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Today was productive. Got started on some ship engine sounds and continued working on the theme song for Sirius Online. I'm about halfway finished. I just need to extend the outro a bit and tweak a few things here and there.

Last night I was featured on a Sirius Online commentary video with the lead developer D3X. Click here to check it out.

A lot of things have already been modified and added since then. We're currently working on getting the ship's Travel Drive (super flight speed) adjusted and building the audio for it. I'll keep you all up to date on how that goes.

Thats It for today. Don't forget to track the Sirius Online game page and my blog if you haven't already.

I spent a little time composing some ideas into a short song. Turns out the project lead likes the direction I'm going for with the Sirius Online game music. You can CLICK HERE to check out the preview of my next composition "Empires Rising".

Also spent some time in the studio recording voice over for the basic NPC battle chatter. I went ahead and did the voice acting myself. The boss is happy with the results so I'm happy. There will most likely be featured in a video as soon as they get implemented into the game. Though it could be a while before NPCs are introduced.

So I finally got myself situated on IndieDB. I'll try my best to make my profile as interesting and informative as possible.

I just recently joined the Sirius Online team as the lead sound designer so I'll be blogging about that for now. Lots of stuff is going to happen this year so please follow our progress. You won't be disappointed.

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