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Report RSS My last Terraria home from v1.1.2 (view original)
My last Terraria home from v1.1.2
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what is this game?

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Maxen1416 Author

You are the first person who asks me "what is this game",
so i'm only going to give you a hint: it's in the title

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Sorry didn't saw the title ^^;

But what kind of games is this?

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got a bigger house then that also got hallowed stuff

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Maxen1416 Author

this isn't about bragging really, i decided to build a large home because i knew this would be the last world i will be playing before the 1.2 patch,

plus i personally prefer building really small compact homes (preferably with anti-explosives bricks) that are mostly for spawn, storage, and item farm usage, it also helps in stopping the goblin wizards from teleporting in the house early game

so yeah i simply wanted to build something bigger since i have always built small homes for "strategic" uses and with not much creativity in it.

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keeping this pic for memory before the major content patch in october,
didn't really bother to go hardmode in this world save, so there are some missing NPCs and furniture/decor from their rooms(such as the wizard).

Home Info:
-the tower is mostly grey bricks crafted from stone blocks, to waste the stone blocks atleast on something, except the bottom base which are made from green bricks which cannot be destroyed by explosive, in case of those hardmode bloodmoon clowns, or even accidental throws.
-the tower is very slightly floating above ground, and below it are green brick platforms, mostly a wire-based open trap room.
-the trap room is basically both pressure plate and switch-triggered dart shooter on both sides, simple but usually very effective in bloodmoons and invasions.
-the lava/water containers above the tower and below the underground here are obsidian farms, usually for unlimited source of obsidian of course, but also for crafting usage, as well as mass-obsidian skull crafting which are sold for 50silver each.
-far below in the underground is a simple glowing mushroom farm, for potions of course.
-the whole area has been "disconnected" by digging in both sides extending down to the underground by 4~5-block width/height gap to keep the hardmode corruptions from spreading into my home, a fairly large patch of sand blocks/sandbiome happened to spawn under the dirt abit in the west, so i dug the "disconnection" right after it, since sand can be corrupted because would be unusable, and it is needed to craft glass>bottles>potions (most importantly potions).
-the underground glowing mushroom farm has also been "disconnected" to keep it safe.
-there are two small gaps on both sides of the roof very slightly filled with lava, to kill any enemy flyers without burning the drops, you may notice blue candles placed which can be taken and held to attract the flyers, though no enemies can spawn nearby anymor.
-i used an another hardmode char to take this screenshots.

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