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Hi all and welcome to my new blog entry! I am not much of a blogger but I think it is time to show you what I am currently working on.

A couple of years ago I used to hear good things about the Torque engine but it also used to be too expensive for a poor student like me. I recently started looking for a cheap yet powerful game engine and fortunately for me Garage Games is currently selling their engine licenses for $99! In my opinion that sounds like a great offer so I decided to go for a Torque 3D license. All I need to do now is learning how to use the engine..

I decided to create a simple shooter as a test project. It will have a very simple, undetailed and 'low poly' art style because I would like to try something 'original' (it is probably done before but it is not something common now that we have enough rendering power to use highly detailed models in games) and also partially because it doesn't take too much effort to create such models.

The first two (test) objects, a player character and a tree, can be seen in the following image.

Obviously this isn't very pretty but I still had to change some materials settings when I took that screenshot. As you can see this is very simplistic and undetailed (I intend to use only material colours, no textures) and this is exactly how I had imagined it. I even want the (player) characters to be like the one in the image, but it might get a (partial) texture so you can tell which way the person is looking, which is currently not possible for the model is symmetric.

The following image is an updated version of the tree in the first image.

As you can see I made some changes to the material settings, which allows self-shadowing (if that is the correct name) and adds specularity. I also added 'leaves' at the top-center of the model, because I thought the first version of the model looked rather odd without leaves above the trunk.

Finally I would like to show a little scene.

In this scene there are some trees (all the same model but rotated and scaled), rocks and fences. The materials still need work but this scene was made to give an idea of the overall style I am aiming for.

To create a game I also need to create scripts, of course. One problem though: I am having a hard time getting my head around 'scripting'. I am used to programming and I thought scripting was basically the same but apparently it isn't and a lack of useful information on TorqueScript isn't much of a help either. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how scripting works but if you are willing to explain me a bit about scripting (TorqueScript or scripting in general) I would be happy to hear it! I understand how to write code, that's not the problem. I just don't understand when and where certain functions are called from. So yes.. every bit of help will be much appreciated!

Hopefully I will be posting a new blog post with some results of my scripting experiments soon. Stay tuned ;)

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