Someone with not enough time on their hands. From simple script writer to operating system developer, I cover everything I can. Experienced in C, with a love for the traditional UNIX philosophy. I rarely do game development and modding lately.

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Currently waiting for UT99 SDK. During this time I'll be making a weapons pack by request of my new #1 fan! ^_^

After this, time for SWWM Platinum EP3 and UBX 3 V3. Also, I should remind myself to finish EP 2 too.

Now, on the zdoom side, I'll start with Hellbound once holidays start. And probably also update Instant Action 3 as well. And then once all is done, I should also continue IDIH and then Horror Show. Oh! And also finish the bonus map for IAGB, do something for DO-TIMS2 unoff. sequel, finish writting weirdlang 4 spoof text hack, and also check if my three little friends have made any progress with their first jokewad...

About Cave Story... Well, I guess I should give Isonomy TC more attention... (Yep, I started making it 'cause I was jealous of Xaser's 'Schism' ¬¬)

UBX 3 confirmed!


UBX 3 V3, real? Maybe, I think so. I finally decided to develop it after 2 years since the loss of V2, caused by a massive deletion of personal data during one of my childish outbursts.

After the success of the SWWM series and the Zanaveth Ultra Suite, I seem to have forgotten about the most important of my productions, UBX. Well, not exactly, since the UBX Universe is present in everything I make.

Nah, back to what I was talking about... UBX 3 V3 is planned to start its development right after I finish SWWM Platinum Expansion Pack 3 (or right after I cancel it... If that happens... And I hope it doesn't). It'll feature the all-time original inventory from all the previous UBX series, upgraded with custom models (that previous UBXs lacked) and optimized scripts.

All the improvements thanks to experience gained on SWWM and Znvus, of course. You can easily notice it by comparing my other mods in chronological order.

Well, I'm getting off-topic again so I'll say the last words: "It's coming".


The history of UBX

UBX first started in 2001, when I got bored of playing standard UT. I didn't have Internet at home, so I couldn't download mods. I made one myself, and called it "UBX 1: Actualized UT".

UBX 1 was a hack to the original UT. It just had 2 extra weapons and over 160 more maps. Some time while I was playing, the game crashed and I had to reinstall it.

Then, in 2003, I made another mod, this time it was UBX 2. The first version was finished successfully. UBX 2 had a full new inventory, 30 maps and some more custom stuff.

Suddenly, while I was adding new data to the mod, I accidentally messed up the main package. I had to start again. I made a second version of the mod. UBX 2 V2 wasn't much different.

UBX 2 V2 slowly evolved and turned into UBX 3 V1. A new mod with 35 weapons, 20 maps, and more custom content. But then I discovered the internet, and finally I was able to get real mods.

During the update proccess from V1 to V2, the main package got messed up.

Now there's UBX 3 V2, a 170MB package with over 70 weapons, 10 maps and tons of useless custom content. The core of what will be UBX 3 V3 is there. I just need to add some extra stuff to it, like models and maps.

Now I'm making the UBX 3 V2.5 tech-demo. Hope you like it and definitely think it's a good idea to join me.

My last words are... Get ready to enter the UBX Universe!!! :)

     -UBX Master, THU 6 DEC 2007 19:34:09

First blog entry by UBX Master, 2007:

Hmmm... What could I say... Oh, yes! Hi everybody, this is UBX Master writing his first blog entry at Mod DB! I must say I really like the new style of the site, It's very cool... :)

Eee... Yes... Below there's a list of my upcoming works:

 -UBX 3 V3

That's all for now... Just this mod, but I need help to make it.

I'm not very good in 3D modeling and animation, and I can only make some few maps for it, textures, etc. And I can't make music, I'm a bit "null" at that, basically because I have no idea about it... If you want to help me make UBX 3 V3, send me an e-mail or something... Please help me!

Now other stuff, first of all...Eee... Let me think...

(Ten minutes later...)

Oh, yeah! Now that I remember...Hmmm... Dammit! I forgot it! >:-<

(One hour later...)

Yes... Ummm... Ah! This is what I was going to say: "Brando is a kleptomaniac!" xD


    -UBX Master - SAT, 10 NOV 2007 18:14:15.