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As I was wandering through different mod-sites, hunting for C&C Generals and C&C Generals ::Zero Hour mods, I eventually ended up here, via the website of ShockWave. The experience was very nice 8)
Moddb is presented in a very comprehensive manner. Even as a guest most important features, needed for downloading work. Also for those who are on slow internet-links the site still opens in a good manner, something that cannot be said of much simpler social networks.
This is quite important since there are still many places on this planet, where a fast internet connection is 512kBit and a slow one is dialup :(
This also means that moddb must really flow nicely if you are fortunate enough to have a fast connection to the Net (2MBit+)
There are also proper limitations put on the images you're allowed to use for your ENV: which means that moddb flows good in the browser for everyone.

As you can see, it's all good here for me!

Now up to the voting section!

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