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0 comments by MasterofMetal on Jan 18th, 2015

Challenging Combat

The enemy AI will be adept; no single opponent, regardless of species or weapon used, will be a pushover. This game is meant to take a realistic approach on combat while maintaining an arcade feel. Enemies will take cover when under fire - prizing their own lives over making the player feel like the God of War games like Call of Duty and Battlefield do - communicate with allies effectively and execute tactics with coordination, be accurate in firing their weapons, be skilled in melee if they are a melee unit, won't dismiss the player's movement as mere imagination when the player is attempting to sneak past, and will know when the battle is lost. Compensating for the script-heavy AI there will not be hordes of enemies swarming to meet the player, but a realistic amount, each presenting a formidable challenge unless the player plays his or her cards right.
One of the most important features of combat is that armour will reduce damage. If a bullet lands on the armour of an enemy, NPC, or the player model, its damage is reduced by at least 50%, the highest total reduction being 100%.
Keigh guns have higher damage than human weapons, this is because they are traditionally designed to be used against the carnivores and subsequently are more powerful and utilise a higher calibre of bullet. Humans can use Keigh guns, but the recoil is far greater. The larger Keigh cannot use human guns because their hands are too large for them, and the same applies to Keigh attempting to pilot human vehicles. Carnivores will not use any form of modern technology because it is against their beliefs. However, they will accept aid from technology-bearing factions. For example: a carnivore tribe member may ride in a helicopter or jeep but never will they drive or pilot the vehicle, and a carnivore will accept medical aid the involves the use of a highly technological device but never will they treat themselves or others with it.

Dynamic Conquest System

Like in Far Cry there will be not only conquerable outposts but villages, forts, and even (and most difficult and lengthy) cities. But unlike Far Cry one cannot just simply walk in guns blazing - to conquer any kind of settlement the player must have access to a certain number of resources. These resources are Manpower, Vehicles, and Supplies. Manpower decides how many troops will be deployed, Vehicles decides how many vehicles will be deployed, and Supplies decide how much support can be called upon as well as the initial ammunition count. It is important to note that no settlement requires the player to have a set amount of each resource, but the balance of power will vary; the player can still win the fight even if he or she is the last person standing. Settlements are conquered by capturing or destroying a series of objectives, or reducing the enemy's Manpower count to 0, similar to Battlefield's "Conquest" and "Rush" game modes.
During the first half of the game the resources are readily available to the player and so most settlements may be a pushover. The first conquests are guided: a large scale tutorial introducing the player to the mechanics of conquering a settlement, and showing the player the Balance Of Power meter doesn't need to favour the player's faction to take the settlement - sneaking is still an option. However, the second half of the game will feature no hand-holding: it will trust the player knows everything, and resources are limited. The only way to gain resources is to do side quests. These side quests include the liberation of POWs, the theft of tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles, and the raiding of supply convoys and ammunition dumps.
If X amount of helicopters have been gained through side quests, then only X amount will be present, and the same goes for tanks and infantry: the player's faction could have 456 infantry available. 200 of those may be human soldiers, 100 may be Keigh archers, and the remainder may be Keigh melee units.
Only infantry can seize objectives. Helicopters would circle around the settlement providing fire support and/or deploying infantry to taken objectives. Ground vehicles may be armoured and resistant to small arms fire, but are susceptible to hijacking and are vulnerable in close quarters. An artillery strike is only able to be called once an objective has been lost for gameplay purposes. Supply drops are made by helicopter and contain infinite ammunition for all types of weapons, but how many can be called is dependent on the Supply resource.
An assault on a settlement can be declared via a map in any friendly settlement. Some settlements, though, can only be taken if the game story has reached a certain part, but an assault can only be conducted on a settlement on the frontline. Settlements can also be assaulted by the enemy, and possibly retaken if the player does not respond in time and/or the player's faction lacks the necessary resources to repel the assault. There is a possibility that the second half of the game may end with the defeat of the player's faction, and the player himself or herself dead.
Civilians are also potential casualties, and will constitute squad members' reactions towards the player.

A Thriving Planet

Populating the game world will be an entire ecosystem of wild animals, all of which will have realistic behaviour. Herbivores graze the plains and trees and the predators hunt the herbivores, and occasionally the player and NPCs. Predators will only hunt when they are hungry but may kill anything that strays into their territory unless the supposed victim is too large. Herding herbivores will take flight from potential threats, while family groups will make a stand, and solitary creatures may attack if the player or other NPCs who come too close. However, all animals will stay away from large battles and readily flee from explosions.
Within the streets of the herbivorous Keigh city-states, the palisades of the carnivore tribes, the barriers of the UNCR military outposts, and the ancient stone walls of Korsis, there will be a believable amount of life - nothing compared to Skyrim's emptiness. The planet of Tavorkan is home to approximately thirty million Keigh; it must look and feel like it. Citizens of the city-states may be standing in the streets talking, or buying or selling from shops, enjoying the parks, calling friends, having disputes, or having breakfast, lunch or dinner at cafés or their own home. Troops in the UNCR could also be talking amongst themselves, maintaining the guns, patrolling the vicinity of the base, loading ammunition, servicing stationary vehicles, or messing around during their downtime. Tribe members might be joining a public breakfast or lunch or dinner, weaving cloth padding for the warriors, a bracelet or necklace, maintaining their weapons bet it a sword, spear, club, knife or bow and arrows, talking with other members, bickering, or hunting food for the tribe.
Undoubtedly a lot of animation would be required, and skilled animators to created them.

Relations & Moral Decisions

Throughout the game there will be snap moral decisions of several types: obvious (the options are laid out for the player), obscured (one or more options are not immediately apparent), and subconscious (how the player plays affects the outcome). Examples of the former two are abundant in Spec Ops: The Line. An example of the latter would be present within the first mission of the game: while chasing down fleeing enemies, one of the player's squad members guns down any of the enemies possible. The player can choose to fire too, in which case one or two other squad members may see rage being a prominent characteristic. This action will also be reminded to the player after the first half of the story is completed. The intended impact of the action is to have the player consider how morally correct she or he really is, similar to Spec Ops: The Line.
The player's squad will not be generic killing machines, but vocal regarding their own moral views, and will treat the player as either a friend or a potential enemy depending on the choices he or she has made throughout the campaign. But for all barring one of two, their relationship towards the player will come to nought as the second half of the game begins.
During the second half a romantic relationship can be formed with an NPC - in no way will it be forced upon the player - the player can choose to skip the relationship entirely. Choices made in the field will work the same with in the romance as it does with squad members; the player's good or bad deeds will travel throughout the civilian population. Furthermore, the player can decide to take time off from the campaign to focus on improving the relationship; essentially go on dates. If this is the case, these "dates" must not feel like chores, but completely fulfilling and voluntary activities, and the character must react accordingly.
In some way this romance, pursued or otherwise, will have an effect on the main story, but in what way is yet to be discovered.


Gained through various methods, including bartering with shop owners, rescuing POWs, successfully assaulting a settlement, and possibly general exploration, collectables may provide interesting details regarding the lore of the game, the background behind the carnivorous tribes and herbivorous city-states and other minor factions, certain important figures both living and deceased, and may be significant to particular characters.
For example, after liberating POWs, the player may possibly find a spare audio player, after having lost his or her own at the beginning of the second half of the game. While it may only have a certain set of songs, perhaps belonging only to one genre, more songs can be gained by talking with the soldiers the player has liberated. These songs can also be shared with the romance character.

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