I am a versatile software engineer, currently employed at a company that utilizes gaming technologies for interactive and educative experiences. My main focus is software design and implementation ('programming'). I do however also have hobby-experience doing some Blender 3D modeling/animating and designing levels for various games!

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I don't believe that I have written a single line of game code in the past few months. I've never finished any of my game projects because I wasn't dedicated enough, which was caused by me not having faith in my own game. I always feel that my game concepts are either too boring or lacking originality, and why would you continue working on such a game, right? I suppose it doesn't help being a perfectionist either, it causes ideas to be never 'original' or fun 'enough'.

Realizing that I've been wondering: is it better to discard every idea that, in my opinion, doesn't sound good enough and wait for.. well, probably ever until I get that single one special and perfect idea, or should I just start creating a game based on one of my concepts and perhaps add some interesting new ideas while developing the game? At the very least I will have a finished project that I can show when someone asks for previous work. Of course I'm not talking large-scale projects, I'm talking simple games, but still. My main concern about going with the last option is that it will feel too much like work and that my lack of 'love' for the game will show and actually make the game even worse than the initial idea.

A third option would be to join a modding team on here, but it's so damn hard to find a team that is dedicated enough. The fact that I don't think I can write code well enough (while I probably can) doesn't make me too enthusiastic about this option either, and not being able to work on my own pace and people depending on my work is another reason I still haven't joined one of those teams. I just don't want to be in the way of someone creating the mod (or game) he or she is passionate about. Ugh. So.. yeah. Any advice would be welcome, because I actually seriously consider sticking with playing games and forgetting about developing them.

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