Someone with not enough time on their hands. From simple script writer to operating system developer, I cover everything I can. Experienced in C, with a love for the traditional UNIX philosophy. I rarely do game development and modding lately.

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First blog entry by UBX Master, 2007:

Hmmm... What could I say... Oh, yes! Hi everybody, this is UBX Master writing his first blog entry at Mod DB! I must say I really like the new style of the site, It's very cool... :)

Eee... Yes... Below there's a list of my upcoming works:

 -UBX 3 V3

That's all for now... Just this mod, but I need help to make it.

I'm not very good in 3D modeling and animation, and I can only make some few maps for it, textures, etc. And I can't make music, I'm a bit "null" at that, basically because I have no idea about it... If you want to help me make UBX 3 V3, send me an e-mail or something... Please help me!

Now other stuff, first of all...Eee... Let me think...

(Ten minutes later...)

Oh, yeah! Now that I remember...Hmmm... Dammit! I forgot it! >:-<

(One hour later...)

Yes... Ummm... Ah! This is what I was going to say: "Brando is a kleptomaniac!" xD


    -UBX Master - SAT, 10 NOV 2007 18:14:15.

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