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After some more hours looking at TorqueScript I am starting to understand how it works. I would have been able to create some basic functionality of my test game if there would have been some more, and more understandable documentation on TorqueScript. It is a real shame that I can't even find a list of the basic callback methods. It is quite annoying, frustrating even. I will continue my quest to learn TorqueScript though!

Anyway, today a friend started helping me out with 3D model creation. Hopefully he will continue to create various models for this project so I can invest more time in scripting instead of asset creation. To share the files we are using a program/site called Dropbox (Dropbox.com), which is a great way of sharing files for small projects like this one. With a free account you get 2 GB of storage space and you can share folders with friends. It is also very handy when you are working on multiple PC's or for backup purposes. It is very easy to use: just drag and drop files into the Dropbox folder on your PC and it will be automatically uploaded to the server and downloaded by the people you are sharing the folder with. Can it be easier? I think not.

So this was just a quick heads-up. Nothing special really but I hope to be more productive in the future! With some luck (and effort.. mostly effort) I will be able to give the first screenshots/video of a functional game (on a basic level) at the next update. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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