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Mavis130 Dec 26 2013, 4:30pm says:

margaret, you're doing it wrong

+1 vote   media: Seattle Sperm Bank
Mavis130 Sep 8 2013, 6:34am says:

Total War: Rome 2

+1 vote   media: nailed it
Mavis130 Sep 8 2013, 6:10am says: +2 votes   media: Le Dump
Mavis130 Sep 8 2013, 6:02am replied:


+2 votes   media: CHOO CHOO
Mavis130 Jun 30 2013, 1:31am replied:

Because ArmA totally has flat water

+5 votes   media: Saaremaa Map
Mavis130 Jun 30 2013, 1:29am says:

Will these guys get music for their cars as good as the stuff used for the Iraqi Insurgency and Hamas?

+2 votes   media: African Resistance Fighters
Mavis130 May 23 2013, 5:01am says:

Eventually, one's entire wardrobe will be on a hard drive. You choose your clothing for the day and upload itit to a USB drive

+2 votes   media: evolution of pants
Mavis130 May 17 2013, 2:25am says:

Does rule 20 work if I just claim to not be a virgin, making everyone think I am one?

+1 vote   media: Internet rules for horror surival
Mavis130 May 2 2013, 3:28am says:

Holy **** those pants are standing on their own

+1 vote   media: pants
Mavis130 Mar 11 2013, 1:39am says:

Why does the Russian one look like the angel in the first episode of Evangelion?

+2 votes   media: Various Country's Anime Robots [Polandball]
Mavis130 Feb 20 2013, 4:09am says:

I think Scorsese could make a sequel to Taxi Driver based on this

+1 vote   media: Bus thief?
Mavis130 Jan 6 2013, 1:25pm says:

There needs to be loudspeakers on the helicopters with music like Wagner...

... or at least a recording about a surf board

+1 vote   media: Dien Duong Map
Mavis130 Dec 10 2012, 4:36am says:

I could have used that

+1 vote   media: a great guide
Mavis130 Dec 10 2012, 3:59am says:

I sense a magnifying glass out of Brazil in the works

+2 votes   media: DO WANT!
Mavis130 Sep 24 2012, 7:56am says:

The bullet isn't shaped correctly

The 7.62x25mm Tokarev cartridge bottlenecks

+1 vote   media: Weapon models
Mavis130 Jul 15 2012, 3:48am replied:

Your good are forfeit!

+1 vote   media: The thief
Mavis130 Jul 15 2012, 3:37am says:

If you want a serious answer, then its the debt is not to other governments, but banks

Many nation's banks charge interest to their governments on the money they make (its evil)

+2 votes   media: The question everyone should be asking themselves
Mavis130 Jun 29 2012, 3:23pm replied:

There's also the issue of maintaining the tanks. While Russian/Soviet military stuff is very durable, the lubricants and fluids throughout any vehicle break down over time and greatly hinder performance and even cause damage when the vehicle is run.

I don't think the Taliban or any of it's splinters have the means of getting the fuel and oil and other greases to the tanks, let alone would they be able to take it apart and put it back together properly (most people can't even change the oil in their cars)

+1 vote   media: M1A1 by Zlatorog
Mavis130 Jun 27 2012, 1:19pm says:

Will there be mod tools?

After playing this game, I see a lot of wasted potential

+2 votes   game: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Mavis130 Mar 1 2012, 11:18pm says:

All you need is Jesse Ventura

(sexual Tyrana-sore-***)

+2 votes   media: Minigun
Mavis130 Sep 8 2011, 9:59pm says:

It looks like a tank destroyer, kinda like the spanish Centauro

I'm assuming it'd be used as a recon vehicle

+2 votes   media: Cuban Military BTR-60
Mavis130 Aug 20 2011, 6:13pm says:

looks like its gonna be awesome, cant wait to play it!

+2 votes   mod: FarCry Operation Clearing
Mavis130 Jul 7 2011, 8:14pm says:

my mind = blown

+1 vote   media: continentalss.
Mavis130 May 23 2011, 10:48pm says:

lookin good, I can see some more work being done on his face, still, superb!

+1 vote   media: New March Images!
Mavis130 May 22 2011, 10:39pm says:


+1 vote   media: Klingon Warrior (updated)
Mavis130 May 22 2011, 10:37pm says:

space, the best place for a sun staring competition xD

looks great

+1 vote   media: Negh'Var class
Mavis130 Feb 27 2011, 7:37pm says:

I'd be too tempted to jump into the green pit.. lolz, nice work

+2 votes   media: Environment: Underground
Mavis130 Feb 8 2011, 11:05pm says:

am i the only one thinking of Goldeneye?

+1 vote   media: Dissolution Ingame
Mavis130 Jan 16 2011, 12:37am says:

I guess they made Molotov Cocktails expecting number 2s xD

+1 vote   media: Finnish tank recognition list
Mavis130 Jan 16 2011, 12:21am says:

reminds me of "BF2 : Project Reality"

"get a JDAM on that ******! wait... its just a bush.. oops..."

+1 vote   media: nevermind, it's just a bush
Mavis130 Jan 16 2011, 12:03am says:


+1 vote   media: Oeps
Mavis130 Jan 15 2011, 11:42pm replied:

very carefully

+2 votes   media: m1 thompson on M4 Sherman tank gun
Mavis130 Jan 8 2011, 9:32pm says:


I wonder what his horse is thinking though

+1 vote   media: various
Mavis130 Jan 4 2011, 5:45pm says:

Looks sweet, that part ahead of the grip reminds me of the recoil compensation system in the Kriss Vector

+2 votes   media: Picture of the Week 0015 - Week 1 January 2011
Mavis130 Dec 24 2010, 9:40pm says:

I'd really love to snap some fingers off so it looks like it's giving the enemy the middle finger xD

+1 vote   media: Signum Standard
Mavis130 Dec 24 2010, 9:34pm says:

looks incredible

+1 vote   media: Roman Weapons
Mavis130 Dec 11 2010, 2:51pm says:

might wanna brush up on German before posting xD

nice pic though

+1 vote   media: fallashir majer ghuver
Mavis130 Dec 11 2010, 2:34pm replied:

civilian G-36, kind of like the civilian AKM / -47 is the Saiga

+1 vote   media: H&K SL8-6
Mavis130 Dec 11 2010, 2:29pm says:

i really wanna know how he fired 2 Mavericks that quickly

+1 vote   media: Death from Above
Mavis130 Dec 1 2010, 8:31pm says:

It looks a little empty. I would prefer to have the GUI everywhere when I need it too, but then be mostly away at other times (like shown above), and even gone away with all together when I just feel like watching what I've done in close detail.

Implementing something like that rather than a constant GUI would be great (at least for me), just for the ability to choose between functionality, and the ability to view what's behind it.

+1 vote   media: Gui Concept
Mavis130 Dec 1 2010, 7:59pm says:

Isnt the RPG-7 a tad outdated.. I mean, an RPG-18 ought to do the job, much better at that.

regardless, looks nice

+1 vote   media: RPG gunner
Mavis130 Nov 15 2010, 9:56pm says:

Umm... nobody leans down like that. Observe Gorden's right foot....

+1 vote   media: L4L - Ravenholm
Mavis130 Sep 22 2010, 10:28pm says:

Very nice!

there's one issue though: there's no mechanism to release the blade. I remember one way I saw was 2 curved pieces (weighted) held 2 halves of a ring (scissor like) and were drawn up and up until they closed in on the top (made to close em in) which opened the ring at the bottom and dropped the blade cleanly on the persons neck (no tip required!), unless ya just kinda throw **** at the rope till it breaks

+3 votes   media: Free Bowling Lessons
Mavis130 Sep 20 2010, 10:35pm replied:

yea, as a candle holder...

+1 vote   media: lolz
Mavis130 Sep 19 2010, 2:54pm says:

Looks like my 9th grade science teacher... creepy...

+2 votes   media: Nedry
Mavis130 Sep 14 2010, 7:37pm says:

Increase the damage and provide more epic guns?!

very nice xD

+2 votes   media: Fallout 3 Reborn V8 EPIC PICS!
Mavis130 Sep 11 2010, 8:45pm says:

I have no idea what the **** is going on here...

Please, just find someone who is capable of drawing properly and communicate your ideas to them.

One suggestion I can give is to not feather your lines like that. Since I'm guessing these are manufactured products, then they would be all straight and neat and you need to show that.

On a conceptual note: make them better for someone to hold. I'm assuming humans hold these guns, and so by 2077 I'm pretty sure that weapons would be designed for the people using them (aren't guns that way, in 2010, and werent they since uhh.... well, I wanna say even from the 1500's when they first came around). The grips should conform to the shape of the user's grip so they are comfortable and can then aim it properly

Also, you probably don't want to scribble things out, I don't exactly know what too look at or even what some of the words are ("5op"?).

If you won't listen to any of that, then at least get an eraser.

+2 votes   media: weapons
Mavis130 Sep 1 2010, 8:09pm replied:

Because it's just that funny

+1 vote   media: MOOOOVE
Mavis130 Aug 29 2010, 9:43pm says:

you might wanna brush up on your English before making anything like this using the language

"I am not terrorist" is incorrect

it would be "I am not a terrorist"

oh well, still portrays a good message

-1 votes   media: Iam Not Terrorist
Mavis130 Aug 29 2010, 9:13pm says:

Hey, you just copied LA from photographs and stuff... very creative [sarcasm]

(get the joke?)

looks great! I love the contrast with the fire

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
Mavis130 Aug 29 2010, 7:34pm says:

Yo, the BAR wasn't truly a machine gun. Just look at the name (BAR = Browning Automatic Rifle)

That model looks like the shape of the grip is way off and the trigger guard is way to small

+1 vote   media: M1918 B.A.R.
Mavis130 Aug 18 2010, 2:05pm says:

I'm loving the man in the back.

"I'm specifically angry today"

+1 vote   media: US Army Kit Geometries #3
Mavis130 Aug 18 2010, 1:44pm replied:

They don't need to either

That's an amazing model!

+1 vote   media: Russian Mil MI-8MTV-2 Helicopter
Mavis130 Aug 1 2010, 10:43am says:

traveling in style, very nice xD

+1 vote   media: Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle
Mavis130 Jul 31 2010, 1:22pm says:

Yea, this armor should be able to hold off against all but the weakest BB guns

+1 vote   media: New modular armor XII.
Mavis130 Jul 31 2010, 1:16pm says:

holy ****!

+2 votes   media: lolo HIGH RES, you can read small literas too
Mavis130 Jul 29 2010, 8:43pm replied:

Now I know of a tank with a rifled cannon

+2 votes   media: Random
Mavis130 Jul 19 2010, 6:45pm replied:

but green is the coolest color ever!

+1 vote   media: New Class Equipment Screen
Mavis130 Jun 29 2010, 11:44pm says:

Just a word to the artist.

No tank that I know of has a rifled cannon.

+1 vote   media: Random
Mavis130 Jun 27 2010, 2:57am says:

I love how there is no real protection for the crew, with the big windows n such just asking for a few rounds to go straight on through.

+1 vote   media: Economy APC :P
Mavis130 May 10 2010, 8:03pm says:

Hey guys, check this: Jcove-lite.co.uk
This is a free version of the military training software: VBS2 VTK. It is very advanced, with authentic British equipment, including 2 versions of the Accuracy International L96 Arctic Warfare, an amazing rifle (although ya gotta use the mildots, which just adds to the experience in my opinion).

Note: I suggest you use the torrent to download it, an HTTP download can take more than 6 hours.

In the websites forums is a mission (called SAS somethin) which includes a large amount of advanced marksmanship with one of these rifles. And best of all: ITS GOT A BULLET CAMERA SCRIPTED IN!

Also, there is a mission editor, so if you get the scripting portion down, you can create some amazing things (like missions with the L96), just uhh, don't try to engage a hundred guys runnin at ya, even insurgents can use their guns.

+2 votes   group: sniper lovers group
Mavis130 Apr 25 2010, 5:55pm says:

I got a photography question: How do you convey motion on a supersonic fighter?!?!

Great pic, and a great aircraft!

+1 vote   media: SU-47 Fighter Jet
Mavis130 Mar 31 2010, 11:00pm says:

That is so ******* funny!!!!

+1 vote   media: BILLY MAYS IS HERE!
Mavis130 Feb 22 2010, 9:29pm says:

Looks great. But the explosion does look a little odd with the huge particles.

0 votes   media: Backzone Rolling Explosions
Mavis130 Feb 11 2010, 10:14pm says:

Is it just me, or is this ****** up. I mean we are creating 50 megatons of **** YOU in a can. Why not make energy with this crap. We could power Earth for years to come and bring telecommunications and all the jazzy stuff to entire world!

+4 votes   media: Tsar Bomb
Mavis130 Feb 11 2010, 9:42pm says:

Flying upside down in a helicopter seems like a bad idea... I dunno, just a thought... especially while someone is shooting a missile at you also.

+1 vote   media: Mixed
Mavis130 Feb 6 2010, 9:56pm replied:

I hope I can shank the snitch in the demo (with a shiv, then shiv him with a shank)!

+1 vote   game: Forest Valley
Mavis130 Feb 5 2010, 10:52pm says:

Why not just go with the Su-37?

0 votes   media: uh....SU 30?
Mavis130 Feb 5 2010, 9:36pm says:

I love the Trijicon sight (they make the ACOG scope). I can't wait to see the Biblical references while I'm gunning people down!

It looks good, the flash hider may need some work though.

+1 vote   media: M4 WIP
Mavis130 Feb 4 2010, 4:00pm says:

I played the demo for a bit. It is neat although there needs to be more ways to get cash than just selling elements (which I had none of most of the time, and I ran out of cash). Once I get past my money issues, I know it'll get better.

I also love the sign in the space station labeled "Not a furry" with people like Lee Harvey Oswald and Osama Bin Laden on it.

+3 votes   game: Incognito Episode 1
Mavis130 Jan 31 2010, 9:15pm says:

Looks like Taliban with that black kaffiyeh.

Great work!

+1 vote   media: Insurgent
Mavis130 Jan 31 2010, 9:00pm says:

Regardless of the detrimental effects of smoking, how did get that smoke in there (like is it rendered, or was it photo-shopped in)? It looks great (as in realistic, not good to breathe)!

+2 votes   media: Spec Ops Smoking
Mavis130 Jan 17 2010, 7:33pm says:

Looks amazing. I will defiantly try it.

+2 votes   article: JUMPER AND THE CITY - released !
Mavis130 Jan 13 2010, 10:30pm says:

I not intend to use that sadly, as I think I'd die if I went into an atmosphere (which I intend to do...).

+1 vote   media: Cuttlefish ship
Mavis130 Dec 19 2009, 8:24pm replied:

the M-16 and the P-90 are very different guns...

+2 votes   media: M16 Ironsight
Mavis130 Dec 16 2009, 4:46pm says:

Yet another game (or mod) set in the second world war... I guess I can only enjoy this if it is a realism game, that'll be something new.

+1 vote   mod: Screaming Eagles: Rendezvous With Destiny
Mavis130 Dec 16 2009, 4:40pm says:

So, are we gonna be stuck as clones created with the sole purpose of having our organs harvested (like kidneys, livers, ect.)?

+1 vote   mod: The Island
Mavis130 Dec 15 2009, 10:56am says:

So, why not make a Kuplewagon, I mean that was the little car Nazis liked to go around in?

+1 vote   media: Ford Nazi Copcarla
Mavis130 Dec 7 2009, 4:28pm says:

This looks cool, but even in it's early stage, will it still occupy me for a while?

+1 vote   game: The Golden Coin (TGC)
Mavis130 Dec 7 2009, 4:21pm says:

It looks like an AUG mixed with a Tavor 21, and then it has a grenade launcher.

+2 votes   media: STG 77 WEAPON
Mavis130 Nov 8 2009, 7:28pm says:

The funniest thing about these tanks is that a bullet could pierce the armor and then lose enough energy to still do what it does, but ricochet around inside the tank!

Great work!

+1 vote   media: front view
Mavis130 Jul 30 2009, 10:49pm says:

awesome; this is every super-nationalistic head-up-their-*** American's ultimate, most greatest achievement of all time!

(and then just an ultimate super awesome achievement for most others... which is hard to find though...)

+2 votes   mod: Hunt Osama Mod
Mavis130 Jul 12 2009, 3:28pm says:

Oooooo.... can't wait to try this game out and send a good old AH-64 down there to napalm some villages filled with innocents!

(of course it was a joke... but man, how many civilians were killed by US Soldiers?!)

+1 vote   media: Helicopter Landing Pad
Mavis130 Jul 12 2009, 3:24pm says:

I see ya missed the front sight (easily fixable...). What I'm noticing is the lack of metal parts on the top of it (yea, the chamber, the metal parts that were on top, I guess it connected to the rest of the insides so it could be taken apart easier...). It still is a nice model though...

+2 votes   media: M-14
Mavis130 Jun 8 2009, 8:48am says:

I'm tracking this, it looks good; but what the hell is an ax-rifle?!?!

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Midwest
Mavis130 May 20 2009, 5:08pm says:

damnit, now I need new pants...

+2 votes   media: Galaxy generation
Mavis130 May 20 2009, 4:51pm says:

nice work, the rust and dirt an grime look nice! (Id never thought Id say that).

+1 vote   media: New Sig texture by Jlgx
Mavis130 Apr 27 2009, 5:02pm says:

wait, if we wanted to play airsoft why don't we just play airsoft. I mean video games are for when we need to shoot someone!!!

+2 votes   mod: Airsoft Annihilation
Mavis130 Apr 15 2009, 8:00pm says:

goin to rob the apothecary are we?

+1 vote   media: Apothecary pics
Mavis130 Apr 15 2009, 8:00pm says:

man, i wanna drink it but im not injured, but it looks so good... what if I get hit with a bodkin arrow... eehhh, oh well!

+1 vote   media: SmallPotions
Mavis130 Apr 3 2009, 1:41pm says:

its so realistic... but should you really be flying in that kinda stuff?!

+1 vote   media: Gas Giant rings1
Mavis130 Apr 3 2009, 1:27pm says:

sooo, uhhh, how many terabytes with this game be?!

+1 vote   media: Terrain engine
Mavis130 Apr 3 2009, 1:19pm says:

i got one word for ya: orgasmic

+1 vote   media: Argonaut
Mavis130 Mar 20 2009, 10:28pm says:

my eyes! they burn form the light of what has been done with a game engine from 4 years ago!!!!!! (man, it was that long ago we all got cancer from playing HL2?)

+2 votes   media: Arozen Sword
Mavis130 Mar 11 2013, 1:28am says:

A definitely

12 gauge shells are easy to come by where I live, and cause lots of damage per shot. At that, there are many different types of ammo for shotguns to be used in different situations (if I find a police station, I may be able to find breaching slugs). The Minimi is useless since belted ammo will be hard to find (I'm gonna walk into a military base and get me some ammo!), with the M4 also taking STANAG magazines, but also having the 40mm launcher and a scope. A DMR with a sound suppressor isn't going to be advantageous without subsonic ammunition (and then it'll have a different match). Since I'm not in a place where ammo for the AK-74 is prevalent, it'd be useless for me.

9mm pistols aren't good against zombies (bullet may not penetrate the skull), but large magazine provides large volume of fire for dealing with potential threat of other humans, plus second one to give to a friendly human. The Colt or Mini-Uzi would be best due to the .45 ACP bullet they fire, but their sets aren't as good overall

The kukhuri is an amazing tool. With it I can process animals I hunt, cut firewood, build ****, and do many other things one could do with a large knife. Also, obviously, it is a wonderful weapon to defend myself with, with the ability to chop deep into the bone. Not as good as the sword for that, but its other uses make it the better option. Golf club is useless, baseball bat is cumbersome, and chainsaw needs maintenance.

The hand grenade isn't particularly useful, although I could use it for coercion in an enclosed space with other, not friendly, people (be a ******* terrorist!). The other options there aren't that useful either though, gasoline will be plentiful, a smoke grenade isn't going to do much, the claymore is only as good as my ability to set and detonate it (I'd need a position where it would be useful to have, and be watched). The Molotov cocktail is too easy to make (glass bottle + gasoline + motor oil or soap + ignition source)

+1 vote   media: Zombies
Mavis130 Mar 11 2013, 12:38am says:

Think, if I'm a super tall chef, and I dropped my knife one day, this could be really helpful

+1 vote   media: Plumber awards - The Thrones
Mavis130 Mar 11 2013, 12:35am replied:

I tried that and "invalid" based on the message Moddb gives, and it didn't work. Good thing you forgot (how fitting)

+1 vote   media: Problem with passwords?
Mavis130 Mar 11 2013, 12:29am says:

We choose to go to the moon in this decade, and do the other things; not because they are easy, but because I am hard.

+2 votes   media: We will go to the Moon
Mavis130 Mar 11 2013, 12:23am replied:

But Far Cry 3 is so short...

+1 vote   media: have some humour
Mavis130 Mar 11 2013, 12:19am says:

That's why I don't give people shoulder massages

+2 votes   media: friendly advice
Mavis130 Mar 10 2013, 11:59pm replied:

It's all a dark to light scale, but green is the best since the human eye sees more shades of green than any other color (why do you think night vision output is green?), hence many gunnery systems use a green color. I've seen the grey still used in some cases (like the commander's periscope on the Leo-2), and I've no idea if there is any reason as to why.

+1 vote   media: HUD - CR2 Thermal Optics
Mavis130 Mar 10 2013, 11:48pm replied:

Derp, the cav version is the M3

+1 vote   media: Desert Patrol
Mavis130 Mar 9 2013, 11:19pm says:

One thing that'd be nice for the future would be either different spawn points, or some kind of fast travel function, to save on travelling the same terrain over and over again

+1 vote   download: SP Whole Lotta Stratis (v0.42)
Mavis130 Mar 8 2013, 6:33am says:

That's a shirt I'd expect Ricky from Trailer Park Boys to wear

+2 votes   media: ARMA 3 pictures from GamesCom 2011
Mavis130 Mar 8 2013, 6:29am replied:

They have the right to 'em here in the US

+2 votes   media: ARMA 3 pictures from GamesCom 2011 #2
Mavis130 Mar 8 2013, 6:21am replied:

Wonderful. If you didn't get to it already also, it may be worth reducing the skill levels of spawned enemies if possible. They came at my guys with extremely accurate destructive fire that led to very uneven casualty ratios (on the regular difficulty). It would make more sense for the player to have the more quality troops, seeing has he lacks the numerical advantage (and technological one).

Also, it might be worth holding back a bit on the MRAPs vehicles (at least the ones with weapons). A single one can wipe out a whole squad since there just aren't enough weapons that can knock them out yet (multiple direct hits from a grenade launcher have no effect, and they still work even with the tires shredded)

After playing for a few hours though, it is great. I ran through the showcases so quickly I was scared I wouldn't have anything to do outside of the editor. Keep it up!

0 votes   mod: Whole Lotta Stratis
Mavis130 Mar 8 2013, 2:31am says:

There's a typo in the briefing, where strategic is spelled "stradegic"

+1 vote   mod: Whole Lotta Stratis
Mavis130 Mar 4 2013, 8:05am says:

Inserructum made me laugh

+1 vote   media: The Concept World-Map of Colonies
Mavis130 Mar 4 2013, 6:19am says:

It's "would have" not "would of"

What sounds like an of in speech is from the abbreviation "would've"

+1 vote   media: Piecemaker
Mavis130 Mar 4 2013, 6:11am says:

I see a problem making large structures like your wall

block is destroyed, whole column falls, lands on uneven remains of block, and tips over

The fact that it has to be a bunch of disconnected objects sounds like you need a completely different solution.

+1 vote   media: Destruction test take 2
Mavis130 Mar 4 2013, 5:59am says:

Why does the blade get much wider before the tip?

At that, is there a reason for the clip point? From what I read, Falchions were very heavy at the end, to make for better chopping

Another thing. Is the fuller needed?

+1 vote   media: The Falchion
Mavis130 Mar 4 2013, 5:35am says:

Why would piercing weapons defeat mail? The rings aren't spaced far enough apart for the tip of a sword or a spearhead to make it through deep enough to penetrate the padding underneath. At that, that padding was known to stop arrows.

+1 vote   media: Hauberk
Mavis130 Feb 20 2013, 4:17am replied:

Now take those pants off... nice and slowly.

+3 votes   media: restrooms
Mavis130 Feb 20 2013, 4:15am replied:

He could run

+1 vote   media: Dora just exploring?
Mavis130 Feb 20 2013, 4:13am says:

Looks like the Christians were right, Sponge Bob is gay; dreaming of ***** and all.

Wait, why is it "Bigger *****"

Bigger ***** is a proper noun here, I think it's a conspiracy

+1 vote   media: have some humour
Mavis130 Feb 20 2013, 3:48am says:

I would thought the human torch was Thich Quang Duc reincarnated as a knitted sweater if it wasn't for the 4 on his laptop

+8 votes   media: have some humour
Mavis130 Feb 20 2013, 3:36am says:

"Supply and command"

+1 vote   game: Supply & Demand
Mavis130 Jan 23 2013, 12:17am says:

Anything to be expected in 5.0 other than the listed changes?

Also, is there any chance of the bridge map returning? (unless I'm an idiot and it's still there)

+1 vote   mod: OccupationCS: Source
Mavis130 Jan 16 2013, 8:47pm says:

Good for ARAM

+1 vote   media: New Map for 2.4: Midbridge
Mavis130 Jan 10 2013, 2:13pm replied:

Did Maybach speak to you from beyond the grave?!

+2 votes   group: Automotive Enthusiasts
Mavis130 Jan 6 2013, 1:13pm replied:

You must have misplaced the decimal point, since that number seems too small.

+2 votes   media: Disturbance
Mavis130 Aug 13 2013, 3:45am says:

New logo for the game Overgrowth

+1 vote   media: May have overgrown...
Mavis130 Dec 11 2012, 1:06am replied:

Wait, why the hell is it on Moddb then?

(**** DLC with no modding support)

+6 votes   game: Max Payne 3
Mavis130 Jul 15 2012, 3:57am says:


And you can still go further

0 votes   media: THIS, this is how you shave
Mavis130 Jun 29 2011, 12:25pm says:

Germans sure did have style when they were at war...

+1 vote   media: German Grenadier Wearing Greatcoat
Mavis130 Jan 15 2011, 11:41pm says:

everything's fine, he just wants to eat the casings as they eject from the gun

+1 vote   media: NIIICE :)
Mavis130 Nov 9 2010, 8:07pm says:

Good luck to ya, I hope you all can get the people you need to get the project started again.

And your hints reminds me of what my high school biology teacher does...

+1 vote   article: Project On Hold
Mavis130 Nov 4 2010, 9:27pm says:

Would it be possible to release an English version?

And one that doesn't crash upon trying to apparently start a new game (I can't read the language it's in)

+1 vote   game: Forest Valley
Mavis130 Oct 12 2010, 3:21pm replied:

holy crap, I Mitch too!

+1 vote   member: Mobster103
Mavis130 Aug 24 2010, 1:04am says:

Looks like us Americans gotta kick *** like it's 1812 again!

+1 vote   media: Soviet invasion
Mavis130 Aug 11 2010, 12:19am says:

Looks very good!

+1 vote   media: Sgt. Dan "Mackie" McIntyre
Mavis130 Aug 1 2010, 4:33pm says:

Just like Goldeneye for the N64, too bad we can't reload it just by lowering it and raising it...

Looks great!

+1 vote   media: Walther PPK
Mavis130 Jun 13 2010, 12:58am says:

That looks absolutely amazing!

+1 vote   media: Ford Transit Van
Mavis130 Apr 21 2010, 5:28pm replied:

well, "people" is not a word limited to the US, so, while we are saving our own *****, hopefully others can do it for themselves too (I'd prefer that actually).

And hey, people came to the Americas in the first place looking for jobs (amongst other things of course, we've all be through the elementary school version at least), so maybe going to a different place is the way to get yourself out of situation like you have on yourself.

+2 votes   member: Mavis130
Mavis130 Apr 15 2010, 9:10pm replied:

Glad to know its not isolated to the US. I just hope there's a day where people who have their heads out of their ***** will be able to get power and truly help the world.

+3 votes   member: Mavis130
Mavis130 Feb 22 2010, 10:05pm says:

I've also seen that before!

+1 vote   media: MP7 in SMOD: Tactical Delta 6
Mavis130 Feb 6 2010, 10:17pm says:

So, for the SiN Episodes, one episode seems kinda short, huh?

+4 votes   game: SiN Episodes: Emergence
Mavis130 Feb 6 2010, 10:09pm says:

The changes and balances ruined the game, like the trade limits n such. It made it a singleplayer game where you see what other people do.

+4 votes   game: Runescape
Mavis130 Feb 6 2010, 9:50pm says:

When will this end and Half Life 3 is just made?

+2 votes   game: Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Mavis130 Jan 31 2010, 6:02pm says:

Great work

I hope the red dot sight is usable now!

+1 vote   media: US Army Kit Geometries #1
Mavis130 Jan 13 2010, 10:38pm says:


+1 vote   media: AKS-74U
Mavis130 Dec 14 2009, 9:24pm says:

Good luck on your project. I hope you are able to expand this game!

edit- I will keep watching this, even if it takes another couple years.

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars: Rogue Leader 3D
Mavis130 Dec 7 2009, 4:20pm says:

I love it!

+2 votes   media: AK 74 Model
Mavis130 Dec 7 2009, 4:12pm says:

Now I can't take any of them seriously, with that amazingly modeled slicked back hair...

+2 votes   media: FB Head WIP
Mavis130 Nov 30 2009, 6:53pm says:

I couldn't find any way to play with other people or bots (if there is any). Although I messed with the engine test and this game looks neat, I just want to actually play it...

+1 vote   article: Resistance Force: alpha version released
Mavis130 Nov 29 2009, 2:11pm replied:

The MP5SD has a silencer built into the barrel. It is so effective that you can hear the clinking of the parts over the sound of the explosion inside the chamber.
The MP5A4 I believe is just a standard MP5 (I'm guessing the A4 would mean a 4th version, like with the different versions of the M16 rifle, although I may be wrong, as the MP5 is made by the German company H&K while the M16 is made by the American company Colt Defense and thus the letters may mean different things).

+1 vote   media: MP5A4
Mavis130 Sep 18 2009, 7:13pm says:

orgasmic, and I haven't even tried it yet...

+1 vote   download: Absent Grave
Mavis130 Aug 22 2009, 3:43pm says:

When I run the batch file it just opens and closes a window really fast (fast enough that I can't see what it is), and then nothing happens...

Is something wrong? Or is it just a vista error (yea, I got vista... ]=)?

+3 votes   game: Trashcan Game Engine
Mavis130 Aug 13 2009, 10:32pm says:

This is the worst game I've ever played... the beast team (or whatever they are called) has much better soldiers (bat like creatures which can block forever and have a super fast, super powerful attack), it tries to mix too many aspects of different games together in a multiplayer game to make an experience that is impossible to enjoy each specific thing offered. And, with the constant "pay to do this!" I just feel like people get an unfair advantage by paying. I'd say, play multiple games which give experiences that focus on a single thing (like RPG, or shooter, or commander with soldiers, which tends to be a shooter anyway) for a much more rich few hours of wasted life.

+2 votes   article: A Second Wind for Tortured Souls
Mavis130 Jul 10 2009, 3:31pm says:

Looks interesting, but:

Leader, Rifleman, Explosives Tech, Heavy Weapons, Female

I mean, shouldn't she have some sort of role, other than the only female of the group. You know, do somethin like designated marksman or computer tech...

+2 votes   mod: The Last Hope
Mavis130 Jul 7 2009, 6:22pm says:

This mod looks amazing. I will keep vigilant for any updates.

For vehicles (now don't think I know what I'm talking about, I'm not a modder, yet...) why not change the animations and (obviously) the models of horses, then use an item for a vehicle's gun (if at all possible, have it only usable while mounted, and then a tank gun shooting from a jeep... yea...). Of course it then could only logically be attack vehicles like tanks, since it would only be able to hold one person (if it's a tank then theoretically 3 or 4, in the tank...)

+1 vote   mod: Military Mod
Mavis130 Apr 28 2009, 9:07pm says:

alright. after somelookin around... I gotta stick with the perfectly-flat-until-I-change-it region. This mod is nice, got new buildings... the agriculture is kinda useless, in large amounts. I got to play and build up a colony of about 6000 before I got a crash. i should of saved... well. good job, I will still complain and look out for that jpg file that isnt there though...

+2 votes   mod: SimMars Beta 3
Mavis130 Apr 27 2009, 4:46pm says:

cool, its been released 3 days from now! hahaha...

looks cool, I will defiantly give this a try! I loved Seventh Serpent (even though I got stuck at the tank, I got the stuff on the back to ignite, but it blew me up before it did itself...), so I am looking forward to a fun hour or 2! (and then I must beat it again!)

+1 vote   article: Boiling release
Mavis130 Apr 25 2009, 9:33pm says:

hmm, looks a little short and wide... I know the vortigants in the standard HL2 are great looking, since it was made by a super professional team being paid big bucks to make somehtin good.

+1 vote   media: Tor - 1
Mavis130 Apr 17 2009, 9:05pm says:

... connection failed... what is with this. My internet connection is fine when I try to play this. I hope this isn't another vista error...

+1 vote   download: Infinity combat prototype 1.0
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