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I've been thinking... perhaps I'm taking the wrong path? I've always had a passion for making and creating things, and that interest is especially extended in terms of interactive media- video games. But perhaps I'm more of an art person.

It certainly shows, in my opinion. My work habits in games often includes far more time messing about with the graphical aspect rather than the coding/functionality. Even with coding, I still prefer using slightly more limited engines the use a graphical appraoch to scripting, rather than code.

When I attempt to learn coding, or switch to another tool, I often find it nigh immposible to stick to it. Within days I'm back to Construct. Construct allows to me spend far more time on the graphics, and a quicker and easier way to code. A program, say, like Unity, is fairly similar to Construct in concept. Yes, it's 3D, yes it is super advanced compared, but it still uses the concept of a visual editor with individual scripts that controls aspects. I'll always choose those over programs such as, say, DarkBASIC Pro.

So, either I'm just plain lazy, or I prefer the art side. Perhaps I should attempt to work with another team as an artist/concept artist/modeller etc... when my skills are sound...

*walks away into the sunset mumbling"


Hey, dude. I just found your thingy via the zombox website, reading through the comments of the latest (As of 10/23/12) post.

Anywho, you and I seem to be complete opposites, yet the same.

You see, I'm sixteen and want to go into the game development business, but as a programmer. You seem to want to go into it as a graphical designer. Ha ha. You can tell by how our individual projects look.

I just wanted to say that just because nobody reads your stuff, doesn't mean you should stop. You already know this, I think, but I know from experience that even one person saying something can really boost your spirits. So . . . spirits, be boosted!

I started developing my game late summer last year, and have put in quite the fair amount of hours into it.

Now, viewing the link, you'll not be impressed just by looking at the game. However, you'll notice, if you play it, that a number of script-based systems have been implemented - for example, the game remembers what your score was when you move to the next level, and if you die, your score resets to this value. Also, if you have the maximum number of lives and you pick up a life cube, you will not receive score for it. There are a number of other things, too, but that was just some random selections.

Anyway, I just thought I'd pop in and say that someone now knows you exist and thinks your project looks pretty interesting.

Also, if you ever maybe want to collaborate experimentally on something, maybe it could work. I certainly have enough free time to do so. Just for funsies. :) Remember that I am very much an amateur.


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