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Mavis130 Sep 8 2013, 5:41am says:

CA, you should be ashamed of yourselves for having released this game.

+2 votes   game: Total War: Rome II
Mavis130 Nov 12 2012, 7:10pm says:

Mr. President, you're looking quite well after that incident in the theater.

+3 votes   member: Alex_L
Mavis130 Nov 1 2012, 12:07am replied:

You beat me to it...

+1 vote   member: The_Nugent
Mavis130 Sep 8 2010, 10:03pm says:

It's posture looks off (I'm guessing that'll be fixed once it's actually animated though), putting too much weight on the front

otherwise, looks good

+1 vote   media: WIP spinosaurus
Mavis130 Aug 29 2010, 9:28pm says:

That is just incredible.

the awesomeness of the visuals in this are comparable to the awesomeness of the visuals in the movie "Metropolis" (the 2001 one, not the Fritz Lang one, although I'm pretty sure that one also applies)

I'm guessing it's just because it's the alpha, but it appeared like the player is able to take a lot of punishment. will the finished product be down to earth, where we die in only a few shots? (id love it like that)

+1 vote   media: Alpha v1.0.1 gameplay
Mavis130 Jun 15 2010, 6:19pm replied:

No problem at all. I love making up jokes like that

+3 votes   member: Mavis130
Mavis130 Apr 5 2010, 1:41pm says:

I'm gonna be seriously disappointed to see a realism shooter get blendered...

+1 vote   article: Racin' for that pot o' gold!
Mavis130 Jan 21 2010, 10:23pm says:

I say 4. Using the exclamation point with Evolutions! (<- like that) reminds of the The Clash's album Sandinista!

Which then I connect it to 2 positive things, music I like (regardless of the irrelevance of the connection), and a game which will mash Spore's face in!

edit- I just don't think 2 sounds right... I just don't where it came from or anything. I honestly think Mitosis and Conquer sounds better, only because it relates to the game in an easily identifiable fashion, although it just can't beat Evolutions! . (see, was that so hard, I used it, even at the end of a sentence)

+1 vote   article: What will be the game's new name?
Mavis130 Dec 14 2009, 8:41pm says:

I'm liking the AI who are actually smart enough to stay low.

+1 vote   media: Dym Shadows Animation
Mavis130 Oct 31 2012, 11:57pm replied:

I own an iPhone (or Iphone, whatever the **** it is), and I hate it (with the exception of the case which has protected it from so much harm, but the case isn't made by Apple)

I'd rather my apples come in fruit form, though if Apple made apples, then you'd have to enter your password for every bite, and you could only get it from one store that's in a particularly bad location that only accepts its own currency

+7 votes   poll: Do you own a smartphone?
Mavis130 Oct 12 2012, 12:56pm replied:

It's surprisingly not that difficult to make yourself

Get your hands on Notepad ++ and go into the same script file that this mod changes (weaponinfo.xml) and mess with the numbers, the values are clearly labeled and it's not hard to muck with.

+3 votes   mod: Weapon Realism Mod
Mavis130 Oct 10 2012, 3:41pm says:

Why does Trotsky come to mind?

+2 votes   media: The weapons and Hud
Mavis130 Sep 24 2012, 7:56am says:

The bullet isn't shaped correctly

The 7.62x25mm Tokarev cartridge bottlenecks

+1 vote   media: Weapon models
Mavis130 Sep 23 2012, 5:55am says:

The splatter of blood behind the white guy's head looks like a brittle star

+2 votes   media: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare In-action Screenshots
Mavis130 Sep 23 2012, 5:49am says:

Ok, that store disturbingly reminds me of a Legend of Zelda game I had for Gameboy Color

+1 vote   media: Ingame Screenshots
Mavis130 Sep 20 2012, 10:09am says:

The flag is backwards on the uniform of the guy on the left

The blue corner is always towards the wearers front

+1 vote   media: Winter Preview 4
Mavis130 Sep 20 2012, 10:05am says:

I see this patch has armor addons for vehicles

+1 vote   media: Winter Preview 5
Mavis130 Sep 20 2012, 10:00am says:

Better hope the Hezter doesn't take fire and go in reverse

+2 votes   media: Winter Hetzer
Mavis130 Sep 20 2012, 9:37am says:

Looks like Maybach's crash test dummy

+1 vote   media: Davis 2012 Redesign
Mavis130 Sep 19 2012, 4:36am says:

Gotta be fun to be one of the 2 guys dropped out of the plane inside of the vehicle (if it's still done that way)

+3 votes   media: BMD-4M
Mavis130 Sep 19 2012, 4:29am replied:

Project Reality makes being a garbage man fun

+2 votes   media: Where are the cookies at ?
Mavis130 Sep 12 2012, 4:35am replied:

[crytek , ArmA] = Awesome

Besides, regardless of the engine, if it looks good, then it's gonna look good

+6 votes   media: AK-74M TGP-A
Mavis130 Sep 12 2012, 4:31am replied:

I'd say a bag of Funions

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
Mavis130 Sep 5 2012, 6:28pm says:

Has the problem with corrupt saves been fixed yet?

I gave this mod up due to how long it takes to get a game going, only to have it get ****** up just when things are getting good

+1 vote   mod: The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)
Mavis130 Sep 1 2012, 7:51pm says:


+1 vote   media: Machine Guns
Mavis130 Sep 1 2012, 5:45am says:

The fat part of the gun is too short, and the gun tube as a whole is too long

+1 vote   media: German Soldiers and the Leo
Mavis130 Sep 1 2012, 5:27am says:

It's missing the sideskirt armor

+1 vote   media: Bmp-1
Mavis130 Aug 28 2012, 1:10am says:

Darth, may I join you so we can rule the galaxy as father and son?

I love the sound of every improvement there

+1 vote   article: DarthMod Napoleon v2.6 "Epic Edition" Released
Mavis130 Aug 27 2012, 2:46am replied:

In SB Pro I've managed to take out moving T-80Us at over 2 kilometers with a Centauro

Took quite a few shots since its FCS has no lead calculation, but it happened

+2 votes   media: Centauro
Mavis130 Aug 27 2012, 2:41am replied:

Introducing the Apple iFOR

+5 votes   media: BTR-80 and a Bradley working together.
Mavis130 Aug 27 2012, 2:40am says:

Bad day to forget ear plugs

+1 vote   media: M1046
Mavis130 Aug 27 2012, 2:38am replied:

Due to the widespread use of single warhead HEAT munitions in today's battlefields, the Strykers have slat armor attached (that cage that surrounds the vehicle) as a desperate last resort. The sad part is that it makes every problem you mentioned even worse

+2 votes   media: LAV-25
Mavis130 Aug 27 2012, 2:33am replied:

The modern concept of a tank-hunter in my experience is an improvement on the concept of an ARV (Armored Recon. Vehicle). The speed allows it to find the enemy as quickly as possible, so the rest of the formation has more complete information about their enemy, and so they have less of a chance of being engaged decisively, since they can break contact.

The powerful weaponry makes up for what ARVs lack, meaning that they can attrit the enemy before the main fight, even if that enemy has MBTs, and defend themselves if the enemies' fires prevent movement

+2 votes   media: Sprut SD
Mavis130 Aug 24 2012, 12:41am replied:

Think Lewis and Vickers guns during the First World War

+2 votes   media: Bren Light Machine Gun
Mavis130 Jul 30 2012, 11:41pm says:

It's a sad day when a game calls itself "extreme" when the boats can't even flip over (it's like turning off the crashes in the MS Flight Sim series, but without a way to turn them on)

+1 vote   game: Ship Simulator Extremes
Mavis130 Jul 26 2012, 1:15am says:

yes... oh my god, YES

Why did Bohemia Interactive ever refrain from putting this in the vanilla game?!

+4 votes   media: BMP-1
Mavis130 Jul 19 2012, 7:10pm says:

I gotta stop double clicking the "post comment" button

+1 vote   mod: DarthMod Napoleon
Mavis130 Jul 19 2012, 7:10pm says:

After first playing Napoleon Total War last night I thought "it's missing something"

Then I was like "oh yea: Darthmod"

+2 votes   mod: DarthMod Napoleon
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