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Hello everyone!

...specifically, a lesson from Terminator 2: Judgment Day: "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves." (90s movies are freaking phenomenal, by the way.)

I took this particularly to heart in the past month, for the simple fact that I have searched for (and successfully located) a new job over the past month. Long story short, my current employment wasn't exactly what I hoped it would be, and ultimately turned into a situation where I genuinely loathed going to work. To the point of the lesson learned, I took matters into my own hands, and actively sought out a different employer.

Great news on that front - as of April 15th, I will be at said new job, which seems (on its face) to match more of what I'm looking for - newer languages, smaller projects, more valuable experience with said newer languages. I am pretty excited to start with the new work; the 15th cannot come soon enough.

How this relates to here (i.e. Seeking Infinity), is that it ends a long "on-edge" period for me. A large part of the delay in Journey 3 was caused by the stress and general malaise caused by switching jobs and the uncertainty it brought about. Now that the situation is firmly in hand, I have a much better outlook - myself and Tormod can now finish plans for Journey 3 without my ludicrous worries hanging over head. While we can't, yet, make any guarantees as to when it will start, we are drawing steadily closer.

That's all for now.

Zero Hour Productions

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