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Masso Jan 10 2008 says:

I'm downloading the 1.1 Beta now.
The bugs I have witnessed, are random popup menu, screen saying that I'm proctecting. It would come up a second and gone the next.

Things that I don't find enjoyable, is the fact that you can't modify your crosshair size, color or even type. I would even be happy if you can at least change the size in the options. I would rather have the crosshairs off just to keep 4 lines from distracting me, since they're so far apart.

Gameplay seems too slow, and even feels limited, or maybe I just feel that way because the the player models aren't exagerated enough. They seem too stiff when they run or jump. The models should be animated in a way where the players feel that they're in a real gun fight, rather than "Look, there's some guy walking towards me, shooting at me."

Some use of wall penetration would be fun also. Not sure if it's on or not, haven't noticed, but I think there isn't.

Also, the tomohawk seems too strong, and maybe even has too much of a far reach. It'd be more... Uh, balanced maybe if it was at least 3 hit kill (For someone unarmored), or at least keep it the same damage but less of a reach.

I don't know if any of this is fixed in 1.1, but I just thought I'd share what I thought.


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