 2009, 10:38am says:

Nice tutorial/article, I think this could be very useful for a lot of people!

+2 votes   article: Version Control Systems and You!
Metalspy Apr 29 2009, 5:56pm says:

I love concept art and I love to see how it is drawn, so thanks for posting this!
It looks great :)

+2 votes   article: Dog Concept Timelapse (high def)
Metalspy Apr 29 2009, 5:31am says:

Those models are great! They look a bit low-poly to me though, but that's probably because I'm used to the models for Crysis.

+1 vote   article: This could be Rotterdam
Metalspy Apr 25 2009, 3:18pm says:

Wait, you're 'only' 19 years old? 0.o
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love your concept art stuff :)

+3 votes   member: Neolight
Metalspy Apr 25 2009, 7:35am says:

Cool :)
It's a shame I don't have Doom III..
Btw, what's the name of the song?

+2 votes   media: Zombie Slayer Trailer 1
Metalspy Apr 25 2009, 7:32am says:

Wow, all I can say is: w00t!
I love this game, it's not to complicated but still very addictive.
I don't really see the point of the defensive trees though :P

+2 votes   game: Eufloria
Metalspy Aug 12 2012, 10:29am says:

You are working on 3 game projects now? Isn't that.. too much? Usually it's best to focus on just one project.

+3 votes   member: atsebak
Metalspy Nov 24 2011, 1:09pm replied:

The question however is: was the MMO indie or 'AAA'? I bet it wasn't indie.

+2 votes   poll: 2011 I spent more money on...
Metalspy Sep 3 2011, 11:04am replied:

Ahh thanks, so it is kind of like Dwarfs!? (if you have played it), but a little more 'complicated' (feeding, crafting etc), being able to build instead of just trying to get a highscore by mining, and from a side-perspective instead of top-down?

+1 vote   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Adopt A Pig! Pre-Order Now!
Metalspy Sep 3 2011, 9:46am says:

I've been following this game for quite a while but I still don't fully understand what the final game will be like. I haven't had the time to learn how to play Dwarf Fortress, so comparing this game with DF doesn't tell me what this game will be like :P I still might end up buying this though, if only for the excellent art. (And programming, even though I haven't seen code at all. Being a programmer myself I thought it would be nice to give the programmer some credits, too ;) )

+2 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Adopt A Pig! Pre-Order Now!
Metalspy May 5 2011, 7:14am replied:

Haha nice!
By the way, I bought this game yesterday to help you on your way to fame and your hojillion and I must say that is indeed the best [insert price of game here] I've spent this month (last 31 months). :) Nice stuff is nice.

+1 vote   article: The Cookie Caper
Metalspy Mar 19 2011, 8:27am replied:

Lol wtf..

+5 votes   article: Why we removed the school shooter mod
Metalspy May 10 2010, 4:43am replied:

The official forums and site are pretty clear about it ;)

+2 votes   game: Torchlight
Metalspy Jan 23 2010, 6:36am says:

o__0 wow.. this is definitely the work of a genius :D I love it.

+1 vote   media: Chapter 2. Romeo & Juliet.
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