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MasterN Jan 12 2015, 8:43am says:

Sooo, Ard boyz are the only addition as far as I see. Hope to see more from the Orksez in the future. :)

+2 votes   feature: Orks unit list
MasterN Jan 12 2015, 3:43am replied:

How soon is that? :)

+1 vote   download: (OLD) Eternal Confrontation v1.5
MasterN Jan 12 2015, 3:19am replied:

Just amazing! I am speechless...

When will the English version be ready? Is it close? We can't wait! :)

+1 vote   media: WitchHunters race Trailer №2
MasterN Jan 10 2015, 3:30pm says:

Little patches, just because DoW mods that go with the "in one go" method have a tendency to never get released.

Witch Hunters, Demon Hunters, Thousand Sons, Ork mod, World Eaters, the list goes on.. All of them had amazing models and ideas and are now in limbo, the creators have gone off DoW but most of the Community refuses to use the models because "it's not right without the written permission from the original authors who will never show up...".

0 votes   news: Future of Mod
MasterN Jan 10 2015, 9:07am replied:

Eagerly awaiting the new version to try this mod. :)

+1 vote   mod: Eternal Confrontation
MasterN Dec 2 2014, 6:31am says:

Voted for this awesome mod. I can't wait for Chaos to unleash this masterpiece!!!

+4 votes   mod: Warhammer 40k: Black Crusade
MasterN Nov 8 2014, 9:08am says:

If you need icons just PM me with the list of the ones u need and the dimensions of the icons. I have some free time so I could help you. :)

+3 votes   news: Quick Update
MasterN Aug 25 2014, 3:34am replied:

Concerning not liking the Warboss. Orks have always been a bit cartonish I just find DoW1 Ork models too cartoonish with popeye chins and funny hair. I prefer the look of DoW2 ones, I know that it wouldn't bee good to replace all of them so I was just asking do you plan to replace the boss. :)

+1 vote   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 23 2014, 6:13pm replied:

Than perhaps a DoW2 Warboss for Orkz? :)

+1 vote   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 22 2014, 12:38pm replied:

Awesome news! :)

Mind shearing some long term plans with us? :) Pretty please... :)

+2 votes   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 22 2014, 11:16am says:

Warboss-rus I hate you! What have you done to me?! Since I downloaded your mod I find my self going on this page and WARFORGE forums to see are there some new posts, news or updates. What have you done?!! :P

Please at least if you know is the next update coming in a month, 2 or 5? What is planned for it?

Give me a fix man! I need my info drug! xD

+1 vote   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 21 2014, 1:55am replied:

Sent u a PM. :)

+1 vote   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 20 2014, 11:35am replied:

Nope public version of TWM use them too only private use Tyranids because of the issue you also have.

Trust me it's public content. And also how would you violate their rights by using it? People like you and the WH and the Demonhunt and any other mod team, mod DoW for everyone's enjoyment and for the love of the game, there is no monetary gain, just love. This is something the Tyranid mod team just don't get.

I assure you, you can use those models without any moral dilemmas, and if you don't believe me just ask around any mod that use them, UA, TWM, Bloodlines and the yet to be released Black Crusade, they all use them because it's public content now and non of those guys would use any models if they don't have permission.

It's just a shame those awesome units are available and for you not to use them. :)

+1 vote   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 20 2014, 10:56am replied:

Niiiice. :)

"I still can't decide who should have them - eldar or dark eldar. DE needs such a unit more, but eldars fans don't wanna see their allies on the DE side." Well you could do that but most of the Harlequins don't go well with the Dark Eldar fluff wise, Slaanesh and all, except Harlequin Shadowseer ofc. :)

"Thank you for you answer, it was very helpful." And thank you for an awesome mod, can't wait for more updates. :)

+2 votes   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 20 2014, 10:50am replied:

Really nice to hear all of this. :)

Hmmm.. All the big name mods like UA, Titanium Wars and Bloodlines use Demonhunt and Witch Hunters for over a year now, so I guess it's not a problem to use them. Many mods give their models for public use when the developers stop working on them.

So trust me, it ok to use them both. May I be killed and loose all my rakia if I lie. :)

+1 vote   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 20 2014, 9:59am says:


Awesome just awesome!!! Perfection!!!


I could not build the Canoptek Spyder even when I had the Engaged Monolith.

Suggestions and Questions:

Maybe you could add Necron Canoptek Tomb Stalker from the Bloodlines and UA mods to the Energy core as a third Monster unit, just for diversity sake and it is a nice unit. :)




When I play the Orkz I hear Inquisition music.

Big Trukk shoots too fast and messes up it's animation, just looks silly.

Suggestions and Questions:

Maybe give the Battle Wagon melee damage also? It has a chainsaw after all. :)

What does the Weird Boy Entrench ability do?


Nice I love the new research.

Suggestions and Questions:

Why don't the Broadside Battlesuits have an entrench ability?


Pure PERFECTION! You and only you good sir have made an IG fan out of me. :)



Swooping Hawks commander is misplaced he hovers above the rest of the squad miles high.

Suggestions and Questions:

Where are the Harlequins?

Space Marines:

They are ok I guess. I never play SM, love to kill them thou. :)


Just a quick suggestion. If the Tyranid mod guys don't want to share, why not ask Ferrum Dominus to lend you his Tyranid models? They look much nicer anyway. :)

Once again thank you, thank you for making the mos awesome mod ever! :) I can't wait to see what the future bring for this mod. :)

+3 votes   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Aug 20 2014, 9:57am says:

If I where to rate it as it is I would give this mod a 9/10. Why? Well:

First of all the mod is AWESOME, the best one out there in my honest opinion, really moved the bar for other mods. Everything has been given a LOT of thought and it is diverse and new enough the make me all warm inside and make me play DoW again. xD And I respect u man that much because u took a gigantic task of including the campaign! Just AWESOME!!!

Now I have tested each and every faction and here is my feedback:

Dark Eldar:

Suggestions and Questions:

The dark lance AOE weapon has been removed from the Tantalum, why?

Do you plan on giving the Dark Eldar more units? Because as they are they are pretty lacklustre in comparison with other factions. I think the UA has Medusae, Wracks and Grotesque models if u plan on adding them. :)



Repentias can't build their squad leader.
I can't build landriders and I have researched everything.

Suggestions and Questions:

Have u considered using and adding the Witch Hunter mod units for the Inquisition?

Paladin squad population cap is 35, that seems a bit too high, no?


It is just awesome! I love the diversity and modability of chaos that is only available in your mod and no where else.

Suggestions and Questions:

The only problem I have with Chaos is that Plaguebearers and Demonettes models are subpar in comparison with the other units of the mod. Maybe you could replace the Plaguebearers with Plague Drones from Bloodlines mod? It is a nice support unit. As for Demonettes I have no idea what could replace them except for something never before seen in DoW:SS. :)

Continue to the next post because of the character limit. ;)

+2 votes   mod: Galaxy in Fire RELOADED
MasterN Jun 21 2014, 1:35pm replied:

It is selectable from a special building that you build. The look and units are unique to every warband, as far as I know there are 11 atm as far as I know.

+1 vote   mod: Warhammer 40k: Black Crusade
MasterN Jun 21 2014, 1:33pm replied:

Somebody IS finishing it and he is only one man so be patient and respectful.

+8 votes   mod: Warhammer 40k: Black Crusade
MasterN Jun 20 2014, 8:45am says:

I see that even building change with Chaos god choice, I am getting hyped and jealous, so jealous looking at the goodies you are playing with. :)

+5 votes   media: Pestilence and Plague...
MasterN Jun 11 2014, 7:06am says:

Pure sick awesomeness!!!

+7 votes   media: Plague Marine Armour Update
MasterN Jun 1 2014, 5:55am says:

It would be a dream come true to see a mod that combines the upcoming Dark Prophecy and Bloodlines mods. :)

+2 votes   mod: Combiner Mod
MasterN May 25 2014, 12:27pm says:


+1 vote   media: Game screenshots
MasterN May 25 2014, 12:20pm says:

Where is she I couldn't find her? :)

0 votes   media: Game screenshots
MasterN May 25 2014, 12:20pm says:

The mod is awesome, I just couldn't wait and so I downloaded the Russian version. :)

I just have one question.

I saw screenshots of the Grot Stompa, Dark Eldar Grotesque and this chick , but I couldn't find them in the game. Will they be later added or are they in there already but I just couldn't see them?

+3 votes   mod: BLOODLINE
MasterN May 22 2014, 9:10am says:

I must admit I was impatient and I installed the latest Russian version.

But something is wrong, I don't see a bunch of units I saw on your site and forums, the female homoculus, the DE grotesque, the Ork Stompa with the gretchin...

Did I install something wrong? I installed 0.96 and than the latest 0.98 update.

+1 vote   news: BloodLine on MODDB!
MasterN Feb 6 2014, 6:08pm replied:

All I could find was this commissar:

+1 vote   media: Your opinion! Stell Legion - female model? 0_o
MasterN Apr 13 2013, 2:00am replied:

1. Well as I can see many active mods use this model without consequences, I know of at least 4. So please it would mean so much for the overall aesthetics if that one unit was replaced with it's better counterpart.

Anyway this is a great mod, in my honest opinion very well balanced and high quality, the only 3 things that I find it lacking are Dark Eldar (You explained it, hope they will get some love until final release), Lack of lesser demons in Chaos faction (Would be very nice if there where 2 per Chaos god) and the Bloodletter model (Please, please, please, please, please with severed Tau head on top, replace it). :)

+3 votes   mod: Titanium Wars Mod for Soulstorm
MasterN Apr 12 2013, 9:29am says:

First of all I have a bug to report, when the Necron Lord has shroud of darkness his staff and cape become invisible.

That said the mod is awesome! And I have a few questions:

1. Will you be replacing the blood letters with DoW2 ones? If no, than please explain why? Lots of mods are doing it because they look great and none of them have any problems.

2. What are the future plans for Chaos and Dark Eldar, they seem undeveloped in comparison with the other factions?

3. Will you be adding Deathmarks to the Necrons?

Once again this is an AWESOME mod, thank you! :)

+4 votes   mod: Titanium Wars Mod for Soulstorm
MasterN Apr 12 2013, 1:43am says:

Can anyone here please give me an alternative link to Dawn of War Revised, the dropbox link is broken. Thanks in advance! :)

+6 votes   mod: Awakening of Evil - Rise of Power
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