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Just incase anybody was wondering/interested, those screenshots of that top down space game I've been working are of a game that I've simply called Space Conquest REMIX.

Why is it called that? Because it's a super remake of the first game I ever attempted to make. Originally, it was simply meant to have better graphics and smaller features, however it has so far evolved into something bigger.

It is an open world space game, obviously, where the player starts as a lone Hypanion captain stranded between a war between the Alliance and the Orizons. You can basically do what you want in it- mine, trade, scavange etc... but in keeping with the SC style, it's all about fast paced alien blasting.

It takes a lot of simplified abstract views on some of its features. For example, there is no "types" of cargo. Only a single type, that is aquired either by mining or scavenging. At the same time, there is features such as zooming down on your ship to view the insides, so you can walk about and use interior equipment. Teleporting is fun, because there isn't any limits- just don't beam yourself into space. :P

Overall, it's a fairly odd mix and it is fairly simple. But I just work on it for fun, so I don't really play by the rules. :D

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