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Welcome to GTA:SOL
GTA: SOL beta (StrongAsBull) Plan to release. (Summer 3014!)

Only download this is you want to get a sneak peek at the project (A snapshot)

Warning!! Unlike other releases this version has many bugs that I know about and did not want to fix just yet. Why you might ask? I will be making a tutorial on how to fix these bugs and hopefully get people involved in how this version works as there has been a lot of changes in the files. This release is a work in progress as there are major parts missing like Midway.. this will get finished in time.

GTA State of Liberty is a collection of cities from GTAIII, VC and SA remodeled in the style R might have created them including LCS, VCS and Beta maps merged in without deleting any of the original models. The second objective is to upgrade the engine in a way beyond it's original design.

Some people say I would be best to work on a GNU open engine where I could make that engine do pretty much what I want, That sounds to easy. I like a challenge where if your the kind of person who likes to crack limits then you would be the right person for this project along side me, the aim is to make the VC or SA engines do things beyond what others would say the impossible.

You would be in charge of breaking limits at your own pace with input from me where I would be modeling the impossible recreating map from scratch.

I've decided to pin both topics for map version 5 and 6. So check these two topics for updates. If you want to post ideas towards either of these in the correct thread. I would like to clear up the confusion that Map version 5 will be for both VC and SA engines. This will be the original maps only. Maybe some bridges taken from map version 5 the current 69.9 VC version.

This project will be named GTASA: SOL Trilogy and will soon be for the VC engine.

Map version 6 will be for VC and soon the SA engine. This will be an 'infusions' map that will contain extra islands, Elements from LCS and VCS and the VC, SA Beta maps and a lot of the original islands remodelled.

This is named GTAVC: SOL inFusions and will soon be for the the SA engine.

Both projects working together have the same goal to have both fully working maps.

The to do list for beta 69.9 (StrongeAsBull) map version 6.
1. To remodel all the islands VC, LC, Midway, Liberty State and SA. beginning with Vice City.
2. Sort out the pre-lighting issues for the existing models.
3. Combine elements from LCS, VCS and the beta LC, VC and SA maps.
4. To have a upgraded map with new areas to explore that is unique to GTA SOL.
5. May onwards have a spin off map that will be just for the VC. The SOL half of the project will head towards RAGE!

So why are we releasing this now?
We release beta releases every so often to give the community access to the mod thus this allows other members to contribute towards this project.
Anyone can be a beta tester and join in the great hunt for bugs and mapping issues, Please post these issues in the thread below.

Older; 69.5 version links.
Download link 1

Download link 2

Download link 3

Download link 4

Providing you installed your copy of Vice City from disk and ran this at least once with your desired settings.
Following this example of how to install the mod might be easier then how it is written in the mods documentation. (Readme)

There are 2 ways to install the mod:

  • The first would be to install Vice City as a Clean copy on your Harddrive and make sure all the files was not set as read-only as this would create issues over writing the files later.
  • Start the GTA ViceCity.exe and check your settings for the display and run the game once.
  • Quit GTA ViceCity.
  • Copy the mods folder over your installed GTA Vice City replacing all the files.

You should be good to go so just run the SJLauncher.exe instead of the gta-vc.exe
Now the Second way that works best for Linux users.

  • Unpack all the mod files into an empty folder called GTASOL69.5.
  • Drag the Anims, Icons, Mp3, Mss, Movie, Skins, Text, Txd (but keeping LOADSC0.TXD) folders from your installed VC install into your GTASOL69.5 folder, also the files from your Vice City root folder like the Mss32.dll, gta-vc.exe and readme files.
  • Copy the Audio folder from Your Vice City Play Disk (Disk2) into the GTASOL69.5 folder.
  • Run the mod from the SJLauncher.exe.

Copyright 2004/15:
GTA San Andreas, GTA: Liberty City and GTA: Vice City is copyrighted by Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive, All Car names & Trademarks are sole property of their owners, all the mods within this modification are property of their developers.
All new content is indicated within this projects documentation for copyright ownership, Permission was given by Rockstar Games before engaging work on this mod, use of the exe, and new modifications within.
GTA: State of Liberty domain is property of the owner. - Mc-Kay /X-Seti,
GTA: LC, VC and SA is property of Take2, Rockstar Games.

The site Moditorium.Net and its contents, "50 States Of Liberty", "GTA State Of Liberty" or "Project Crymaria" are not affiliated with Rockstar North/ Take 2 nor any companies owned by, operated by, or affiliated with Rockstar North/ Take 2.
This project is a private FAN MADE endeavor and is not associated with any "Official" Grand Theft Auto games or any of its trademarks.
No infringement is intended by these FAN MADE projects. We encourage fans/ you to join us in this development and support the project any way you can by spreading the word about us.
This Mod is classed as a work in progress; to be installed at your own risk, this mod may not work with other mods as all the object assigned ID and X, Y and Z cords have been changed.
This mod will not work with any other (No-Cd) patch, as this EXE is only designed to work with the official legal copy of the GTA: Vice City, with the original (GTAVC.exe) installed first!!!

Change Logs:
1. A new ID layout for all the IDE and IPL files where all the objects now range from 616- 16500. As well as fixing two major issues; those bugs around the map that effected engine stability - the random crashing and the vehicle damage bug.
2. I am in the process of recreating the game map models around the map that is still on going, No more alpha corruption that you get from using KAMs scripts.
3. Water has been fixed at last. Tunnels can be used.

4. New 2dfx array setup that works this time, Lighting objects can be stand alone and not linked to any other objects, also with the ability to tag light object using IPL entires.
5. 160 MVL SA/LC Vehicles now added, VC vehicles are now set as default and added back into the mod.
6. Optimized maps that will path the way to this mod running on SA,
7. GTA3.img file has been rebuilt to IDE entry order. Engine objects, Peds, Vehicles, Ifp and light dffs, Radar has it's own img file and the game maps have been sorted into there own map img files like game-vc.img, game-lc.img.etc.
8. Respawn cords have been fixed, no more fulling in random places.
9. New areas around the map like the Lower docks and Airport beta maps.

10. SA IPLs are still yet to be sorted out.

11. LC is a mess but I will get around to this, You can have a look around VC for now.

Look at the readme file for install how to...

I have decided to take a short break from modding, maybe a month or so.

Enjoy this release.

Alpha list sorted, kinda.



Mc-Kay Blog
Support needed;

Support needed;

Mc-Kay Blog
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what is your latest release mc-kay?

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When there is new version Gta Sol Beta 50 (Grand Theft Auto State of Liberty Beta 50)??? The beginning already of October, and you promised in September

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Mc-Kay Creator

I have had alot of personel problems, that have taken over my free time.

Lack of a team, working on this alone has taken longer then I planned.

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Mc-Kay Creator

A little late but there it is :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

To Beretta:

He is working in the Maps first, then he will ad peds and all that stuff, with a storyline.

I guess that its what they call "solid map"

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I want to be your writer, and I learn fast, I could learn how to MOD and all that stuff.

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Mc-Kay Creator

Ive just released an update for GTASOL beta 49.0
[URL=]Get it Here, Update Rar File.[/URL] 19/Feb/2008 Mc-Kay

1. This update fixes some issues in LC that was over looked, Also repairs some models in SA.

2. IPL data files have been sorted (no errors this time).

3. Replaces 3 broken textures for LC and SA.

Nothing as found in VC.


How to install this update.

1. Copy the update contents to your GTASOL folder.
Thats Fixedmodes/ Tools/ and the Data/ overwriting what is there.
(In the windows option box click Replace all.)

Note; Everything should be in with your GTA-SOL.exe.

2. Click on the 'GTASOL49.1 Remove Old' and wait for this to finish.
Close window.

3. Click on the 'GTASOL49.1 Updater' and wait for this to finish.
Close window.

4. Open/extract the Imgtool.exe found in the tools folder of the mod and select the GTA3.img file found in GTASOL/Models.

5. Rebuild the GTA3.img file.

6. Close all, Play the mod.

?. Problems with the scripts?

If the Updater script do not work for you.

Find in the folder fixedmodels, Delete these from your GTA3.img.
Then Add the new files found in fixedmodels and rebuild the archive.


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i'm from Romania and i would like to add to vice city a map of Bucharest. I just have a little problem.... How can i get rid of the invisible barrier that is on the sea and blocks me from adding a new map?


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Mc-Kay Creator

Yes and no, if you change the SCM the game might crash, however a custom SCM can be done.

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can i use this mod along with the BTTF mod? hopefully this can be possible. i would love to see a change of scenery.

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