The world is like an arena, trust no one. All are for themselves if you are gonna make an ally be aware and always have a dagger ready. If you want something donne you gotta do it yourself. That is my most most valuable thought deep inside my brain or more alike in the outer brain inside the cranium. Im like an explorer and I fight for atheism I fight for science because I want to know the truth I want to know the real world and not staying under the shadow of some fake religion. I want to see the sun, not the cold shadow. Im like a scientist. If I get knowledge I try to teach humanity it, and I do whatever I can to get it, and sometimes even willingly to die for it. No gods, no masters, no superiors. You are your own ruler if someone say something else its fake. Raise your hands take down the umbrella and see the daylight! But ofcourse everyone have their own mind. This is mine, and I like it. P.S I dont give away my real name, have never donne that. But most call me Masen...

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Dont know what to say really. Im not good for modding or anything like that. BUT I might be. But there is something I have had for very long time is fantasy I am a good story teller ( I believe ) and good on inventing histories. I can too use a real characters voice, calm, aggressive, suave, other accent. If I would ever get into a mod. The only usable thing I could be is making up a story for specific things or names perhaps and ofcourse voiceacting.

The Gaming

Masor Blog

I dont know what to say really. Except that most games and mods I play features 1700-1800 or the medieval ages. Why? Because I like it. Try to change it if you can. But one thing that I have never understood with some games is really just that. They are so poor on creating really fun things or events overall. But that doesnt mean everything but many of them. Like many Medieval games. You can kill them for example but the effects? He lie there on the ground and a bit blood on the ground too. I want realism. If he get shot in the head with an arrow the arrow shall be in the head and he shall not go around with it too. He shall be dead godamnit, if he doesnt die by the first arrow then the arrow should dissapear or bounce of somehow if it hits his head. Also why isnt it possible to chop of arms legs and heads? It seems brutal but most players wants it, most game companies say heeey no violent games but wtf? Most of us already know that and have seen way more horrible things. A other thing is that. On strategy games for god sake 2 or 4 countries battling each and nothing more? It should be like a other country or some odd events like when England faught the Normans suddenly the Vikings come in as a invading force. I like action in the game but they can make it better, more detailed and most of all more exciting. Why did they come? Why did they attack? Who are they? I dont know because I havent seen them before they came up from the ground when we all stood on it. It were a suprise, and we all like suprises now dont we?

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