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Almost 2 years ...

Memorix101 Blog

Almost 2 years have past since my last post here. ^_^

A lot of cool stuff happened :)
Don't miss to check out my Wordpress (memorix101.wordpress.com).

I'm making games since 10 years, now. That's amazing :D

My current game project "Smash Up"

Memorix101 Blog

This is the trailer of my current game project Smash Up. A Flatout + Burnout Crash Mode + Pain hybrid mix game :)

Tell me your thought was do you think ? Do you like it ? Keep in mind that is a prototype pre-alpha build ! :) See ya !

What do you think about a Road Rash Reboot by Memorix Pilgrim/Freak Mind Games

Memorix101 Blog

The subject says it ;)
I'm currently taking a brake from making music to free my mind and get new ideas and motivation and while this I'm currently prototyping my own Road Rash Reboot. The steering of Road Redemption feels a bit weird for me like you wanna make a train to turn on rails :/ I know it's an alpha, but it gave me finally the final motivation to head back to make my own ...

What's next, Memorix ?

Memorix101 Blog

So many stuff happened ! :D
Cube MetalHeart's engine has been replaced and modified for a new and unique gameplay experience.
I worked together with few people and made some games with them.
I ported Cube MetalHeart to Mac and worked on two other Cube 2 Engine games.
Yes and finally this kinda of question is in my head, again.
"What's next, Memorix?".
I really don't know what the future will be for me.
I wanna work on some games in Cube 2 and Unity3D :)
I can't say what I'm doing next, because I actually don't know it. We'll see ^^
I'm totally proud on my game "Just Shoot", because I worked with MegaZell together.
This was the first time ever, when I worked with someone on a project.
The working experiences is a bit different when you are working alone on something :)
So what will you see of my work(s) soon ?
Maybe something new, maybe you'll see something old (sequel).
I wanna focus more on making games to release them to Desura.
I like Desura more than Steam ! It's an awesome platform :)
The staff is very friendly and cooperative and if you need some help they will do all they can :)

Have a nice day !
Memorix Pilgrim :)

First steps on Desura

Memorix101 Blog

Cube MetalHeart is submitted to Desura ! :D
This is a huge success for me :D It will finally release on Desura ..... updated to Ultima Edition for Windows and Linux only on Desura and IndieDB :)
Are you ready for the high rated brutal and high speed first person shooter in indie game history ?! It's coming with new maps, graphics, gameplay and a lot of new stuff like HUD and gameplay changes :D
Let your opponents fly across the whole map ;)Dear greetings, Memorix Pilgrim :D

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