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Hunting 4 treasures
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Metalloid Author
Metalloid Feb 8 2012 says:

Be sure to hunt for treasures every day, the ultimate prizes are cars!

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid Feb 26 2012 replied:

This should be pro car *parts*

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid May 14 2012 replied:

Extra note:
Those pro parts are few and don't drop often. Make sure you put them in a car that you don't intend to sell fast, because you can't save your parts by removing them. Once mounted you can only sell them or throw them away (by selling the car with the parts mounted)

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid Feb 19 2012 says:

There was an announcement that another set of cars will be retired, which means that players will need to decide soon, if they want one of those.
More here World.needforspeed.com
An important car is the Zack version of the tier one VW. You always need a good tier one car because these can be used to level up faster. Levelling up is vital for access to better parts & farm races.

Car slots are very sparse. A level30 user told me that she still had only three slots, which means you need to manage your cars carefully. Also, due to server and network loads, other players may appear to be behind you, while they are in front. Your game simply wasn't updated in time with their telemetry by the server.
Tuned parts are hard to come by, and cannot be transferred to other cars. Know on which car you put them on. The same goes for bling

[08-feb] Update report
On this machine the update consisted of a 166MB, 80MB + 46MB queue. Your actual download will depend on your initial choice (mine was normal).
Make sure you're prepared when big updates are pushed and always make backups of previous game-data updates, so you can roll-back in case your game-launcher made big mistakes on your machine. I had to resume the update here after the game-launcher gave up, due to errors.
The changes to the game are handy, chatting can continue at home; just close it if you need to repair your car.
Multiplayer-pursuits need extra effort now. They have been re-balanced. The pursuit interface has also been modified in a nice way.
There are two new pursuit sections added World.needforspeed.com They are visible for all. There's also a place where you can win pro-parts for free (heard that from a level 50 gamer)! Naturally I'll leave that to you to discover, but it's something to look forward too, since everything is expensive here.

A good strategy is to find events which make you money, then buy stuff.

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid Feb 28 2012 says:

Server/Client update 28-feb:
One annoyance is that I saw this announcement a few hours ago, nothing was posted the last time I raced. Since I was prepared this time, I backed up my game-data before I started the game-launcher.
This surprise happened with the previous small server patch too, when I hadn't done my treasure hunt yet (I had only 1 hour before server disconnect!) Luckily I did the hunt before I left there yesterday (premonitions :)

At the moment significant (>64Mb) client update number two of this month is downloading via the game-launcher, after it updated the launcher itself (minor). Look at these pics here
Moddb.com and here Moddb.com

Just as in the previous large update, the launcher downloads three streams simultaniously to maximize throughput.

More when it's done

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid Feb 29 2012 replied:

Luckily The update was only the first tranche of 134MB

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid Mar 7 2012 says:

Server/Client update 07-mar:
Unlike the previous time I did not see this announcement on a patch before, because I didn't go on the site.
You don't get system messages in the news window while you ride (a serious omission). I never saw any of those there, only in the chat window (which is annoying). This time the server-park was also taken off-line to deploy the server-side patches.
Since I rigorourlsy follow my backup routine, the previous data is save. There was still luck here, because I logged in _way_ before I *really* need to do my treasure-hunt (takes 10-15mins), to make sure I dont loose my streak.

There are valid reasons for an update this soon.
This time the update is 136Mb and it involves an important user interface and chat-engine update, which is not esp. the reasons stated, but regards hardening the system against some gamers who don't want to conform to Netiquette.
I'll tell you later if it works the way it was planned by the coding-team at BlackBox.

Since the size is not much different from the previous one, it will take about the same time to get the files here.

More when it's finished, I'm logged in and have finished my treasure hunt :)

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid Apr 5 2012 says:

I've seen that this game is updated *every* *tuesday*, on the clock. and that the updates are (here) between 132 and 164MB.
Th update-client is not very efficient and can even fail catastropically (than it needs to re-check and download large portions of the update).

What I'm experiencing now with Battlefield play4free has luckily never happened here.
ATM that game is updating itself in a horrific way: due to a goof at the last rollout of Battlefield::p4free that game (which had a nice small update on tuesday) is now downloading itself *IN FULL* again.

Yes, you read that right, an update has become is a full re-download.
Read more about this FPS game here Battlefield.play4free.com

Thanks bField::p4free developers for this waste of bandwidth :-/

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid May 2 2012 says:

The full update cycle of this game has already been reported above. Nothing new happens on the part of tracks and events. The last major change is that the rewards for all events now give 100% more. I will test that somewhere later in this week.
According to an announcement public chat will eventually come back, but history shows that when something is really difficult to fix in this game, it gets cut for a *long* time. I've not seen cops chasing me in free roam ever, an option which was there a year or so ago, but has been disabled, due to major bugs.

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Metalloid Author
Metalloid Sep 30 2012 says:

This game has been nerved (made bad) majorly in a patch some months ago. The introduction of skillmods robbed all racers of their skills which were substituted with skills you have to buy for each car. Also you can never get the universal skills as before.

Afterwards the prices in the game were jacked up rediculously, which means that this is the most expensive free2play game now on the market.

Stay away from it as a new player. It will take you ages to buy good cars, and on the top of everything the management of the game stole the prize car for L50 drivers, the Lambo LP640.
Now you can only buy it for real cash (about U$20)

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Feb 6th, 2012
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