german guy who likes mods, preferrably for the half-life series and maybe other games too idk

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Rapture Inc.

Mod review

an absolute mess with missing textures and mode


Citadel One

Mod review

The Darkest Words

Game review

This game is atrociously bad, just like most other games basing on the FPSC engine.

The sounds (including the "Voice Acting") are cheap stock sounds, one of them even stolen from the videogame franchise, Half-Life 2 and for some reason, it makes metal-y sounds when I walk over a skeleton.

The jumpscares are boring and not actually scary at all, and last but not least: The mapping is undetailed and boring.

The one thing, that is pretty good about this, is the soundscapes. Quiet and atmospheric.



Mod review

The Evasion

Mod review