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0 comments by MasterofMetal on Feb 3rd, 2015

The intro to the game begins initially in darkness and silence. The sound of wind, a small fire, and night noises begins to build until the long distance low angle image of a mountain range is shown in a jump cut. It is at night, a breeze is blowing, and there is a moderate amount of cloud coverage. The camera rotates on its axis until David Garnett's head is sighted. He is sitting on a seat-sized rock, illuminated by a fire below the camera, looking toward the mountain range, slowly panning his head to partially face the camera. As the dialogue draws on, the camera pans around the fire's vicinity until it reaches first person perspective of David.

Peter Pajari: Dave? Hey, David.
David: (Looks to Peter)
Peter: What about you?
David: What about me?
Peter: You haven't been listening, have you?
David: Sorry, no.
Nwanneka Mohren: (Sighs) You keep doing that.
David: (Shrugs and looks at the surrounding landscape)
Peter: Then if you're not a part of the conversation I guess we better start going to sleep.
David: No, wait, don't. It's just... been a while since I've seen so much green. So what was the question?
Nwanneka: Have anyone waiting for you up on the Saratoga?
David: No.
Nwanneka: No?
David: No.
Nwanneka: Oh. Did... something happen, or something?
David: Just bad luck. Mum had super aggressive cancer, and Dad just... He had dementia, and basically forgot me bit by bit. And I've never had a girlfriend.
Peter: (One eyebrow raised) Okay, I was genuinely feeling sad for you, but now I feel like you're screwing with us. You've never had a girlfriend?
David: No.
Peter: (Shakes head) You sad, sad person. Was it the friendzone?
David: Well... yes and no. I was friendzoned one too many times and so I just decided to stop searching altogether.
Nwanneka: Quitter.
David: Well what about you, Nwanneka? Do you have someone up there? Friends, family?
Nwanneka: Mother, and a sister.
David: So you've never had a relationship either?
Nwanneka: No, it's not that I haven't. But... any time I tried things just... deteriorated. It's hard to explain.
Peter: Then do. It's not like we're leaving soon.
Nwanneka: (Tightens lips and shakes head) No, sorry. I'm just not comfortable talking about it.
David: Peter, you?
Peter: You already know.
David: Uh... Oh, right, Sofia.
Peter: Six months to go...

Camera has panned to have a close up of Peter, following his gaze up to a starship (UNS Saratoga) in high orbit.

Peter: (Turns his head back to David and Nwanneka) So where was home for you two back on Earth, and why did you decide to join up?
Nwanneka: An apartment block, in Nairobi. Had a perfect view of the sunrise. I joined because my mother and sister volunteered to be colonists: I wanted to protect them.
Peter: David?
David: A rural house in Australia. Didn't have enough money to travel, or move house, so... And my job there sucked anyway.
Nwanneka: And what was that?
David: My job?
Nwanneka: Yeah.
David: I was just a tradesman, I knew a bit of plumbing, a bit of woodwork, metalwork, whatever. But I wasn't the best - kept getting outclassed - so when the UNMC says they'll pay far better than anything I can make, is there really a debate?
Peter: Guess not.
Nwanneka: So you just came for the money?
David: Yes, I think. Probably there was something else, like the idea of travelling somewhere free of charge, but... can't think of it now. Probably it was the idea of travelling to another planet. You think we struck gold with this place?

At this point the camera would have taken up the perspective of David.

Peter: How so?
David: You know, the fact the air is breathable, it has plants, and it has almost the same conditions as Earth?
Peter: Yeah, I think we did. Problem is the- (Sees something in the distance behind Nwanneka and stands, Battle Rifle in hand)
Nwanneka: (Grabs her Battle Rifle and crouches in the direction of Peter's stare)
David: (Looks in the same direction and grabs his Battle Rifle) What is it?
Peter: I saw one of them, one of the carnivores.
David: You sure?
Peter: Yes. Anyone want to check with me?
Nwanneka: I'll go.
David: Yeah, me too.
Peter: Helmets on, then, people.

After putting on the helmet (thus introducing the HUD), the player has access to the game world. Although, since the game is intended to be open-world, a way to make sure the player follows the NPCs must be thought of. Peter is leading.

David: What did it look like?
Peter: Too dark. Look, I don't know if it was a Keigh, but it was big and it was watching us, I swear.
David: I'm not doubting you.
Nwanneka: If it was big, it was either a Mutyro or a Kakaro.
Peter: And how big do they grow to be?
Nwanneka: If what they say's right, they can be up to three metres high.
David: Oh shit. Now... I'm not too keen.
Peter: Don't worry; they only use bows and arrows.
Nwanneka: I see a cave ahead.
Peter: (In Russian) As you would.
Nwanneka: Sorry?
Peter: Talking to myself. If I were a carnivore trying to three humans to their deaths, I too would choose a cave.
David: Sure...
Nwanneka: Can't see more than a few metres in. I guess it's time to use night vision.

Prompt to use night vision (unless the difficulty has been set to the highest level, in which case no prompts shall ever be given). Throughout the cave are obstacles to be crouched and/ or crawled under or jumped over or clambered (not climbed) up.

Peter: (Hums Mission: Impossible theme song)
David: Mister Pajari, I thought since you started this hunt you'd take it a little more seriously.
Peter: Who knows, it could be hiding in here, and I could be drawing it out.
David: Not helping.
Nwanneka: I concur.
Peter: Fine, killjoys.
David: Okay, if you did see one, Peter, it's probably long gone by now. I'm not sure it even came down here.
Peter: I see blood.
David: Blood?
Nwanneka: Yeah. It's dry, but it's blood. Could be anything's though.
Peter: Well, I'll take it as a sign. And since it seems the only way to go is down, down we go.

Peter starts setting up a rappel line.

David: So we're going further from camp.
Peter: Hey, you wanted to travel, didn't you? Come on. How about you go first?
David: Fine, whatever.

At the bottom David finds a bloody scene (probably a cinematic to prevent the player from derping around)

David: (Into radio) Guys, I... uh... I think I found the patrol we were after.
Nwanneka: (Via radio) How bad?
David: (nto radio) They're... torn open. Literally, torn apart. There's... It's not nice. But I can only see two bodies, and they've been mauled. I can only guess the rest have been eaten too. There's dry blood everywhere.

(Reaches the bottom of the rope and detaches from it) (In Russian) Ugh, Jesus Christ...
David: I don't think I need a translator for that.
Peter: (Walks hesitantly towards the body on the right and checks the dog tag) Yeah, this is the patrol, or what's left of it.
David: I think that's an understatement.
Peter: You doubt me now?
David: I'm allowed to be wrong. Faint light up ahead.
Nwanneka: (Reaches the bottom of the rope and detaches from it) This... is the squad?
Peter: (In Russian) Yes.
David: Can't bring the bodies... Collect the dog tags?
Peter: I vouch we find that carnivore, hunt it down so it doesn't do this to anyone else.
David: Fine. But not before we collect the dog tags

Cinematic ends (if one is used) after the remaining dog tags are collected.

At the exit of the cave.

Peter: (In Russian) Shit, more jungle.
David: Look, over there. I see smoke.
Nwanneka: Yeah, I see it.
Peter: It made camp?
Nwanneka: Possibly. Too far out to tell.

[As far as the sript goes so far]

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TheManwithafan Dec 6 2013, 10:38pm says:

Favourite Strayanese PM? Mine is probably either Holt or Whitlam.
Hawke is an honourable mention cause he won the Guiness world record for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds. He then became Prime Minister ;D

+3 votes     reply to comment
MasterofMetal Creator Online
MasterofMetal Dec 7 2013, 6:08am replied:

John Curtin.

+3 votes   reply to comment
MasterofMetal Creator Online
MasterofMetal Nov 10 2013, 10:25am says:

FYI: I reached the 100,000 word mark somewhere in Chapter 19. 100,000 words on 207 A4 pages. When I hit the mark, Microsoft Word's word counter broke. Literally, it's blank. I can only tell the page number now. 215 pages thus far.
Whether the audience would be interested for that long is a question I can't answer.

+3 votes   reply to comment
MasterofMetal Creator Online
MasterofMetal Nov 18 2013, 5:13pm replied:

222 pages.

+3 votes   reply to comment
[FW]ACE Nov 19 2013, 9:48am replied:

... and 108460 words.

+3 votes     reply to comment
TheManwithafan Nov 7 2013, 4:41pm says:

I'm curious, what do you think of Australia becoming a Republic? Approve / Disapprove?

+3 votes     reply to comment
MasterofMetal Creator Online
MasterofMetal Nov 10 2013, 9:52am replied:

I see no benefit in staying with the Britain, nor do I see any benefit leaving it.
The only things I don't like is the idea of an "Australian Crown", and how the Governor-General has the power to kick out anyone from politics.

+3 votes   reply to comment
The_Mastodon Oct 31 2013, 1:59am says:

Seeing as I'm such a good spirit I'll answer your call!

If you want to learn how to simply read or translate Tau symbols into the common Alphabet, you should look up the 'Tau to Alphabet letters' chart found in the codex but can as easily be accessed via the internet.
If you want to learn more about the Tau Language aka Tau words there's quite an extensive piece made unofficially, posted on Deviant-Art that is based on the lore from Codices and Novels/Books from Black Library.

You can also download a Tau 'Font' for Microsoft Word which will let you type in Tau with your keyboard. (Should be said other people on the internet won't be able to read it without having the same 'font file' on their computer.)

Here is varies links you may be able to use in your study:

Unofficial Tau Dictionary(incomplete, most extensive piece of Tau language info available) based on the lore:

Tau Language on Lexicanum(Note the Tau uses the same symbol for different of our letters):

Tau Font for Microsoft Word(Will help you learn recognize the different Tau letters easily): (Click the Mediafire link on the site to download.)

+2 votes     reply to comment
[FW]ACE Oct 28 2013, 7:00am says:

Your novel would be great as a film!

+3 votes     reply to comment
MasterofMetal Creator Online
MasterofMetal Oct 29 2013, 8:49am replied:

That's how I keep picturing it!
I see scenes and such in my head, and objects... but sadly, never the characters. Not Simon, not Jamie, not Ethan, not even Alma.
I can picture Alma at times, but never all of her, only her foot, a hand, her eye, her tail, but never her as a whole.
Then again, perhaps I'm being too possessive and obsessive...

+4 votes   reply to comment
MasterofMetal Creator Online
MasterofMetal Oct 29 2013, 9:32am replied:

Also, you might want to check the first few chapters again. I reworked them.
Furthermore, I have checked with my science teacher at school who specialises in biology, and the MAJORITY of my story is SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE! Half of it I was making up, but it turns out that it could very well be (though HIGHLY unlikely) that that lone cell I was talking about, could have survived.
But as Jurassic Park put it, life finds a way.

+3 votes   reply to comment
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