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NProject.v2.71 [13 -> 20 -jan]

I've played another nice set of missions in this mod and have made a prelimenary review, which is in its usual place. Natuarally there are also screenshots in their usual place. This mod really does what it states and you can even play on the moon! Of course you can only play and walk on the moon if you've downloaded and installed this patch. The ability to play the Boss General, the higher quality AI, the launcher and of course the stabilty, make this mod a nice one to play.

Powerfull computer opponents:
If you want powerfull AI for standard Zero Hour, you should try this Advanced mod.
According to the mod creator you'll have to re-strategize your tactics, because the AI attacks will not only be more intense, but also have more diversity. Another nice feature of this mod is that the AI generals will use their Superweapons in a smarter way. I'll be trying the mod soon myself, and will report how the computer plays with it.

Enhanced Alpha testing - Important tip
ZeroHour ShockWave treasures
New treasures - Tiberian Dawn Redux
DestructiveForces MaxCameraHeight fix
Initial site experiences

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