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marsalandrei Jan 6 2012, 12:29pm says:

hi, i am playing i work alone 1.2 right now and i really enjoy it
i know it's too late but i noticed the weapons being rusty and all and i was wandering if it was cool or possible (to begin with) to add a costly reconditioning modification of the weapons at technicians? u catch my drift? pay, say like 10k ru to recondition the weapon and make it look new(maybe like CoP Complete weapon textures or whatever)
just an idea :P

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marsalandrei Dec 29 2011, 4:08pm says:

nice tutorial, great combination of graphical mods.. i installed amk 1.4 + SW0 2.2.1, absolute nature & structures mods ( i didnt install complete 2009 and shaders max textures because i'm sure if i did i had to play at a lower res than 1600x900 ).
i didnt istall your mod, coz the game stops working if i install en 2.0.94 final so i am playing with 2.0.92 en.
i installed "lurk animations for amk mod" but some weapons like lr300, groza and abakan still use vanilla hand textures and reload animations.
i did experience some crashes because various lines were missing from some ltx files, some say this happens because im not playing at the res i installed amk(1440x900) ; i had to modify the ltx files so i dont get crash for example at the bar got crash coz some file was named L-85-AMK-W and the game was looking for L-85-AMK file to load so it crashed when it didnt find this file; i renamed and problem solved... the other crashes occured because certain lines were missing from weapons.ltx file

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marsalandrei Dec 28 2011, 8:20am replied:

i'm playing CoP with Redux 1.05b (v2.0 is in development im waiting for that) and it makes the game very hard so i guess its similar to lurk; carry weight 30 increased by armor + artifacts highest i got was 47 kg i think ; recoil is the same as vanilla; weapons do high damage and are accurate( you can play with any weapon coz all are good and fast killers) , for example once i killed a monolith guy with 1 shot from the silenced usp compact; the armor you wear doesnt protect all that much you can still die in 1,2,3 shots; enemies are accurate, mutants have increased speed and damage, so it's not a stroll in the park anymore

you will die many times if the enemies get the jump on you

CoP Redux v2.0 will bring back the weapon upgrades and will have weapon damage based on ammo like in lurk 1.1 , and much more, so it says atleast..
I think you will like this mod

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marsalandrei Dec 27 2011, 7:01am says:

Hello, greetings from Romania!
Congratulations for makeing such amazing mods,i was really impressed the way they fixed the buggy vanilla games, i didnt have any problems with complete 2009 and CS complete( though in CS the crashing problems in Limansk were still there, but it seems doing things in a certain order, which you have to find for yourself keeps you safe from crashes but not 100% sure; and with a bit of luck it doesnt crash, until the bridge part where crashing stops ).
You thought of so many aspects when makeing the mods you didnt just fix bugs but also tweaked the configs to make certain things more realistic great job!
I have finished ShoC and CS with Complete mods and since then i kept playing ShoC with different mods but sadly most mods don't have modified LTX files so its all like in vanilla; the stuff that bugs me is the npc superhuman detection abiltity; i changed the m_stalker.ltx but i don't know what and where i have to modify to make silent knife kills, and maybe make weapon drawing silent also; npcs can also hear me when creeping up on them when i get like 2 metres close; i don't know how to mess with values, can you or any1 else pelase help?

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marsalandrei Dec 26 2011, 11:49am says:

can any1 please tell me if there is a way for a newbie into configure-ing the game like me to change the darker shadows, darker tones, overall darker environment of lurk 1.1 into a somewhat brighter display? (like vanilla maybe)
it is hard to see things, it is very dark during daytime and i didnt find a solution in adjusting the brightness/contrast/gamma etc.
if it is do-able please let me know

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marsalandrei Dec 25 2011, 6:14pm says:

thought they gave up work on any lurk.. so ive been playing call of pripyat Redux v1.05b = changes alot of things, makes game very hard, but realistic, so it's very similar to lurk in that way
and im also waiting on other mods: CoP Redux 2.0, stalker lost alpha, CoP Arsenal mod ST( i was like O.O when i saw the vids on this mod, russian guys usually make insanely cool mods )
if you're interested feel free to check em out if you haven't already, google type mod name gives you modDB links, or search on youtube
oh! and Merry Christmas :)

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marsalandrei Dec 24 2011, 3:37pm says:

hi, i enjoyed your lurk 1.1 playthrough, good job!
played it myself was pretty cool all-in-all except.. the crazy enemy accuracy, insane armor durability loss( 2-3 shots taken from 9x39mm bullets and it went down), the brownish impossible to see terrain at later hours ingame, i almost couldnt see where im going
the stupid AI awareness; lame, the enemies always knew where you were, didnt matter if you were crouching to be silent, it was a glitch they always knew you were there and came searching so no use in sneaking
all my hope goes to 1.2 installment, that it will fix all that crap

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marsalandrei Dec 24 2011, 3:18pm says:

wow nice to know 1.2 will be released... 1.1 had problems, and some things were abnormal, like npcs having impossible accuracy even with makarovs, armor durability was gone in 3 shots taken, at 22:30 ingame sun was still up, and well everything was so brownish at times it seemed like the light of the sun wasnt doing anything and you couldnt see; but the most annoying was the buggy npc awareness, the AI always knew you were close and started looking for you even though u didnt make any noise to alert the enemies

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marsalandrei Dec 5 2011, 10:34am says:

hi, why did i get ban on i just registered to post on the suggestion topic for redux 2.0? what's going on? what i did wrong

cant open the home page says: This Account Has Been Suspended.

Please login to your billing account to diagnose and resolve the issue.

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